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Free download Chicas Ride (Mule Tamer, #2) è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ Nineteen hundred is a new century and a new era yet the fearless Chica and her beloved Arvel Walsh have an old score to settle Sombrero Del Oro is back and he has stolen something that will unleash a fury that neither he nor hiFamily travel through the wilds of Mexico to bring justice as they battle the worst evil known to manIt is a new millennium talk of the end of the world the second coming of Christ the grand eclipse of nineteen hundred; will it herald the apocalypse the end of days the new beginning Is Chica the chosen one the one sent by God to enact vengeance purge the world and prepare it for the great conflagration Or is it just a great hoax conjured up to scare Gold Hat and his men out of their wits Find out in The Mule Tamer II Chica’s Ri. Mr Horst has done it again This second in the series is just as good if not better than the first The first introduced us to all the characters and their good and bad ualities Book two shows us how they can use those ualities It is suspenseful as well as emotional And the era is one we do not know much about personally which makes it interesting I will be looking forward to this series continuing as Chica does not seem to be done yet And she has two little ones who very well could carry on her traits A very good read

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Nineteen hundred is a new century and a new era yet the fearless Chica and her beloved Arvel Walsh have an old score to settle Sombrero Del Oro is back and he has stolen something that will unleash a fury that neither he nor his gang have ever knownShe was once wild and now tame once vulgar and now refined The bride of a blueblood Easterner a loving mother a devoted wife but it uickly becomes apparent that she has not lost her edge Chica has everything to lose and is terrifying and ruthless than ever The beautiful devil or angel c. In the first Mule Tamer adventure Arvel Walsh meets the wild Chica who becomes his wife The seuel focuses on Chica as the title indicates says Captain Obvious In the time since the first story she has had a daughter and become uite the civilized and domesticated mother even to the approval of her mother in lawBut in tried and true western fashion Mule Tamer II opens with a train heist at the hands of the despicable Sombrero del Oro Chica's daughter is taken out from under her and her abuelita In response she goes old school in a brutally splendorific mannerCombining nice amounts of family saga and action this is a great Western story at a time when Westerns are just beginning to crawl back into the mainstream awareness If you like kick butt heroines you certainly won't be disappointedThe main negative for me was a difficult to navigate point of view jumble in the opening chapter in which the author jumped from intimate POV's without even so much as a paragraph break While I appreciated the attempt to grasp an overall picture of the train and its occupants I desperately wanted a double return or something between each jump But the madness subsided uickly and the action drew me back in Read it Review it Share it

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Chicas Ride Mule Tamer #2An battle the worst of the worst and get what she’s afterChica and her Arvel will not do it alone The old gang is back The men the women the horses and mules you learned to love so in The Mule Tamer have returned Dick Welles the stalwart Arizona Ranger Dan George the imitable lawyer and longtime family friend Billy Livingston the aborigine healer Will Panks the dynamite wielding prospector Ging Wa the gentle servant girl turned physician and Pilar the real mistress of the mule ranch All have one purpose to help the beloved Walsh. I want to thank John for sending this one out as a freebie again I was so excited to get itI'm torn how to review this book John you did a great job on this one We get to see the same characters from the first book a bit in depth and that's nice I really liked Chica in this one where I didn't at all in the first I completely understood her mama bear instinct I hated to see what she did but I understood it I also hated to hear all the abuse that was going on in this book I know it wasn't graphic but it still painted a sickening picture I love the new little girl too I can just see such a future for her I'm excited to see what #3 is going to be like so anytime now John I'm torn on giving a 3 star because the abusive parts made me sick but a 4 star because all the rest of it was great I'll pass these along to friends John and thanks again