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REVIEW ì The Murderers' Who's Who Ü Popular E-Book, The Murderers' Who's Who author J.H.H. Gaute There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book The Murderers' Who's Who author J.H.H. Gaute please download or read online hereEsting things in this book readers are very amazed by the contents of the boo. A read that falls somewhat within the “guilty pleasure ” section this was nonetheless a very informative well researched and illuminating study on all manner of despicable ways that homo sapiens as a supposed advanced species can do such horrible things to their fellow homo sapiensThe book is basically an encyclopedia of murder killings lust greed and just plain old cruel stupidity Published originally in Great Britain in 1979 the cases are presented in alphabetical order either by the infamous “name” assigned to the case or by the last name of the perpetratorThe majority of the cases are from mid 19th up thru latter 20th century Europe with a heavy focus on the British Isles but certainly not exclusively Prior to the development of modern criminology techniues and theories poisoning was by far away the most popular way of disposal as it was hard to detect So many of the earlier cases involve very creative mixtures of said materials with a heavy leaning toward the tried true standby – arsenicAll the biggies are represented on both sides of the Atlantic up until the late 70’sJack The Ripper The Granddaddy of the Modern Media Serial KillerPeter Kürten – “The Monster of Düsseldorf” and active in Germany in the late 1920’s – early 1930’s He was eventually captured and charged with 9 brutal murders of young children and women by stabbing strangulation bludgeoning in what was described by the murderer as “an orgy of sadism and perversion” This sadist and child murderer was the “inspiration” for the crazed child killer played by a very young Peter Lorre in the seminal Fritz Lang perversely classic and influential German film M 1931HH Holmes – American mass murderer active in Chicago who built a sprawling mansion or “castle” as his neighbors derisively described it The elaborate structure 100 rooms was a virtual sadist’s playground and multi level torture chamber consisting of air tight rooms with gas inlets vats of acid and asbestos as well as steel lined windowless rooms containing trays of surgical instruments and various apparatus of torture He was active primarily in the 1890’s and admitted to and was convicted of at least 27 killings but there were likely many His story became widely known with the success of author Erik Larson’s 2003 non fiction bestseller book – The Devil In The White City Rumor has it that the book has been optioned by Martin Scorsese and Leo DiCaprio is slated to portray Guess Who Axe Man of New Orleans – Unsolved series of violent killings by axe between 1911 – 1919 in the Crescent CityBlack Dahlia Murder – Infamous brutal unsolved LA killing in the 1940’sBonnie ClydeLizzie BordenBoston StranglerClutter Murders – The slayings indelibly re created in Truman Capote’s literary masterpiece In Cold BloodRuth Ellis – 28 year old night club manager who killed her race car driver lover in a fit of murderous passion and she was the last woman to be hanged in Britain on July 13 1955Albert Fish – Notorious American sex murderer with extraordinary perversions; including sado masochism and cannibalism Known as the “Brooklyn Vampire” the house painter and father of 6 admitted to at least 100 separate incidents perpetrated on children throughout 23 states primarily in the 1920’s 1930’sHammersmith Nude Murders – A series of 6 murders in London between Feb 1964 Feb 1965 All the victims were prostitutes and found nude earning the killer the moniker of “Jack The Stripper” The murders stopped suddenly in 1965 and were later associated with the suicide of a 45 year old man in South London whose name was never shared with the publicKray Twins – Psychologically damaged identical twins Reginald Ronald who had a death grip on the underworld criminal activities of London’s East End primarily in the 60’s They became Rock Stars of a sort at the time and have been the subject of several films the most recent of which stars Tom Harding as the twin psycho siblingsLeopold and LoebManson Family MurdersSacco and VanzettiEd Gein – Twisted real life sadist that served as the model for the character of Norman Bates by Alfred HitchcockRichard Speck – The garbage collector with “Born To Raise Hell” tattooed on his forearm who murdered and tortured eight student nurses in Chicago He professed his innocence for the majority of his incarceration until in 1978 he randomly told a newspaper “Yeh I killed them I stabbed them and choked them”Charles Whitman – The University of Texas Tower Sniper Killer who shot 46 people in 1966 and was eventually shot and killed when police crashed thru the barricade he had created at the foot of the stairwell which led to where he was perched atop the roofLearned a lot and I’m a sucker for this type of stuffRecommended for those inclined

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K The Murderers' Who's Who author JHH Gaute please download or read online he. c1979 Of its time but handily listed in alpha order I can see this one being useful to budding crime writers Some interesting little facts here and there And some crime stories that I hadn't heard of before

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The Murderers' Who's WhoPopular E Book The Murderers' Who's Who author JHH Gaute There are many inter. I took this out of the Grad Library about 18 times when I was still in college Great book heavily illustrated and fully cross referenced