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Download å eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF À Piroshiki 少年少女の目に“瞳アイリス”という不思議な力が宿るのが、当たり前になった世界――。瞳の力を持たない“欠落者アイリス・ゼロ”として、幼い頃いじめを受?. Iris Zero is something pretty original People have started to be born with what they call an Iris a power that allows the person to see different things about people whether they are lying if they're good at something etc Toru the main character of the story is an Iris Zero one of the small percentage of children born without an Iris The story is based on Toru using his common sense reasoning to help people solve issues that stem from misunderstandings of their Irises or other strange phenomenon that no one else seems to be able to figure out It's a pretty simple story but I thought it was pretty fun Definitely something I would continue reading

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Summary × アイリス・ゼロ 1 ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ë 少年少女の目に“瞳アイリス”という不思議な力が宿るのが、当たり前になった世界――。瞳の力を持たない“欠落者アイリス・ゼロ”として、幼い頃いじめを受けた水島透は、敵 ?る事になった透の取る行動は そして小雪から受けた依頼の真相とは 持つ者と持たざる者のふれあいを描く、心に響く大人気学園ファンタジー、待望のコミックス?. A shounenshoujo manga featuring people with special abilities well that's pretty commonOr one with the main character to be the only one without any ability that one is pretty common tooAt least something about Iris Zero is that they are not some explosive superpowers or other amazing abilities so far All of them are just some specific ability to see 'something ' than is seen by those without powers seeing certain ualified people seeing lies etcThis gives limitation to the special abilities which opens larger possibilities of exploring simple ordinary things in life surrounding the charactersSay instead of only showing off powers or deciding who is the most powerful oneAn other thing about Iris Zero those special abilities are not always considered as gifts Some are like cursesThe story is pretty much a slice of life which is somewhat popular recently where the main male character is helping his classmates around by solving their problems deductively mostly girls I'd say Hyouka or Yahari SNAFUWhile the solutions to the problems are in the shounenshoujo standard at least for me they're not enough satisfying the solving of the problems through common sense and wise flowery wordsI find Iris Zero to be uite entertaining as a shounenshoujo with possibilities to be better But it's not to be expected to be 'beautiful'And I don't find the artwork interesting

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アイリス・ゼロ 1??た水島透は、敵を作らないよう目立たずに過ごす事が身に染みついていた。しかし、ある時学校で人気の美少女・佐々森小雪から依頼を受けてしまう。注目を浴?. I liked this but actually I was uite disappointed because I hyped it up in my head so much and I thought I would really love itThe characters were likable but nothing happened at least nothing happened continuously