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Goodbye Emily Read & Download ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Three baby boomers relive their 1969 trip to Woodstock One final roadtrip One last chance to say Goodbye Emily They met at Woodstock and the love lasted a lifetime Then she was gone and so was his college teaching job Heartbroken but determined he calls on his two bestR’s defense attorney daughter can help In a psychedelic van the trio dodges cops and prosecutors Against all odds they close in on their destination where thousands of supporters and cops await them   Goodbye Emily is the irreverantly funny story about a journey of self discovery for a man who thought he’d left all important journeys in life behi. Goodbye Emily is a powerful and moving story; and of my favorite books of all time This book made me laugh and cry and stayed with me long after I closed the bookWalt Ellington aka Sparky has Broken Heart Syndrome Emily the love of his life died two years ago but for Sparky it was as if it had just happened Sparky despite his name has no zest for life He lost it when Emily died Sparky took up drinking isolated from his friends and lost his job as a professor at Milton CollegeHe was wasting away until his daughter confronted him about his failing health He agreed it was time to make some changes One of those changes he decided would be a road trip to Woodstock the place where he first met his beloved Emily Sparky wanted his friends Buck and Josh with him when he said his final goodbye Buck was totally onboard with Sparky’s idea The fact that Josh had Alzheimer's Disease and that they would have to break him out of an Assisted Care Living Facility for their nostalgic hippie trip was just a wrinkle in their planThis book is so much than just a trip down memory lane It’s a story about life its joys its heartaches and everything in between Michael Murphy touched my heart deeply in this story moving me to tears of both joy and sorrow Don’t think it won’t happen to you It will This author’s writing is so engrossing and includes so many authentic details of the 1960’s that you will feel as if you are actually thereI highly recommend reading Goodbye Emily There isn’t a boring page in the entire book I read it in one day and loved every single moment of it Treat yourself to a powerful journey You’ll be glad you did I guarantee it

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Buddy need the third tripper from back in the day now in a nursing home with early stage Alzheimer’s When the home refuses to allow their friend to come along the professor and the vet bust him out attracting the attention of the cops and the media fascinating the public   The roadtrip turns into a flight from “the man” and not even the professo. Michael Murphy's Goodbye Emily is an homage to friendship and the Woodstock Nation Part road trip part buddy book all interesting Goodbye Emily takes the reader back in time when Sparky the main character decides to fulfill a promise he made to his wife and two male friends to return to Max Yasgur's farm outside Bethel NY where the Woodstock concert took placeSparky met Emily at Woodstock and married her Dead two years from cancer when the book opens Sparky has yet to deal with his grief He keeps Emily's ashes in an urn on the coffee tableSparky has lost touch with the other boys from Woodstock He wonders why his former best friend Buck another of the Woodstock boys skipped his wife's funeral He learns that the third member of the trio Josh suffers from Alzheimer's and lives in assisted living They visit Josh and sing some songs from the time when they were a garage band the Buck Naked Band Josh who is non verbal begins singing along with them Sparky thinks that if he can reach Josh through music he can bring a semblance of uality of life back to his friendOne thing leads to another Before Sparky realizes what he is doing Buck has repainted Emily's van as a peace mobile Sparky and Buck have kidnapped Josh from his residence and the trio is on the run from the law All they want to do is return to Woodstock and scatter Emily's ashesMayhem ensues A uick read guaranteed to leave the reader feeling nostalgic for a time that now only lives in memory

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Goodbye EmilyThree baby boomers relive their 1969 trip to Woodstock One final roadtrip One last chance to say Goodbye Emily They met at Woodstock and the love lasted a lifetime Then she was gone and so was his college teaching job Heartbroken but determined he calls on his two best friends to help him return to the place it all beganThe professor and his Woodstock. I read seventy pages the first night and the remaining two hundred the second night because I could not put this book down The author Michael Murphy suggested I might like it because I'm passionate about finding good fiction featuring older people Goodbye Emily was so enjoyable I am pleased to feature it on my blog's Midlife Fiction pageWalter Sparky Ellington is a recently fired English professor who's dying of a broken heart His beloved Emily who he met at Woodstock passed away two years ago and he can't get over her He is becoming a recluse and his health is deteriorating as he drowns his sorrows in Jim Beam At sixty he awaits deathHowever a whole ensemble of compelling characters work to prevent that from happening Drugs sex and rock `n roll are all a part of the story Sparky's ultimate uest to spread Emily's ashes at Yasgur's farm with two childhood friends one with PTSD from `Nam and one with Alzheimers' turns into a riotous car chase in a psychedelic van eluding state troopers and an overzealous DA while his attorney daughter struggles to keep the old man out of prisonI can't say because I don't want to spoil it But this is a great story replete with vignettes from that grand concert and musical references that I hadn't thought of for years and now can't get out of my head like Arlo Guthrie and Comin' into Los AngelEEZI loved the humanity of the characters The men were kind to each other in spite of the usual manly snorting pawing and joshing I felt they demonstrated a depth of personality that only becomes a possibility after a long and rich life rich in the sense of joy as well as anguish I chuckled along and in places I cried and I finished the book with sadhappy tears running down my face happy to have enjoyed the memories and sad for the days gone by