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FREE DOWNLOAD ´ Code Name Verity ✓ Oct 11th 1943 A British spy plane crashes in Nazi occupied France Its pilot and passenger are best friends One of the girls has a chance at survival The other has lost the game before it's barely begunWhen Verity is arrested by the Gestapo she's sure she doesn't stand a chance As a secret agent captured in enemyLife confronting her views on courage failure and her desperate hope to make it home But will trading her secrets be enough to save her from the enemy A universally acclaimed Michael L Printz Award Honor book Code Name Verity is a visceral read of danger resolve and survival that shows just how far true friends will go to save each other. Reviewing this book feels much like walking through a minefield Not that I know what that feels like but I can imagine you know On the one hand I can’t reveal too much of the plot I can’t reveal almost anything really lest I ruin the experience for you guys On the other hand I have to write just enough to make you want to pick this book up because it’s one you don’t want to miss Trust me I suppose I could just point you to Maggie Stiefvater’s wonderful review and leave it to her to convince you but I’m not that much of a coward coughs I just did that coughsSo here goes nothing I don’t normally read historical fiction unless it’s highly recommended Code Name Verity was directly or indirectly recommended to me by two of my trusted friends Chachic and Jo and as I already mentioned my favorite young adult author Maggie Stiefvater And of course they were right Code Name Verity is a story about two best friends Maddie and ueenie fighting in World War II They probably never would have met in peacetime as they come from entirely different circles of society ueenie is Scottish royalty who grew up in a castle while Maddie is a bike shop owner’s granddaughter That didn’t stop them from becoming best friends while serving together in WAAF Women’s Auxiliary Air Force and staying close even when the war took them in different directions All Maddie ever wanted was to fly airplanes She was in training before the war and when the war started she waited patiently for them to accept female pilots which eventually they did ueenie’s talents lie elsewhere she is fluent in both German and French and able to momentarily slip into any role be herself one second and someone entirely different the next Although these two have very little in common on the surface deep down they are both incredibly strong intelligent and compassionate women But for me the most fascinating character was ueenie’s capturer Hauptsturmfürer von Linden He starts as pure evil of course but as the story progresses we are offered small details of his life that give him an entirely different face one that is complex and multi layered and that causes the reader to be just as conflicted as ueenie I don’t know what I expected but he just looked like anybody like the sort of chap who would come into the shop and buy a motorbike for his lad’s 16th birthday – like your headmasterOur story starts when ueenie gets captured by the Gestapo in France Upon breaking her with torture and turning her into a collaborator von Linden allows her to write down the events that led her to his cruel hands and her written testimony is what we are given The narrative itself takes some getting used to ueenie tells her present story in first person but switches to third person and focuses on Maddie every time she talks about the past It was a little strange at first having the narrator talk about herself in third person but I soon realized that it was an excellent way for Wein to help her readers adapt to constant alternations between the past and the present Every once in a while you know that you’ve stumbled upon a classic Code Name Verity might have been published in 2012 but there is no doubt in my mind that it will endure the test of time It has the weight although not uite the genius of The Book Thief I'm sure it will receive awards and critical acclaim Also posted at The Nocturnal Library


Oct 11th 1943 A British spy plane crashes in Nazi occupied France Its pilot and passenger are best friends One of the girls has a chance at survival The other has lost the game before it's barely begunWhen Verity is arrested by the Gestapo she's sure she doesn't stand a chance As a secret agent captured in enemy territory she's living a. Page 2 DAMN this book is goodPage 25 GODDAMN this book is goodPage 60 This may be the best WW II novel I've ever read EVER SUCK IT HEMINGWAYPage 68 CryingPage 70 LaughingPage 113 Biting freshly manicured fingernails to smithereens DAMNIT WEIN I PAID FORTY DOLLARS FOR THESE NAILSPage 150 Okay so I have to pee but I really don't want to have to stop reading This could get uncomfortablePage 200 THUMP Um Katie you OK up there It's cool I just fell out of bedPage 233 THUMP Um did you just Yeah again Shut upI read the rest of the book over the course of the evening and since I am not pro spoiler I will not continue with the emotional roller coaster except to say that there was oneAlso READ THIS BOOK IT IS TRULY TRULY SPECIALPS Watch for a Maximum Shelf issue from Shelf Awareness on this title ;

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Code Name VeritySpy's worst nightmare Her Nazi interrogators give her a simple choice reveal her mission or face a grisly executionAs she intricately weaves her confession Verity uncovers her past how she became friends with the pilot Maddie and why she left Maddie in the wrecked fuselage of their plane On each new scrap of paper Verity battles for her. A Scottish girl called Verity in a nice bit of obfuscation is the name accurate or ironic is captured by the Germans in France during WWII Apparently broken by Nazi torture she begins to write her confession doling out bits of information to her Nazi captors to motivate them to keep her alive and refrain from further torture She has been spying for the Allies so her prospects for a long life are dimVerity tells the tale of her involvement with the British war effort spiced with bits of information about airplane types and airfield names to keep the Nazis at bay But somehow her writing tells about her developing friendship with Maddie a British pilot who against all rules and regulations for female pilots flew her to France for this mission The two girls come from different walks of life and have different talents and interests but as they are periodically thrown together during the war they find that they are kindred soulsIt's like being in love discovering your best friendThis book also shows so many different faces of heroism sometimes in heartbreaking ways It's not an easy or light read I think I spent the last 50 pages sniffling and wiping my eyes I can't say it's a perfect book There are some slow parts where I just wanted the story to kick into a higher gear We already read about this event from a different POV and know what happened so why are we belaboring this part of the past Move along And it's non linear moving back and forth between the past and the present and backtracking to tell another character's point of view I'm all for creative storytelling but I think that particular device has been overused lately Not everything about the plot is plausible so there was a little belief stretching than I like to have to use in a non SFFantasy book And of course lots of wartime angst and misery although it's handled with a fairly light hand older YA level than adultOn the other hand it's got some really intriguing twists in the plot and a lot of unexpected depth and some great writing It's well worth your time; just don't read it when you want something light and fun There's humor and joy in it but also great pain It moved me and it will stick with meInitial post I just finished this story of two friends a British woman and a Scottish one helping with the WWII effort I'm a uivering bundle of goo; I don't think I can be objective about this book for a day or two There were a few slow parts and pain and angst than I usually like in my fiction but some really wonderful parts to it as well I'm going to call it 4 stars for now and see how it settles