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review Demon Gaea 3 100 î Titan Wizard and Demon have enthralled a generation of readers with adventure humor horror and dazzling imagination Now in the epic conclusion of John Varley's masterpiece the satellite sized alien Gaea has gone completely insane She has trapped humans in her mind She has transformed her love of old movies into monstrous realities She is MarTitan Wizard and Demon have enthralled a generation of readers with adventure humor horror and dazzling imagination Now in the epic. The satellite sized alien Gaea had gone completely insaneShe held control of a complete world with her mindSee;AngelsWitchesZombiesLesbiansKing KongSentient BlimpsAnimated camerasCentaur Titanides The fountain of YouthWhales that smash shipsBaby eating Iron Masters A fifty foot high Marilyn MonroeHollywood movies of the 30's to the 90'sFighter aircraft versus flying buzz bombs With every country having the Bomb World War V Epic science fiction on a grand scaleCirocco Jones former astronaut turned Wizard and now Demon challenges Gaea the world goddess for mastery of a living satellite Watch Cirocco collect a diverse crew who are all determined to overthrow Gaea and shape them into a Hollywood style army The obligatory fight sceneThere was nothing he could do to help the women There were at least six men attacking them So he would follow the man with the baby because of all the things that could happen in Gaea he felt being sold to the Iron Masters was the worst He was already after the man when the screaming began Against his will he looked backIt was like a tornado The women had knives in each hand and knives in their boots and they were whirling madly shrieking at the top of their lungs slashing and stabbing One man took seven wounds before he had time to fall down and start to die Another tried to hold his throat together as a second blade entered his bowels Four were down then five as others moved in with knives drawnIt was too bad really It was the most amazing display of sheer furious will to fight he had ever seen but he didn’t see how the two could hold off an army They were going to take a fine honor guard to hell with them but they were going to die The least he could do was save the child of the older warrior Baby Adam's view of this strange new worldThe last member of the party was the happiest of the lotHe had been near death three times in his short life but he did not know that His mother had been his first potential murderer Robin had thought long and hard on it when she saw what she had miraculously brought forth from her troubled womb into a troubled worldMost recently he had almost been killed by a babylegger His memories of that were vague It had all been over so uickly He remembered the man who had smiled down at him He liked the manThere were a lot of new people He liked that He liked the new place too It was easier to walk here He didn’t fall down so much Some of the new people were very big and they had a lot of legs They were many exciting colors so bright and vivid that he laughed in delight every time he saw them He had learned a new word Tye NyeA bright yellow Tye Nye was carrying him now He was satisfied with the ride Only two things marred an other wise perfect afternoon His ass felt wet and he was wondering if it was about time for dinnerHe was just about to mention these points when the Tye Nye handed him to mother Mother put him on the Tye Nye’s back and he watched the Tye Nye’s long fluffy pink hair bouncing above him as his mother changed his diaper The Tye Nye turned her head around and he found that hilarious And mother was laughing She hadn’t been doing that much lately Adam was ecstaticRobin opened her shirt lifted him and he found the nippleAnd now the world was perfect Home made movies Gaea style the King Kong showdownGaea bit the head off a second man This one was dressed in an orange robe The first had been in a traditional priest’s collar and black vestmentsIt was a warm up for the match with Kong The giant ape could be seen hovering in the background of some of the shots The bolex who shot them had been concerned with the eating of the holy men Each shot was rock steady and carefully framedThe fight began Gaea and Kong grappled Kong went sailing over Gaea’s head to land on his back He seemed stunned as Gaea lumbered over and pinned him Gaea was thrown off the great beast He came after her There was a gap and Kong was down again Gaea hovered over him then pounced Luther a zombie priestLuther stalked the docks of a Bellinzona as empty of people as the dusty streets of the western town in High Noon with Gary Cooper It is possible his mind made the connection as he had recently seen the film at PandemoniumHe didn’t look like Gary Cooper He looked like Frankenstein’s monster after a three day bender and a car wreck Most of the left side of his face was gone baring some jawbone and cracked teeth part of a mastoid and a hollow eye socket Greenish brain tissue showed through a ragged crack in his skull as if it had leaked out and been haphazardly stuffed back in His remaining eye was a black pit in a red sea blazing with righteous fury Sutures encircled his neck; not scars but actual thick threads piercing the skin If they were removed his head would have fallen offAll of his body but his hands was concealed behind a filthy black cassock The hands bore stigmata which wept blood and pus One of his legs was shorter than the other It was not a deformity but a simple mechanical problem the leg had once belonged to a nun It did not slow him down Zombie attackShe got up yawning padded to the window and stuck her head out She looked downWhat she saw was frozen in her memory for all timeThere was a thing climbing up the outside of the house She saw its arms which were made of bones and snakes and the top of its head which was covered with cracked parchment and scraps of long hair But the true terror was in its hands She could see the bare finger bones pieces of rotting flesh and mouths Each finger ended in a little blind snake with a wide mouth and needle teeth and when the hand grasped the vertical wall the snakes bit into the wood with an audible crunch The thing was coming up fast hand over hand She was fumbling for her gun realizing belatedly that she had no clothes on when the thing looked up It had the face of a skull Worms swarmed in the eye socketsNova was not easily frightened Even that horrific face was not enough to make her scream But then she turned to get her gun and was face to face with the second thing hanging from the wall beside the window its face two feet away from her own Above its eyebrows there was just jagged bone and a boiling mass of worms It reached for her and she screamed Dive bombing the enemyThe jet waggled its wings dipped one and dived It leveled out at a hundred meters or so and now the crazy thing had a full throated roar Hard to believe it could do anything but still to a flock of people who had seen at least four war movies a week for years the scene had a certain nervous familiarity It had some of the flavor of those passes the F 86’s took in The Bridges at Toko Ri or maybe like a Jap Zero skittering down toward that big scow the Arizona in Tora Tora Tora Or a hundred other air combat pictures where the plane moves in fast and hot and starts shooting only in those pictures you mostly saw the action from the air where everything bloomed up toward you in terrific technicolor not from the ground where in a few short seconds things were beyond beliefThe entire row of temples went up almost simultaneously There would be a hypersonic streak of fire and the smart missiles would go right through the front door and boom nothing but splinters and a mushroom of flame The plane was strafing too but instead of going ka chow ka chow ka chow and making little fountains of dirt in neat rows these damn things twisted and turned and chased you and went off like hand grenades when they hitWith cameos from; a Sand worm Alex Guinness Monty Python and popular culture references this is an epic of an adventureuotes from the producers;Stupidity got us into thismess—why can’t it get us out—Will RogersWhat we want is a story thatstarts with an earthuake andworks its way up to a climax—Sam GoldwynI was always an independenteven when I had partners—Sam GoldwynYou’ve got to take thebull by the teeth—Sam GoldwynInclude me out—Sam GoldwynEnjoy

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Conclusion of John Varley's masterpiece the satellite sized alien Gaea has gone completely insane She has trapped humans in her mind. This is a strange book It's a lot to take in It's got zombies centaur like creatures lesbians witches a giant Marilyn Monroe and so much So I read it again I bought the Gaea series directly from John Varley's site It cost money of course but he signs it and the money goes directly to him and if anyone deserves some loot to go directly to him it's John VarleyI need to read of him And you need to read this series He's the sort of writer who adds diverse characters diverse sexualities and he doesn't blast his trumpet all through the book about it He just lets them be fully developed characters Cirocco Jones is one of the strongest coolest female characters EVER It's not just because she's badass and she is It's not just because she is a great leader It's the way she develops as a character that just makes her so awesome It's the way she cares about humans and Titanides alikeOh and don't get me started on the Titanides They are centaurs with human breasts and three sets of genitals and they are top on the list of my favourite fictional creature along with Wraeththu They love music they're compassion and they're just excellentSo yes Read this book John Varley needs to become popular than certain other writers who are the opposite of John Varley in terms of creating diverse characters Their idea of being diverse is just having stereotypes of different races and that gets aggravating as all hellAnd should I mention that Cirocco is totally a woman of colour123119Read it again It's so imaginative Perhaps I am immature but I enjoy books where characters become friends and defeat some great evil together the most It gives me hope If these people can defeat giant evil Marilyn Monroe who know what's possible

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Demon Gaea 3She has transformed her love of old movies into monstrous realities She is Marilyn Monroe She is King Kong And she must be detroyed. This is the final volume of the Gaea trilogy by John Varley I found it totally a worthwhile read and the characters were fleshed out enough to be their own and likeable My one and only downer on this was my own failing I've not read many trilogies and hardly ever back to back to back and I became a bit like someone that had a visitor that has over stayed I began to be ready to move on to something else yet I was too involved with this story I never considered dropping itThis series is probably considered science fantasy I walked into this series with no preconceived notion of what it was about and I found that it was just as well I think this is the kind of story spread over three self contained novels that one should explore and let it work its magic on each and every reader willing to do some exploring I did find it interesting and an excellent time well spent John Varley uses his narrative scalpel with a deft hand and he flashes his keen sense of humor enough to lighten up an already good read