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Sloppy Firsts Doc Ñ 298 pages æ Megan mccafferty æ “My parents suck ass Banning me from the phone and restricting my computer privileges are the most tyrannical parental gestures I can think of Don’t they realize that Hope’s the only one who keeps me sane I don’t see how things could get any worse”When her bestOm she could really communicate has gone How is she supposed to deal with the boy and shopping crazy girls at school her dad’s obsession with her track meets her mother salivating over big sister Bethany’s lavish wedding and her nonexistent love lifeA fresh funny utterly compelling fiction debut by first time novelist Megan McCafferty Sloppy Firsts is an insightful true to life look at Jessica’s predicament as she embarks on another year of teenage torment from the dark days of Hope’s depart Absolutely loved it Jessica Darling has earned herself a spot on my list of favourite heroines She is smart and clever witty and sarcastic thinks too much about everything and anything I can relate to that pretty well and despite her pessimistic attitude and her uick judgement of others I couldn’t help but like her I feel like basically everything has been said about this series already you either like it or you don’t Despite having heard not so good things about the later instalments I ordered Second Helpings right away The only thing that annoyed me a bit in this one was the cliff hanger like ending but because I loved the book so much I decided to be forgiving about itA few notes on the German translation After a while I got used to it but at the beginning the freuent use of English words like ‘prom’ Although we don’t have proms in Germany the way they have them in the US there is still a German word for it felt weird Also what was the thing about the abbreviations of the swear words Scotty uses Until now I can only guess what Vau Ess yes that are the letters VS but actually written how you pronounce them is supposed to meanAnd because I can’t really pinpoint my feelings reading this wonderful book I have decided to post the titles of my playlist I think go best together with the story1 3 Doors Down – Here Without You2 The Subways – I Want To Hear What You’ve Got To Say3 Snow Patrol – Set Fire To The Third Bar4 Oasis – Roll With It5 Train – Hey Soul Sister6 KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See7 Amy MacDonald Run8 Linkin Park Numb9 Oasis – Stop Crying Your Heart Out10 Snow Patrol – Crack The Shutters 11 3 Doors Down Kryptonite12 The Cranberries – Just My Imagination

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“My parents suck ass Banning me from the phone and restricting my computer privileges are the most tyrannical parental gestures I can think of Don’t they realize that Hope’s the only one who keeps me sane I don’t see how things could get any worse”When her best friend Hope Weaver moves away from Pineville New Jersey hyperobservant sixteen year old Jessica Darling is devastated A fish out of water at school and a stranger at home Jessica feels lost than ever now that the only person with wh This was a really funny feel good novel reminiscent of novels like Angus Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging and other such hilariosity I'd heard comparisons made between the two before but I admit I was reluctant to check it out being sure that it would be unlikely to entertain me as much as Georgia Nicholson's journals However I'd say it's pretty fair to make positive comparisons between the two it's just unfortunate that I keep reading how most people didn't enjoy the rest of the series as much as this first installmentJessica Darling is a very amusing narrator she is cynical has insecurities crushes and an insufferable family She reminded me of Georgia in many ways The main difference that stood out is that this book is much ruder in a funny way compared to Louise Rennison's pretty tame stories Like this where Jessica is asked to sign the yearbook of a fellow student who has a crush on her PierreI've always admired your ability to conjugate a verb And I'll never forget the night I found out the true identity of The Black Elvis See you in French II A bientotJessicaThe grin on his face was a mile wide It was as if I had written PierreI've always admired your ability to fill out a pair of tightie whities And I'll never forget the night I found out that you know your way around a clitoris See you in my wettest wildest dreamsVoulez vous coucher avec moi ce soirJessicagiggles It's just rude enough so that it stays funny and doesn't become ridiculous Oh yeah and the other difference between this and the Georgia stories is that there are some serious issues in this book like death and family matters whereas Georgia wouldn't know serious if it hit her in the face But on the whole if you're looking for something that is mostly mindless fun you should read this book Just maybe be prepared for future disappointments or like me you could just plan to stop after book one

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Sloppy FirstsUre through her months as a type A personality turned insomniac to her completely mixed up feelings about Marcus Flutie the intelligent and mysterious “Dreg” who works his way into her heart Like a John Hughes for the twenty first century Megan McCafferty taps into the inherent humor and drama of the teen experience This poignant hilarious novel is sure to appeal to readers who are still going through it as well as those who are grateful that they don’t have to go back and grow up all over aga Yep This is potentially the hardest review I've ever written Why Because all I really want to do is vigorously pound on my keyboard with glee and happytears and EEEEEEE KLSALFAWOPE 5jKOSAKORWE9 F S ASNKF WSETYW# w tw#%90#% 9 #i 5m2 4ko562098305 U0264 JMLESAKPWARW#% NDVSDSDF Translation Holy Crap I've found the Holy Grail of YA writing The kicker It isn't even YA And yet it is It's everything It's Jessica Darling I've put off writing my review for Sloppy Firsts for a long time I don't even know what to say without falling so incredibly short of what this book deserves I hadn't even heard of this series prior to starting my blog I figured that it couldn't be THAT good if I hadn't even heard anything about it My friends this series is a diamond in the rough The characters are so very distinct in all their own ways and mannerisms I'm convinced that Megan Mc has fashioned Jessica from a real person Or perhaps she wrote her right off the pages Yes that's it Jessica is so imperfectly perfectly written that the words and paragraphs came together to form cells and skin and organs and hair and acne and she has jumped right out of the book and exists in our world today No one can just think of someone SO AWESOME and not have her walk amongst us I need this to be true so I can find her and make her my BFF Because we'd get along that well I loved everything about every character Even the ones I hated Because Ms McCafferty has taken the time to develop each and every one of them Sara with her annoying uoteunuote abuse and Len with his um and Scotty with hiswhatever it is that he does And Marcus Yes Marcus I couldn't see what the hype about him was at first But I have seen the light Oh yes And it glitters like Mariah Carey The journal style writing makes it easy to become completely immersed into Jessica's internal cynicism and outlook on life Having been a cynical teenager ahem and having never grown out of it this speaks volumes to me There are so many uotes that have caused me to burst into laughter this never happens or made me write down a uote or 352 in my review journal And perhaps I've contemplated getting one tattooed on me somewhere This is a series I think everyone should read It's a beautiful hilarious amazinngggg piece of work that has become my golden standard I'm taking my time with this series because I don't want it to ever ever end Megan McCafferty is my hero