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North and South review ✓ 104 À When her father leaves the Church in a crisis of conscience Margaret Hale is uprooted from her comfortable home in Hampshire to move with her family to the north of England Initially repulsed by the ugliness of her new surroundings in the industrial town of Milton Margaret becomes aware of the poverty and suffering ofErce opposition over his treatment of his employees masks a deeper attractionIn North and South Elizabeth Gaskell skillfully fuses individual feeling with social concern and in Margaret Hale creates one of the most original heroines of Victorian literatu. “Oh Mr Thornton I am not good enough''Not good enough Don't mock my own deep feeling of unworthiness” It took Margaret and Mr Thornton 451 pages my edition to reach here and what a journey it was Painful at times and adorable at others Margaret came to the industrial town of Milton from Haleston a village Her father who is a parson took Mr Thornton as his student Soon Margaret and Mr Thornton find themselves on the opposite side of wall which has poor people on one side and rich on the other Mr Thornton realizes early on about his feelings for Margaret but as a proud and arrogant girl she refused to see the utter devotion with which he loves her Later on she came to sense but it was too late by then and she was on her way to other town and thousands of pounds richerMs Gaskell shows us the strife of poor in those days of industrialization when almost everyone was struggling financially in the town of Milton In my she sided with the poor but also showed us the side where rich were eually struggling to meet ends She very cleverly has knitted this love story with social issue of that time Characters have fault but humans are tend to have them and that's what makes this book so dear to me Highly recommended if you can bear the slow pace and the tug of war between rich and poor

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When her father leaves the Church in a crisis of conscience Margaret Hale is uprooted from her comfortable home in Hampshire to move with her family to the north of England Initially repulsed by the ugliness of her new surroundings in the industrial town. It's Pride and Prejudice for Socialists

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North and SouthOf Milton Margaret becomes aware of the poverty and suffering of the local mill workers and develops a passionate sense of social justice This is intensified by her tempestuous relationship with the mill owner and self made man John Thornton as their fi. I finally figured out why I love North South so fucking much John Thornton is as invested in his relationship as I am And that means a great deal It's very rare to get such a deep look into the emotions of the male love interest but Gaskell didn't shy away from showing us our beautiful precious son from his most vulnerable side The way he is in a non creepy way so preoccupied with Margaret and constantly talks about her so that his mother and sister get super annoyed just by the mention of her name like HONESTLY SAME JOHN I too do nothing else but talk about Margaret and you This is some relatable content right there Elizabeth Gaskell has such a way with words I am so obsessed with her beautiful language and also with all of the fitting poems that she chose as epigraphs for her chapters gosh; I literally cannot believe that she was friends with Charlotte Brontë like hun you can do better Anyway back to my favorite topic Mr John Thornton I have written down his TOP 10 moments in chronological order and of course I'll gladly share the list with you 1 His first meeting with Margaret He almost said to himself that he did not like her before their conversation ended; he tried so to compensate himself for the mortified feeling that while he looked upon her with an admiration he could not repress she looked at him with proud indifference taking him he thought for what in his irritation he told himself he was — a great rough fellow with not a grace or a refinement about him John is just such a precious little boy like my man is just damn insecure and confused that he's so shook about Margaret and honestly I can relate He tries so hard to gain control of his emotions but he's immediately besotted by her 2 His persistence of wanting to shake her hands It was the frank familiar custom of the place; but Margaret was not prepared for it She simply bowed her farewell; although the instant she saw the hand half put out uickly drawn back she was sorry she had not been aware of the intention You could seriously make a whole saga about their hand touching business because Miss Gaskell really thought this shit through I mean it takes so many tries for them to finally shake hands that when they do he knew it was the first time their hands had met though she was perfectly unconscious of the fact I love a self aware ueen ;3 His ability to admit his mistakes ‘I spoke hastily to you once this evening and I am afraid rather rudely But you know I am but an uncouth Milton manufacturer; will you forgive me’ John and Margaret disagree on almost every single topic especially when it comes to trade and life in the North compared to the South and I love their exchange of blows but what I absolutely fucking stan are the moments of tenderness during which John tries to get on Maragret's good side again I mean he truly is a soft boiiiii4 His eyes were on the goddamn prize Mr Thornton felt that in this influx no one was speaking to Margaret and was restless under this apparent neglect But he never went near her himself; he did not look at her Only he knew what she was doing — or not doing — better than he knew the movements of any one else in the room John cares so much for Margaret He wants her to have friends he wants her to be accepted by the people in Milton He genuinely wants her to be happy and have a good time but since he's an anxious smol son AAAAAANGST gets in the way of him reaching out to her I cry 5 The whole drama on the doorstep where Margaret gets hits by a stone Everything seemed dim and vague beyond — behind — besides the touch of her arms round his neck — the soft clinging which made the dark colour come and go in his cheek as he thought of it Hold my fucking beer because I knew I was a goner after this scene Gaskell is such a drama ueen and I am 100% here for it That whole scene What a mess Thornton's complete lack of chill whenever Margaret is involved really mesmerises me 6 The damn proposal scene ‘And the gentleman thus rescued is forbidden the relief of thanks’ he broke in contemptuously ‘I am a man I claim the right of expressing my feelings’ YOU TELL HER JOHN I mean Margaret was completely savage in her refusal and I love her for it but my precious boy did really well by standing his ground and letting of his vulnerable side show7 His jealousy which never turned into possessiveness He lashed himself into an agony of fierce jealousy He thought of that look that attitude — how he would have laid his life at her feet for such tender glances such fond detention I mean let's not kid ourselves there's one thing this book excels at and that's pining BUT John is always soooo respectful when it comes to his feelings towards Margaret He doesn't think she belongs to him he's fully convinced she'll never have him and that she's too good for him and after her refusal he just accepts that and leaves her alone despite the fact that his feelings for her haven't vanished 8 The Farewell Scene ‘No’ said he ‘I put it to the touch once and I lost it all Let her go — with her stony heart and her beauty; — how set and terrible her look is now for all her loveliness of feature She is afraid I shall speak what will reuire some stern repression Let her go Beauty and heiress as she may be she will find it hard to meet with a truer heart than mine Let her go’ I mean BITCH I cried I really thought it was over at this point Their farewell was heartbreaking John was so bitter and sad about it but he knew there was nothing he could to and so he let her be Like we stan a realistic ueen 9 Their motherfucking reunion He came close to her He knelt by her side to bring his face to a level with her ear; and whispered panted out the words— ‘Take care — If you do not speak — I shall claim you as my own in some strange presumptuous way — Send me away at once if I must go; — Margaret —’ These hoes really had me convinced that they wouldn't end up together like I had mentally prepared myself for Margaret marrying motherfucking Lennox this man can choke boyyy and so you will believe how shooketh I was when I found out that Margaret and Johnny boy would be endgame I mean nothing will top his declarations of love10 HE HAS NO CHILL ‘I wanted to see the place where Margaret grew to what she is even at the worst time of all when I had no hope of ever calling her mine I went there on my return from Havre’ He went to Helstone the place of her upbringing like what John is a hopeless romantic AND not gonna lie this book turned me into one as well I watched the BBC mini series two times within the span of three days and I need Richard Armitage as John Thornton in my life He can get it any dayApart from my love for my baby boy John North South has to offer a wide range of characters who are all interesting and well fleshed out I particularly enjoyed John's loving relationship to his mother and how much she cared for him and wanted to protect him but also all the drama surrounding the strike and the plight of the workers especially Nicholas and Bessy Higgins were wonderful characters I grew very fond of Dixon is a force of nature and I love her than life itself; the way she cared for Mrs Hale and Margaret was so heartwearming and she was also COMEDY GOLD ‘Bless her’ said Dixon ‘She’s as sweet as a nut There are three people I love it’s