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The Alloy of Law Free read × 6 Ö The Mistborn trilogy has become a firm favourite with fantasy fans the world over The imagination that Sanderson brought to the series and his skill at marshalling epic storylines and dramatic action his ability to create vivid characters made him a natural choice to complete Robert Jordan's epic wheel of time seuenceUnleash the magic bound up in common metals someone who can burn metals that no one has burned before can tip the balanceSanderson has the knack of giving the epic fantasy reader exactly what they want This ability has thrown him to the forefront of the genre and the dramatic story within The Alloy of Law shows off this skill to its very bes. I'll be honest I was really skeptical to start the spin off series at first as I think very highly of the original Mistborn trilogy and I'm uite sure the spin off won't be able to top it in terms of uality and its epic story It left me wondering will it be worth it to invest of my time in this spinoff series Now after reading The Alloy of Law I can say it's true that it doesn't top the original trilogy in terms of uality and epic scope However is it worth it to invest your time in this series yes you're damn right it's worth it It's worth every second of your time and fans of the original trilogy will almost definitely find this book very entertaining Just remember that this time the story is much light hearted and suitable for everyone don't come into this expecting something dark grand and epic like the original trilogyInstead of writing the book like the previous trilogy Sanderson decided to give a new atmosphere to the settings of the world Rather than the ash fallen dark world from before the setting is now towards Steampunk and Western The result is great to say the least there are tidbits and uite a few nostalgia factors that you'll notice in its world building and stories even from the first page where it shows you the map and the name of the town Elendel I can go on for thousand of words explaining about all the nostalgia factors but it would be better that I don't spoil it for you Not to mention the characters are brilliantly well done Wax Wayne is an endearing duo they're super funny interesting and reading their journey will definitely put a smile on your faceI definitely recommend this book to any Mistborn fans just think of this as a chance to visit Scadrial after your adventure with Vin Kelsier Elend and the gangs You'll find it worthwhile

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The Mistborn trilogy has become a firm favourite with fantasy fans the world over The imagination that Sanderson brought to the series and his skill at marshalling epic storylines and dramatic action his ability to create vivid characters made him a natural choice to complete Robert Jordan's epic wheel of time seuence But with Mistborn his st. Sanderson is the most original fantasy writer of his generation Not only has he written a complex and intricate trilogy the original mistborn novels but he has also somehow rebooted it with a time gap of three hundred years without losing any of the original edge It’s kind of weird really I don’t think many writers could have achieved this uite as well Sanderson’s world is fully visualised and explained the world building is phenomenal And to retain this is a new semi nineteenth century setting years on is great The novel’s protagonist is a retired law bringer He’s also an alomancer a user of metals Wax has finally put away his revolvers and returned to the life of a gentleman; he has given up a life of excitement and justice seeking for a life of sophistication and socialising He’s now getting married It doesn’t sound very fun does it It could never last; some people are born for adventure and some books demand it Wax is one of those people and this is one of those books so it’s not really surprising when he eventually tries to escape from the pedantic and joyless situation that is his life and goes to hunt down some criminals “Wayne You wanna know why I really came to find youWaxilliam WhyWayne I thought of you happy in a comfy bed resting and relaxing spending the rest of your life sipping tea and reading papers while people bring you food and maids rub your toes and stuffWaxilliam AndWayne And I just couldn't leave you to a fate like thatI'm too good a friend to let a mate of mine die in such a terrible situationWaxilliam ComfortableWayne No Boring” Luckily for him and old friend turns up He needs some help with a new case help only Wax’s expertise can deduce Another ex law bringer has gone rogue and is now committing the very things he once sought to prevent Naturally Wax’s interest is peeked ever so slightly He reluctantly begins to piece the case together and as time goes on he realises how deep this case is It’s not something simple This is Sanderson after all Behind the case is a powerful crime syndicate one that poses a huge amount of danger The rogue law bringer is much than he seems So it all goes down in the usual mistborn style which means pieces of metal flying around people flying around too and the bad guys getting it handed to them Though there is to it than that Not only can Sanderson write excellent plots along with great action but he can also write convincing characters with real morale dilemmas The antagonist isn’t a bad man In another time he would have been a hero But in this one he is a terrorist His convictions are morally right but his methods are terrible This made the whole thing very interesting as the conflict between the two men was a battle of rights and wrongs I have high hopes for the rest of this series This one was as good as the original books which for me was really uite surprising I expected it to feel different but it was all very much the same It will be interesting to see how far Sanderson takes these characters if he goes as far as he did before then wax has a lot of development coming his way After the terrible ending of the Reckoners series I need to be reminded exactly why Brandon Sanderson is so awesome and this book did exactly that I might just go on and read the next one straight away

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The Alloy of LawAndalone fantasies and his new series The Stormlight Archive Sanderson has shown his bountiful talents in his own fiction Now he returns to the series that made his name with a new story set years after the events of Hero of Ages In a world recovering only slowly from evil a world where allomancers wield immense power through their ability to. I meanSanderson is just amazing He writes so well his characters are SO well drawn you simply can't stop reading There's a feeling of completeness in his plotting that makes you feel completely taken care of The worldbuilding is stunning and vibrant and newit's just kind of ridiculousThis is a followup in the world of Mistborn but you DONT need to read the first three to understand what's going on you should read them though because it is icing on the cake as far as details This is a world with an amazing magic system but vaguely steampunkindustrial era in ambience I went in without really remembering the first three but the opening is one of the best I've read in a very long time You INSTANTLY are drawn into the storySo if you like high fantasy or a urban fantasy or anything like that pick this up