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City of ChampionsMorgan Cole is a man with a dark history involving the US Special Forces and covert military operations He has returned to Massachusetts to be near the only family he has left his older brother Nathan Working a. I have a uniue taste when it comes to voice This book has a great voice I felt like I was sitting down with a fascinating guy that was telling me his story I found myself feeling compassion for his pain and sorrow I longed for a happy ending but I accepted that it might not be possible The ending was a complete surprise Overall it is a cool story with great dialogue

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Read & Download City of Champions Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Morgan Cole is a man with a dark history involving the US Special Forces and covert military operations He has returned to Massachusetts to be near the only family he has left his older brother Nathan Working as private investigator with a woman he truly cares Murdered Morgan sets out to find the people responsible Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a fast paced and gritty account of how one man serves up what can only be described as an outlaw style of justic. Fast paced gritty tale of a professional warrior's uest for revenge Very well paced and descriptive Stanton made me want the hero to win The only issues I had with the novel was the author's habit of going from past tense to present tense when describing action usually without warning But the story was engaging enough for this to be a very minor issue Anyone who likes actioners should definitely check this novel out

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S private investigator with a woman he truly cares for and seeing his brother on a near daily basis he finally feels a sense of normalcy in his life that he never imagined possible When Nathan is found brutally. I would give City of Champions a rating that nears 35 instead of 3City of Champions is a graphic keep turning the pages fast read that keeps you wondering what happens next Daniel Stanton writes in a uniue sometimes uirky fashion that paints a vivid picture of things as they unfold You not only get a feel for all that Cole experiences you even see things from his perspective as everything is described in interesting not boring detail The random tense changes can be a bit off putting as can the constant return to the past when things are about to get really messy really uickly but the story still manages to hold on to its suspense creating nature and be a good readThe characters that Stanton has created are simple in their own complex ways Sure they have a lot of layers and a lot of sides but everything ties together really well The reader is never left feeling like something was extensively out of character for anyone something that happens often than anyone would care for The relationships between the characters add new dimensions to the story making everything come together in a neat no nonsense fashionThe beginning of the Morgan Cole series City of Champions introduces a new type of hero Cole the man who makes up a major chunk of the story is a really interesting character Complex yet simple Cole is a man who fears little except for when it comes to the people he cares about He is a man who was trained to be a killer who can even kill without remorse and yet he is completely human He is plagued by concern by guilt and by fear fear for the safety of his friends the fear of failure and the fear of making mistakes The only difference remains in the way he refuses to let his fear or his mistakes cripple him He takes what is thrown at him and makes the most of it But for all his good there is evil in him drilled too deep by years of living in the midst of death and war And that is what makes Morgan Cole's character so interesting the fact that he is of an anti hero instead of a hero Stanton in my opinion created a character that you can hate for his almost cold blooded nature but cannot help but likeThe story itself was interesting but not unheard of The crux of the story lay on the vengeance that Morgan Cole desires making it not too different from the many vigilante stories that you've read at some time or another It had its share of twists and surprises and in some cases was even predictable It had all the elements of a fast action oriented crime fiction and a healthy dose of suspense And all in all it was a uick and interesting read with an ending that was definitely not expectedIf you like Lee Child and similar authors then you'll probably enjoy City of Champions It might not have the same kind of writing finesse but it will keep you interested However if you have a problem with a little bit of graphic violence then Morgan Cole is not the man you want to read about And if you love fast paced books based on the concept of vigilantes or revenge with a healthy dose of strategies and some necessary brutality thrown in then don't give this book a miss