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13 Gifts Willow Falls #3 doc ô reader 9780545310031 Ï Wendy Mass turns to another magical birthday 13When Tara a self proclaimed shrinking violet steals the school mascot a goat in order to make some friends with the popular crowd and gets caught she gets herself in a heap of trouble In addition her parents decide that instead Wendy Mass turns to another magical birthday 13When Tara a self proclaimed shrinking violet steals the school mascot a goat in order to make some friends with the popular crowd and gets caught she gets herself in a heap of trouble In addition her parents decide that instead of tak First of all it was awesome I just have to say that It was really really good I got it from the library because I liked reading 11 Birthdays and Finally and love Wendy Mass's writing style The cover is eye catching and the blurb was enough to catch my interest Let me just point out that the blurb on my book is different than the one on this webpage As a fencer self proclaimed math geek I take issue with the statement that Emily is bratty She totally isn't and the book makes that clear Anyway To the book I loved Tara's character I could completely relate to it One of the things I love about this series is that the books aren't all centered around one or two kids; instead they're centered around the whole town I would recommend reading this immediately after 11 Birthdays and Finally though because Mass alludes to the plots of those two books many times and I guarantee you'll be completely lost if this is the first book of the series that you read It made me laugh out loud not once not twice but at least five times I love books that can do that without being Dear Dumb Diaries or comic books The plot was engaging and had lots of twists and turns As a reader I tend to latch on to little details and make sure they're consistent through the whole book I've found so many inconsistent plotsbut I couldn't find a single one in this Bottom line I loved this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a fun read

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Ing her on their summer trip to Madagascar to study the courtship rituals of the Bamboo Lemur she must go stay with her aunt uncle and bratty cousin Emily St Claire in Willow Falls Tara thinks it's a good time to start over; she'll be turning 13 after all so she might as well make 13 gifts by Wendy mass is a wonderful fiction novel in the 11 birthday series This book is about a girl named Tara who moves away from her home to her cousins house is Willow falls Willow falls is an average town with unaverage people The oldest woman there Angelina DeAngelo is the most strange of all Something odd happens to a couple other kids on their birthday and they know it has to do with Angelina When Tara arrives she meets Amanda Leo and Rory She immediately becomes there friends Then One day Tara is broke and tries to sell one of her uncles comic book collections But Angelina stops her Tara begs for her not to tell her uncle Angelina says yes on one condition She gives Tara a list Find all these So Tara sets off to find 13 odd things on the listI really enjoyed this book because of the details Mass didn't put too much so it was boring but enough that would keep me interested An example is The duck shaped birthmark wiggled as she talked as if it was trying to say something This was easy to understand and it was short and easy to read Slowly creeping into the collection room I waited until my uncle was gone when the door creeks and practically rams into my face That was another example of when Mass took a intense moment and made it really short yet detailed I had found it the last one of the things on the list I also really enjoyed how Mass took an exiting moment and summed up the characters feelings so the sentence doesn't drone on and on and on I would recommend this book to anyone who likes to read series because to have this book make sense you will need to read the two books before it

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13 Gifts Willow Falls #3The best of it and perhaps even attempt to break out of her shell in a non criminal manner What Tara doesn't know is that this charmed town has something big in store for her on her 13th birthday It's not a typical birthday But then again nothing is Willow Falls is exactly typica Our actions have long lasting conseuences of which we often have no knowledge They ripple far out into the universe ―Angelina D'Angelo 13 Gifts P 126 If everyone waited to do something good until they had purely unselfish motivations no good would ever get done in the world The point is to do it anyway” ―Angelina D'Angelo P 305 Wendy Mass has really done something special in creating the Willow Falls series Though 11 Birthdays stands out to me as the best of the first three books all of them have a deep rare sense of genuine community about them the feel that just by reading the stories we have been a part of something important the beginning and progression of new friendships and the completion of dramas that may have started decades ago but are only now finding their natural conclusions 13 Gifts and the other two books in the Willow Falls series up to this point have a depth of feeling to the stories and the characters who inhabit them that make one pause as the end of each book nears regretting that soon the story and the people we've met in it will have ended for us and it isn't a finish we're in any hurry to reach Such real feelings aren't brought to life by every book one reads of course; the author capable of engendering such reactions has a rare gift indeed and Wendy Mass is one of the best among her contemporaries in this respect As with A Mango Shaped Space Every Soul a Star Finally and other novels she has written 13 Gifts takes us into the heart of a small community of people who slowly grow close knit over time surprising us by just how attached we've become to them by the end of the story and delivers an energetic contemplative piece of literature in the process It's no wonder I've become such a fan of Wendy Mass's writing Sometimes people when they're on the brink of getting what they really want they decide they don't want it any ―Bettie 13 Gifts P 264 In her own hometown Tara Brennan twelve going on thirteen doesn't have much of a presence Of course she's never really had time to establish herself as she and her parents have moved repeatedly over the course of her life Tara hasn't had much luck gaining friends wherever they've lived but when a stunt she pulls to ingratiate herself to some other girls in school backfires she finds herself banished to the small town of Willow Falls while her parents travel to Africa for the summer Willow Falls is where Tara's Aunt Bethany lives with her own family so Tara won't be on her own but having never before visited Willow Falls or her relatives there makes the coming summer one that's sure to be awkward There's nowhere else on Earth like Willow Falls that's for sure and strange occurrences seem to beset Tara as soon as she boards the train for her destination The people of Willow Falls however are as immediately welcoming and accommodating as Tara possibly could have expected Even the kids her age who everywhere she's lived until now would have ignored her and treated her like an outsider accept Tara as part of their group immediately as if she had been integral to their circle of friends for years Though some of them do exhibit traits of unusual behavior which we learn the full explanations for in 11 Birthdays and Finally but which are also explained adeuately in this book for anyone reading 13 Gifts first Leo Amanda David and Rory uickly form an uncommonly strong friendship with Tara who finds it difficult to hold them at arm's length as she's always done with the kids she's met throughout her life There never seemed much point to her in making close friends as there was sure to be another move for her and her parents coming around the corner; Tara would then find herself again uprooted just as she knows even now that she'll be leaving Willow Falls at the end of the summer But these new friends of hers seem so genuine even springing into action to help Tara when a little mixup in her travel funds leads her to haplessly incur a curious sort of debt that can't exactly be paid with cash Finding herself working for the esoteric Angelina D'Angelo in exchange for the old woman's discretion in regard to a minor pilfering incident Tara has to zip all around town looking for a set of thirteen specific objects to bring to Angelina Moreover she has to complete her task within a month and isn't given any clues as to where the objects might be located only that they are somewhere within the confines of Willow Falls Truly this task would be a virtually impossible one were it not for Tara's surprising gang of new friends who willingly and enthusiastically sacrifice their hours of summer freedom to join in Tara's strange scavenger hunt scouring the town for any sign of the objects needed to complete her uest As the search commences Tara learns there's a lot to Willow Falls than meets the eye Her new friends have their own secret histories with Angelina D'Angelo part of the reason for the particular odd personal traits they exhibit and there just may be a connection between their shared past with Angelina and what she has asked them each to do Yet behind it all Tara recognizes a certain trust in her friends toward Angelina the surety that whatever her overarching plan happens to be will be good for everyone involved and so Tara too comes to trust that there is a higher purpose to the madness of her being told to run all over town looking for thirteen ostensibly unrelated objects Only when she's through with the job will Tara have all the pieces she needs to figure out the real reason behind Angelina's strange mandate and it might lead her far from where she thought she was being led “I've learned that if you wait long enough you might get a second chance at something you gave up on And sometimes you'll be the one to give the second chance to someone else” ― 13 Gifts PP 338 339 As a stranger in town Tara at first has no way of knowing what to expect from her extended family and the other residents of Willow Falls She has been on her own for so long learning not to depend on anyone too much because all her friendships are destined to eventually be broken up by her family's moving but the seared façade she brings with her to Willow Falls begins to be healed so uickly by the reception she receives that the effects are remarkable This group of friends that have known each other so long with every reason to tighten their circle against the world and not present any entry points where a new friend or two might slip in and truly become part of the group are instead as welcoming of Tara as if they knew all along that she belonged there even before they'd ever heard her name or found out she was coming to Willow Falls To be met with this sort of sincere personal openness is exactly what Tara needed to have a chance of finding an emotional home in Willow Falls because all her past experience had taught her not to reach out in any way and only an extraordinary dose of friendship without reason or reservation could have broken through her defenses to make her think that returning the affection was the right response And so drawn into a small town among other kids who immediately become her friends and include her in on the continuity of their past and present together Tara becomes part of the magic of Willow Falls the magic of understanding who she really is who her friends are and how they can go about getting out there and actually changing the world for the better taking the opportunities to do good when they come around despite the discomfort and loneliness of a past that hasn't always left her feeling as if she could be an important member of this world As David puts it the world is broken up into pieces andit's up to everyone to help put it all back together It's about recognizing the spark of life in everyone and everything and gluing those shards back together Tara is beginning to realize that a life spent in passivity not taking risks and moving around out there where one can be damaged and suffer injury is not worth being lived at all The rewards of a life tangled up inextricably in the lives of others is where one finds real meaning and as Tara steps definitely onto the field of play she learns about herself than ever before I suppose there are just some lessons one can't grasp without the help of others 13 Gifts is a really nice book wise and sweet and emotionally honest and always always engaging drawing readers toward the playing field of life even as Tara comes to understand that it's the only place to be It seems that every time I read one of Wendy Mass's books I experience a story that will always hold a special place in my heart filled with characters ideas and events that help me understand myself better and really want to become a part of the world around me 13 Gifts is another one of these special books a novel to remind us all of the magic of life and of our world as a whole and what it can mean when we choose to fully participate in it In Tara's own words I've learned that the sidelines may be safer but life is played on the field I would definitely give at least two and a half stars to 13 Gifts and I recommend it for any and all readers who enjoy a good work of life affirming literature