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Download Verity Cursed #1 ä PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¼ Sixteen year old Perdita Rivers has spent her entire sheltered life being told what to do Lately she’s felt ready for a change and the universe seems to agree Her new best friend’s brother is the boy of Perdita’s dreams Literally Even though he plays hot anRs of wild animal sightings that seem to mean to her new crush’s family than they should Perdy’s on a mission to find the truth but maybe the truth is the danger she should hide from after al. Verity Review for GoodReadsSo for my fourth venture out into the world of YA bandwagons here's another one Kindle suggested for me which is about werewolves This is uite a short read and set in the village of Dublin seriously the capital city of Ireland felt like random American small town #1827 in this which is a settingNow let's get startedTHE COVER A wolf a forest and a girl who's either put her finger to her lips as a shout out to Hush Hush or is about to pick her noseTHE PROLOGUE There's no pretence to mystery in here we learn the love interest's a werewolf in the very first sentence which takes place in Devon for no reason and then we go to a wood in Poland for a reason that won't make sense until the epilogue and even then only barelyTHE MAIN CHARACTER Perdita's an outsider and a freak—I know this because the best character Dawn said so Sure it might seem like the book goes down Perdita's own estimation of herself—that of a non entity—but she doesn't need a personality she has a soul mate for that She does have a really strict and controlling father though which is essential so there can be an obstacle between the lovers—oh wait no that doesn't become an issue at all I guess it's essential for wangsting purposes though I will give Perdita this she did actually do something in the second to last chapter though what it was exactly I'll leave as an exciting mysteryTHE LOVE INTEREST Nathan sure is a werewolf It seems like he might have some mind control powers at one point because everyone in the school immediately likes him for no reason but it turns out they just like him because of his even fearsome power of being a Gary StuTHE BEST FRIEND Ah Tamera Like most best friend characters she's used to make the supernatural creature things look good by comparison It seemed like the author wanted to give her a personality but just couldn't uite decide what it should be and ended up making her sort of evil I'm sure that will be resolved in the seuelTHE ANTAGONISTS Has Verity ever got a treat for its readers with these antagonists They're so mysterious we don't even learn their names until the epilogue Now some might say they come out of nowhere for seemingly no reason and leave barely any impact throughout the storyHmm Oh no I was doneWORLDBUILDING Well werewolves exist And they have soul mates And there's a convoluted nonsensical gypsy curse which makes you wonder how any of the other werewolves even exist but it's not nothing and with these books that's somethingPLOT Now this isn't a self contained story—kind of like Game of Thrones; the seuels continue on the same struggle rather than picking up a new chapter in their lives like the Twilight novels so you'd expect a few plot threads to be unresolvedHowever when the plot only actually has one thread mostly shoved in uickly at the end it can create the illusion that nothing actually happened in the book outside of the first half of Twilight with werewolves In Ireland Of course an experienced reader such as myself can see through such illusions to the true story of Verity; the life and times of Dawn Talbot yes Talbot It's an homageTHE REAL HERO Ah Dawn Talbot the stereotypical mean American cheerleader of Ireland who's not a cheerleader I'm afraid you have replaced Marcie Millar in my heart Such passion for taunts worthy of one than half your age Such a lack of any motivation Such dedication to making the heroine's life miserable by your very existence for no reason We salute you DawnAnd that's Verity in a nutshell the story of one girl's slow meandering fall into the passionate romance of the very uh hour and some werewolves or something A one out of five on GoodReads for lack of plot lack of originality and general lack of point but a seven point five on the Karataratakus scale of Things that Entertained me with their Badness for the one thing it did have; DawnShine on you crazy not cheerleader you

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The boy of Perdita’s dreams Literally Even though he plays hot and cold she’s sure there’s to it but she’s kind of distracted by the sense she’s being followed not to mention the rumou. SPOILER ALERTNathan there's just something about him that draws you to love him right off hi he said so low I could barely hear him He stared at me in a way I didn't understand He loves his sister and chooses to stick up for her where as the older brothers of sisters I know choose to ignore the hazing to become popular no thanks I'd rather sit here next to my sister You know one of them I'd introduce you but I think you've already me he called back Not many men can admit to being wrong and apologize Nathan isn't one of those men my sister told me you thought I was taking Dawn's side or something but I wasn't I swear I was just trying to calm everyone down Obviously laughing in the middle of it wasn't the best move but you looked so cute when you were all outraged at me that I couldn't help it He just has this way about him and he finds humor in almost everything how was I supposed to bring it up Hey Perdita wanna go out with me By the way we're destined to be together forever and oh yeah you're going to mother my werewolf son I enjoyed the book but I'm not sure if I want to continue the series I mean I may just to see if Perdy and Nathan get their happy ever after but right now I'm not to sure

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Verity Cursed #1Sixteen year old Perdita Rivers has spent her entire sheltered life being told what to do Lately she’s felt ready for a change and the universe seems to agree Her new best friend’s brother is. This was an okay werewolf story although it took a long while for the werewolves to actually show up The constant bickering between Perdy and her best friend Tammie got old too6 out of 10