Götter Gräber und Gelehrte Roman der Archäologie review ☆ 3

review Götter Gräber und Gelehrte Roman der Archäologie

Götter Gräber und Gelehrte Roman der Archäologie review ☆ 3 ç CW Ceram visualized archeology as a wonderful combination of high adventure romance history and scholarship and this book a chronicle of man's search for his past reads like a dramatic narrative We travel with Heinrich Schliemann as defying the ridiculeThe remains of the ancient city of Troy We share the excitement of Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter as they first glimpse the riches of Tutankhamen's tomb of George Smith when he found the ancient clay tablets that contained the records of the Biblical Flood We rediscover the ruined splendors. The book claims to give an account of the history of archaeology In fact it is a collection of anecdotes about a handful of archaeologists mostly from France Germany and the UK Ceram tends to accept the firsthand accounts of these European archaeologists without any critiue and systematically ignores the experiences of the people who actually live in the regions being excavated I'm not ualified to give an opinion on the archaeological validity of the text but here is a critical review by Pál Kelemen an actual archaeologistThroughout I had a feeling that the author seemed to be somewhat racist but I chalked it up to the fact that the book was originally written in the '40s and that's just how Europeans were at the time Well it turns out Ceram wasn't just 1940s racist; he was wrote the book under a pseudonym because his old job was writing propaganda for Hitler racist look him upHis Nazi like approach to the study of different cultures is evident throughout He clearly has an idea that certain cultures are superior to others For example he says of MesopotamiaBefore the Sumerians' arrival the land had been settled by Semitic tribes But the Sumerians brought with them a superior culture some of its basic elements already developed to their final form which they imposed upon the barbaric SemitesLeading in to the section on Central America he describes the continent as barbaric and in many respects terrible and incomprehensible than any of the ancient worlds we have hitherto learned to know When describing our relationship to history he saysAll of us live within our heritage of five thousand years of history Were this not so we would be no different from the ahistorical Australian bushmanNon Europeans are never given any voice in Ceram's account When excavations in Egypt are performed by Egyptians they are called grave robbers; when done by Europeans they are archaeologists When Austen Henry Layard was digging in Mesopotamia the Arabs who daily saw his delight in chipped alabaster slabs stained carvings and scored bricks thought him stark raving mad John Lloyd Stephens when watching Indians work on excavating Maya artifacts searched their faces for signs of the creative power that alone could account for such masterpieces in stone However the faces of the Indian workers seemed completely apathetic and empty to StephensI did give the book two stars because I think there are some good sides to the book An ongoing theme is people finding out that what once was thought to be mythical eg Troy in fact existed in real life Ceram does a good job describing the wonder that the archaeologists of the time must have felt Similarly I think he portrays the deciphering of ancient scripts hieroglyphics cuneiform as the exciting activity that it must have beenNonetheless I think the main value in this book is as a primary source it allows you to see firsthand how one racist white guy describes other racist white guys with admiration

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Of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon one of the wonders of the ancient wold; of Chichen Itza the abandoned pyramids of the Maya and the legendary Labyrinth of tile Minotaur in Crete Here is much of the history of civilization and the stories of the men who rediscovered it From the Paperback editio. Unforgettable gateway through archeology as it have happened Adventures tribute to the past In the style of the novel we get History of Troy Mycenaean Greek Crete Minoan Greek Egypt 525BC taken by Persians and end of Civilization Sumer Civilization are our inheritance forefathers of European CivilizationThere was Phoenicia and Assyria Babylon know by Sumerians as “Warlocks” Because of knowledge of these ancient civilizations we know that Bible is historically accurate But there is knowledge of Aztecs and Mayans that help us understand and compare dates to widen our understanding of the world

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Götter Gräber und Gelehrte Roman der ArchäologieCW Ceram visualized archeology as a wonderful combination of high adventure romance history and scholarship and this book a chronicle of man's search for his past reads like a dramatic narrative We travel with Heinrich Schliemann as defying the ridicule of the learned world he actually unearths. An excellent and informative book Ceram's unuenchable passion and unflagging enthusiasm for his field are uite contagious Presumably all archaeologists chose their field because they care deeply about it; however this excitement does not always translate in their dry and often lifeless writing Further Ceram is no snobby academic he is most delighted by significant contributions from non traditional and amateur archaeologists Not that these amateurs are poorly educated he reiterates time and again their brilliance and dedication to learning about the cultures they studied But in many cases these impressive educations were self wrought Ceram tells of doctors and lawyers and businessmen who taught themselves a variety of foreign and ancient texts and otherwise euipped themselves to pursue lost cultures that fascinated them It is in fact rather surprising that Ceram is a German as he clearly relishes the self made manunderdog stories that are so strongly identified with the American dream It is not surprising however that Ceram was employed as a journalist he does not write in an esoteric style but with all the joie de vivre of a man who loves his job and wants others to share in his enjoyment And the stories themselves are far from boring before archaeology was a precise toothbrush wielding science it was any man's game and an impassioned amateur was just as likely to stumble across an incredible find as anyone else In light of Ceram's artfully told tales the exploits of Indiana Jones seem much less improbable The book is admittedly rather long but worth the time and energy Plus it totally counts as educational reading and makes an impressive addition to any library