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Voss AUTHOR Patrick White Read & Download ✓ 104 È Set in nineteenth century Australia Voss is the story of the passion between an explorer and a naive young woman Although they have met only a few times Voss and Laura are joined by overwhelming obsessive feelings for each other Voss sets out to cross the continent As hardships muS the only realityFrom the careful delineation of Victorian society to the sensitive rendering of hidden love to the stark narrative of adventure in the Australian desert Patrick White’s novel is a work of extraordinary power and virtuosit. In the end I actually began to despise this book Overwrought and pretentious in my opinion A simple story based on an explorer disappearing in outback Australia during colonial times I never felt that the simplicity of the story was saved by the writing Challenging prose is fine by me but this went beyond a challenge I almost feel that I read this book two and a half times as I read and reread passage after passage to try and get the nuances that were obviously completely above my tiny little brain At one point Voss reads a poem written by one of his men and hates it I reread the poem and his reaction to it four times and even now as I type this a reread for a fifth time I am none the wiser as to why he dislikes the poem What did I miss Someone tell me The presentation of this book is also paragraphless is that a word in what seemed one long almost stream of consciousness delivery that had me returning to reread why the sudden change from character to character No doubt intentional but it left me frustrated and annoyed But again what would I know Loved by many a friend of mine adores this and has read it several times awarded the first ever Miles Franklin and author Patrick White is the only Australian Nobel Prize winner Yep what would I know I feel an utter traitor to Australian literature considering the reverence this is held in some circles but to be frank I detested it It took all my will to finish and I am glad I have Onwards and upwards

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Set in nineteenth century Australia Voss is the story of the passion between an explorer and a naive young woman Although they have met only a few times Voss and Laura are joined by overwhelming obsessive feelings for each other Voss sets ou. A ravishing prose style Based on the life of the Australian explorer Ludwig Leichhardt Set in mid nineteenth century Voss intent on exploring Australia’s “unknown” interior becomes beholden to the support of a number of Sydney businessmen who are underwriting his next perilous expedition The book is Trollopian in it large cast of characters but with an emotional richness to which the Victorians could only alludeIt is in the home of the draper Bonner that the mystic Voss becomes enad of Laura Trevelyan the Bonner’s niece I at first thought ‘Oh a love story’ It has been a real disincentive to starting I admit But this is literary fiction of a high order; the encounter of the lovers in the garden during Voss’s send off party Chapter 4 is affecting and not something I’ll soon forgetWhite’s innovation here if it can be called that is to switch so fluidly and mellifluously from one point of view to another that a heightened emotional intensity is maintained The reader doesn’t feel jerked around rather it’s as if one is held by this peerless flowing narrative line—“the dream” as John Gardner 1933 1982 terms it—that never falters It’s not just that every techniue or skill works to strengthen continuity but the intensity and seamlessness that astonishes Now you may ask ‘but isn’t this what any writer does’ No In my wide reading I have come across many attempts but few such grand achievements Voss is a novel for careful readers It was written for those who like to linger over a sentence It won’t repay a hurried skim I see Voss on the same scale of achievement as James Joyce’s Ulysses Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary and Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita It’s one of the great books of life

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Voss AUTHOR Patrick WhiT to cross the continent As hardships mutiny and betrayal whittle away his power to endure and to lead his attachment to Laura gradually increases Laura waiting in Sydney moves through the months of separation as if they were a dream and Vos. 1010 Maybe there's a God aboveBut all I've ever learned from loveWas how to shoot somebody who outdrew yaAnd it's not a cry that you hear at nightIt's not somebody who's seen the lightIt's a cold and it's a broken HallelujahLeonard CohenI couldn't think of a better placeholder until I find words for a proper review It's been an exhausting month in the desert with Voss “It is like using an iron crowbar at minus 65 degrees centigrade in Siberia when you let go part of the skin adheres to it Part of me went to Voss and blood too” Russian poet Yevgeny Yevtushenko after reading VossWhat kind of man is he wondered the public who would never know If he was already of a statue than a man they really did not care for he would satisfy their longing to perch something on a column in a suare or gardens as a memorial to their own achievement They did over prefer to cast him in bronze than to investigate his soul because all dark things made them uneasy; and even on a morning of historic adventure in bright primary colours the shadow was sewn to the ends of his trousers where the heels of his boots had frayedThis is the man we follow into the unrecorded Australian desert in the mid 1800s and we are hard pressed to find out if anyone comes out alive including some readers This is a good soul scouring of a book that travels into the undiscovered country of one man's morality; and helps us test our own as we measure his I would say this is typical Patrick White having now read two novels by him but typical in those two novels is that White seems to like putting humanity on trial in both cases thus far using historical figures from Australia's past Twice now I've encountered characters who are forced to meet their elemental selves and test their own morality against their instincts; and test themselves against society's s The social norms always break down and are rewritten with inspired vision Twice now in my reading of White it is the European colliding with the aboriginal society which forces confrontation and reinvention of the soul In A Fringe of Leaves Ellen Roxburgh is rescued by an escaped convict but her spiritual survival may be a matter of conjecture In this novel all are lost view spoiler All are lost physically but we find that the ex convict turns up miraculously at the end of the story While he has lost everything he holds dear he is still standing at the end of the ordeal Again the convict; he with the most tenuous ties to normal society is the one who emerges as some kind of hero; a victor at the least It is left to us to decide whether it is only those who have truly suffered are able to understand it and surmount it hide spoiler