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Brett Gets Hammered (Brett Cornell Series, 6) Free read ¼ 107 ´ The beautiful and alluring Tammy Rankin and her brother Andy were positively grief stricken when their well to do father died of a fatal heart attack In fact their grief was intensified when they realized that their young stepmother stood to inherit his vasThe beautiful and alluring Tammy Rankin and her brother Andy were positively grief stricken when their well to do father died of a fatal heart attack In fact their grief was intensified when they realized that their young stepmother stood to inherit his vast fortune that is unless they could somehow suggest foul play and pin a mu. Format Audiobook Happy as pigs in a poker gameTo know him is to love him at least for the female of the species that at least is Brett's perception of those beautiful young things just waiting to catch the eye of the blond haired and gloriously moustachioed Adonis whatever that is the one and only the unscrupulous bastard Brett Cornell But since the charity boxing match which he lost some months ago he's also lost his secretary is nearly broke and well Then into his life steps the delectable Tammy and her wimpy brother Andy offering good money if he will restore their rightful inheritance their very wealthy father had left everything to his dying wife their stepmother and they want it all whatever it takes Cue our unscrupulous bastard With dollar signs and beautiful babes dancing before his eyes Brett is invited to dinner with the family Better than HBO and Snowmax Brett thinks and discovers that his unscrupulous bastard title is rivalled by another in the partyAnother superbly funny book in this hilarious series Once again Travis Henry Carter is Brett as he recounts in first person the unfolding events of his less than PC approach to life self obsessed egotistical and sarcastic with a total conviction of his sexual prowess The narration is perfect as always revealing the Brett beneath the surface as well as giving very distinctive voice to all of the other protagonists both male and female Brett might not be someone to meet in real life but interpreted by MrCarter from the pen of David D D'Aguenno this is a character to encounter with fondness and funI was very fortunate in being freely gifted a complimentary copy of Brett Gets Hammered at my reuest by the rights holder via Audiobook Boom Thank you so much This has become one of my most favourite of series Just goes to prove the old saying every woman loves a villainDon't read this book if you want everything PC Otherwise just sit back hold onto your metaphors and enjoy

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Rder rap on the woman notwithstanding her probable innocence They obviously needed to enlist the services of someone who was totally devoid of any amount of scruples whatsoever A perfect cue then for the entrance of self proclaimed unscrupulous bastard Brett Cornell who as expected is instantly attracted to the prospect of gettin. Brett Gets Hammered” by David D’Aguanno is out of my normal preferred genre but I’d heard good things about this author so I decided to give it a try Honestly I kept waiting for this book to start bothering melike have it get too cheeky and cheesy Surprisingly it never did Although Brett has few likable ualities he’s just so dang likeable I don’t know how that happened He thinks very highly of himselfhe knows he’s an “unscrupulous bastard” his words not mineand he makes no apologies for it Maybe that’s what makes him so admirable He is him doing it his way and not giving a hoot One can’t help but admire that I suppose Although the plot dragged at times especially toward the middle this was a fast paced read that I finished in the course of an evening I was satisfied with the ending and look forward to reading from this author in the future

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Brett Gets Hammered Brett Cornell Series 6G his own greedy hands on a portion of the Rankin inheritance and on the lovely Tammy Rankin herself However will his unscrupulous nature alone coupled with his stunning Adonis like features be enough for him to pull it off especially when he's been spending the last few months of his life in a state of almost constant inebriatio. David D'Aguanno's Brett Cornell Mysteries are high on my list of treasures found on Perhaps because I so loved Wodehouse's Jeeves and Bertie series I see Brett as a modern anti hero in the droll mode of those classics I hope Brett becomes a classic in his own right This sixth Brett mystery has all you need for a some serious fun anti heroes culprits and a mystery all delivered in a D'Aguanno's inimitable style The story gets off to a roaring start on page 1 and never lets upWhen I entered the Cafe de Panache that slightly overcast day in June I was looking for a girl by the name of Tammy Rankin I run a modest little detective's practice deep in the heart of Birchwood Rhode Island and the Rankin girl had phoned me less than hour ago to ask me to meet her at the swank Cafe de Panache for lunch