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Raven The Untold Story of the Rev Jim Jones and His People Download ã 107 Ï The basis for the upcoming HBO miniseries and the definitive account of the Jonestown massacre Rolling Stone now available for the first time in paperback Tim Reiterman s Raven provides the seminal history of the Rev Jim Jones the PeHis PEN Award winning work explores the ideals gone wrong the intrigue and the grim realities behind the Peoples Temple and its implosion in the jungle of South America Reiterman s reportage clarifies enduring misperceptions of the character and motives of Jim Jones the reasons why people fol. Tim Reiterman was one of the journalists who accompanied Congressman Leo Ryan to Jonestown in November of 1978 His book not only examines what happened there but goes back to the childhood of Jim Jones and the beginnings of the movement known as the Peoples Temple so as to capture the lure of the Temple to convey the thinking and personalities of not just disgruntled defectors but also of the heartbroken loyalists with something positive to preserve and remember and to unmask the real Jim Jones And I wanted to humanize them all to get at the truth to make the ending comprehensible 5 To achieve this goal he and his co author John Jacobs did 800 interviews reviewed tens of thousands of pages of documents tape recordings video and film The result is a phenomenal bookWhat really interested me the most I think was Reiterman's examination starting with Jones' boyhood of how exactly Jones learned to get others to do exactly what he wanted them to do The people who came to the Peoples Temple and who became followers of Jones early on weren't coerced or forced into it they all had various reasons for being there and for embracing Jones' message However it was what happened once they were inside that matters as little by little Jones began to isolate them from the rest of the world so that they came to depend solely on him and the movement Reiterman shows clearly how this occurred and how Jones along with his top tier of chosen people manipulated things from inside He also shows how when there were attacks on the movement from the media defectors etc Jones' paranoia only made things worse causing him to do and say things that only heightened their attackers' interests in the Peoples Temple It was this type of paranoia that led Jones to Guyana and Jonestown and ultimately to the horrifying events of November 1978 The narrative is at times chilling but very clear based mostly on first hand evidence and testimony I very highly recommend this book to anyone even remotely interested in Jonestown the Peoples Temple movement or in how otherwise intelligent people might find themselves in this sort of predicament Excellent reading; long but well worth every second

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Lowed him and the important truth that many of those who perished at Jonestown were victims of mass murder rather than suicideThis widely sought work is restored to print after many years with a new preface by the author as well as the than sixty five rare photographs from the original volume. I've read probably close to a dozen books on Jonestown and this was the best and by far the most thoroughTim Reiterman one of the reporters shot during the ambush at the Guyana airstrip that triggered the Jonestown tragedy is an excellent writer who told the story of the Peoples Temple through multiple points of view and personal histories It's not just a book about Jim Jones and his depravities though there were plenty of those starting in Jones' childhoodSince Reiterman did such a phenomenal job humanizing the victims too many other accounts have dismissed them as a brainwashed cult and survivors' stories tend to be very defensive understandably it was a very difficult book to read It brought me to tears several times and often I'd feel depressed after reading it When I reached the final chapters I couldn't put it down but otherwise I found I needed to take breaks from it The world of Jonestown was a dark one indeedThere are still so many uestions left unanswered Marceline Jones emerges as a tragic heroic figure but why didn't she use her influence to stop the tragedy before it started After her disillusionment with Jones his infidelities and their separation how could her love for him still trump the death of the children she loved Why didn't Stephen Jones tell authorities what was happening at Jonestown in the hopes of stopping it And did Jones really believe in socialism and communalism at all or was it just the answer to achieving ultimate control over a large group of people Why didn't people oppose the killing of the children on the day of the suicide since so many were disillusioned with Jones and unhappyPerhaps one of the saddest aspects of this tragedy is that Jonestown WAS workinguntil Jones moved there full time and ruined it One wonders what would have happened if the community members had banded together and ousted him once it became obvious his paranoia and mental illness were out of controlIf you're interested in Jonestown and the Peoples Temple this is the definitive book on the subject

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Raven The Untold Story of the Rev Jim Jones and His PeopleThe basis for the upcoming HBO miniseries and the definitive account of the Jonestown massacre Rolling Stone now available for the first time in paperback Tim Reiterman s Raven provides the seminal history of the Rev Jim Jones the Peoples Temple and the murderous ordeal at Jonestown in 1978 T. WOW Okay to think my mom and dad were considering a summer vacation three years ago for them my brother sister and I right there in Guyana around the spot where this happened They opted not to go and to pick Puerto Rico instead Thank god for small favours Raven was scary really unsettling and eerie in that this could become so powerful a cult that one man was able to sway over nine hundred people to leave behind everything they knew in the US and flee to Guyana for the creation of a socialist paradise In a mere hour or so in 1978 they pretty much all died via cyanide laced Flavor Aid and were discovered not long afterwards This book was still an excellent read though both because it was authored by a guy who experienced this event first hand and because it's so deep Most books on Jonestown only look at the massacre itself but rarely attempt to uestion how exactly it occurred and why nine hundred were willing to die a painful death for one charismatic albeit strange potentially ill individual These weren't morons either These were intelligent people many post secondary students black Americans trying to leave the racism they faced back in the US lonely people seeking fulfillment in a cause they believed in and even well off lawyers and scientists Jim Jones offered up something special a congregation filled with love and peace not prejudice and fear This book complete with info on Jones himself and some of the defectors who escaped and the congressman who was tragically murdered trying to help rescue people is one of the best on Jonestown that I've ever read I must say it was extremely courageous what the defectors went through and I hope the survivors were able to recover and start things over free from this whole mess elsewhere