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The Mapmaker's Wife: A True Tale of Love, Murder, and Survival in the Amazon Download à 7 Ç A True Tale of Love Murder and Survival in the The year is 1735 A decade long expedition to South America is launched by a team of French scientists racing to measure the circumference of the earth andGe From this extraordinary journey arose an unlikely love between one scientist and a beautiful Peruvian noblewoman Victims of a tangled web of international politics Jean Godin and Isabel Gramesón’s destiny would ultimately unfold in the ’s unforgiving jungles and it would be Isabel’s ues. I found this an engrossing read focusing on the exploits of a team of French mapmakers in recently colonised South America and a woman who took her destiny into her own hands in order to be reunited with her husband We get a very good look at the then impenetrable jungles and broad path of the through this territory Just about all travel was by river An international expedition was sent to discover the shape of the Earth at the Euator to settle opposing theories about whether it bulged They were led by Charles Marie de la Condamine and Louis Godin A nephew of Godin's Jean Godin was among them and in the towns of Ecuador he met Isabel Grameson daughter of a local landowner We see some snapshots of her early life in a convent school reading romantic fiction tales of Spanish heroes and maidens Isabel's story really takes up when Jean has to leave her and their children to travel down the to the sea Arriving at Rio Jean learned that Portugal France and Spain were now at odds and anyone travelling around was suspect He was not allowed to return to his wife Isabel tried to send messages but the width of the continent proved too much Finally she decided to tackle the rivers and jungles herself She started out sensibly with a group of friends and servants luggage and a carrying chair That didn't last but her determination did The book incorporates a great deal of information about politics resources and travel at the time; amid the flowering of science and enuiry much of which was informed by travellers in South America like Humboldt I found it very readable and better written than Longitude by Dava Sobel

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A True Tale of Love Murder and Survival in the The year is 1735 A decade long expedition to South America is launched by a team of French scientists racing to measure the circumference of the earth and to reveal the mysteries of a little known continent to a world hungry for discovery and knowled. I highly recommend The Mapmaker's Wife A True Tale of Love Murder and Survival in the but not to everyone The title and the book description may give the impression that the central theme of the book is a love story That is false Part of the book is certainly a wonderful adventure story about a woman who travels practically alone through the basin to reach her husband stranded in French Guiana but this portion of the boo takes up only the last seventy pages The love story and the adventurous trip from Rioabamba near uito Ecuador down the eastern slopes of the Andes through the tropical rain forests of the along the river to its mouth and then to Cayenne French Guiana is not the central theme of the book That is important to understand when you choose to read or not read this book This portion is exciting and it does put a wonderful end to the book What primarily is this book about It is about a scientific and exploratory expedition carried out in the 1730s and 40s by the French It is about the Spanish conuest of South America conuistadors Hernando Cortés and Francisco Pizarro It is about the conuest of the Aztecs and the Incas It is about the plants and animals and minerals and gems found around uito and the upper stretches of the In the pages of this book you will find a lot of history and information about both Spanish and native South American beliefs and practices You are sure to be fascinated by the description of indigenous plants and animals It is important to note that the expedition took place during the Enlightenment Although the expedition’s primary goal was to measure the distance of one degree of latitude many other scientific areas were also to be studied all in the spirit of the era New scientific instruments were to be tested to discover the shape of the earth to discover precise knowledge of the laws of gravity Temperature's effect on metals was to be uantified Botanical varieties were to be documented in the hope of finding new products and medicines The expedition was also to spy The French wanted to discover what the Spanish had hidden in its Viceroyalty of Peru as Spain’s territory in South America was called Don’t think just Peru The area extended over a huge chunk of South America up to the Caribbean coastline There were so many amazing stories a city of gold El Dorado huge women warriors men with feet that were put on backwards and the women were beauties What was true What were imaginary tales The French wanted to know This is a book about science history politics and the natural resources found in South America It is informative It is engaging and the end does include an exciting adventure There are numerous maps depicting the rivers and tributaries in the basin There are maps showing the travel routes followed There are pictures in the book from museum and private collections illustrating tools scenes plants and animals There is an index and a bibliography There are direct uotes from sources The subject matter is very well documented I never found it boring I have two complaints The first I have already pointed out – a deceptive title and book description Secondly the mathematical reasoning meant to explain the expedition’s scientific goals are confusing Although the triangulation base lines measured and tools employed are extensively described I still feel I do not always understand why a given measurement would prove the truth or falsity of the scientific principle being uestioned Please note these sections can be skimmed but I tried to understand I read them several times and I only sort of understood on a general levelDespite my two complaints I very much enjoyed reading this book I have given it four stars In my view it is very well written

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The Mapmaker's Wife A True Tale of Love Murder and Survival in the AmazonT to reunite with Jean after a calamitous twenty year separation that would capture the imagination of all of eighteenth century Europe A remarkable testament to human endurance female resourcefulness and enduring love Isabel Gramesón’s survival remains unprecedented in the annals of explorati. I've been excitedly buzzing about this book the whole time I was reading it so I'm afraid that my 3 star rating threw at least one friend for a loop So I'm going to do my best to explain what might in the end come down to that whole stars are relative issue Also I'm going to risk bringing down the wrath of my office roomie by saying that it's really of a 35 And now we'll see if he really reads my reviewsAnyway I really liked this book I went in half expecting a dry slow slog based on the general tone of the existing GoodReads reviews and for me that wasn't what I found Granted I'm a closet science nerd so that might play into it But I really enjoyed the descriptions of how these Enlightenment scientists figured out the best way to measure a degree of latitude I really enjoyed reading about early science feuds regarding the nature of physics The murder and survival stuff was a bonus obviously but I will agree that if you're going in with that as your primary motivating factor you may be in the wrong bookHere are some of the things that I learned that I found alternately appalling or amazing Or occasionally both If these ring your bell I give the green light to pick this up as soon as possibleWhen the scientists measured their first baseline upon which all of their future calculations would be based they measured it in separate groups going the opposite direction in order to have two sets of data to compare They were accurate to within three inches Consider that A bunch of 18th century Europeans in the Andes mountains laid what was essentially a handful of yardsticks resting on sawhorses to keep them level end to end for approximately a modern mile and matched each other's work to within three inches Meanwhile I can measure the wall in my bedroom with a tape measure four times in a row and get a different number every timeThese scientists came to the New World on this expedition and ended up spending than a decade traveling and working often without funding Godin who was the mapmaker of the title spent something like forty years working for the crown in the Andes He devoted his life to this expedition and when it was finished there was not enough money to send him home He continued living in South America with his new wife trying to earn enough money for passage back to France Oh and he received a letter informing him of his father's death eight years after it had been sentOf course there are countless descriptions of the corruption and terrible subjugation of native people and Africans Because wherever there is imperialism there will also be crimes against humanityAnd finally what I think draws most people to this story in the first place Isabel Godin When there was finally enough money and the proper papers for the Godin family to travel to France they had been separated for nearly twenty years Godin had missed his daughter's birth her 19 years of life and her death from smallpox Amazing to consider And when his wife finally embarked on her journey to rejoin her husband she ended up on foot in the A sheltered upper class woman raised to be isolated dependent and demure was put in a situation she could not possibly have been prepared for a situation that killed dozens of experienced explorers and adventurers and she survivedSo yeah There's a ton to like about this book and I'm realizing that I haven't really explained why I didn't give it four stars I think it must be one of those circumstances where you just have to chalk it up to how subjective the stars really are Because I really liked it but I also didn't find it as engaging to my emotions as it was to my intellect Maybe that's what it was At any rate I do feel confident recommending it to anyone who's interested in Enlightenment science exploration and