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reader ☆ Eleanor Park ebook ✓ randarenewables Ø Eleanor is the new girl in town and with her chaotic family life her mismatched clothes and unruly red hair she couldn't stick out if she triedPark is the boy at the back of the bus Black T shirts headphones head in a book he thinks he's made himself invisible But not toBlack T shirts headphones head in a book he thinks he's made himself invisible But not to Eleanor never to EleanorSlowly steadily through late night conversations and an ever growi If you've experienced that first love that heart wringing soul sueezing crush the air out of your lungs whenever you're apart first love this book will bitch slap your feels all to hell I love it I love its warmth and its vibrancy its heartache and its pain its humor its meanness the ugliness the beauty the crying the laughter the sarcasm I love Eleanor and I love Park and I love that there's still a tiny chance for themand for everyone whose first love was torn away Even if you never see that person again they change you in ways that no one else will ever understand They will always always hold that little piece of your heart that no one else will ever be able to touch I love you Rainbow Rowell for giving me this Thank you

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Ng stack of mix tapes Eleanor and Park fall for each other They fall in love the way you do the first time when you're young and you feel as if you have nothing and everything to lo I fully admit that I'm a sucky book reviewer This book for me was so personal that this review is just for me Eleanor is just that girl The weird one that people pick on Who knows exactly why She doesn't stand up for herself she doesn't fight back I was that girl This is me my 10th grade year If this book had been around then I would have completely worn the pages out As it is I feel like highlighting and just re reading the thing until it falls apartTalking about Romeo and Juliet Eleanor's comments were It was 'Oh my God he's so cute' at first site It's Shakespeare making fun of loveExactlyI hated PE class That was the worst time of my school life Not because I didn't want to participatethat's just when the mean girlsboys were the worst I'm going to tell Mrs Burt that my mom doesn't want me to do anything that might rupture my hymen For religious reasons I can't tell you how many notes I forged in my mom's name and how creative I was in those reasonsPark's thoughts on Eleanor at one time He couldn't figure out why it upset her so much Sometimes it seemed like she was trying to hide everything that was pretty about her Like she wanted to look uglyBelieve meyou do get to that point You don't really understand why Your mind just completely gets to the point where if everyone else thinks badly about you so do youI never had my Park I did have friends But I can remember when the teasing started that I could see the embarrassment on their faces too You hate to see that but it happens I don't think worse of them now It just happened I ended up leaving home at age 15 I went out on my own and met new people and guess what I wasn't judged like I had been in middle and high school I realized it was just that group of people I can be included in groups of people and liked for who I am My daughter faced some bullying last year at school Not because of what she looked like or wore she is beautiful She was picked on because she stood up to the bullies that were picking on a friend of hers So I did learn something from my teen years I raised someone who just won't stand for itAnd now me I'm the ueen bitch of you piss me off and I'll tear your arm off and beat you with it well in words anyways Remember guys and girls What doesn't kill you makes you strong as hell

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Eleanor ParkEleanor is the new girl in town and with her chaotic family life her mismatched clothes and unruly red hair she couldn't stick out if she triedPark is the boy at the back of the bus CLICK HERE for a Booktube Video aboutTen Fabulous Book Reviews and One That Will Make You Go doesn't that belong to Miranda ReadsNow that you know this one made the list check the video review to see the rest and find the stolen surprise The Written Review I want everyone to meet you You're my favorite person of all time Replace person with book and you know how I feel This book just swept me off my feetWe have Eleanor Big Red the new girl in town Her home life is in shambles she's the oldest of her siblings and she's developed enough that her stepfather has started noticing Yes you read that right We have Park half Asian in a town full of whites who's the coolest kid in his school His life is not going to plan his younger brother constantly shows him up his father is never proud and his mother just doesn't get American high schoolOne fateful meeting on a crowded bus sparked it all As Eleanor dithered from seat to seat trying to find a spot when Park takes pity on her “Sit down He said it came out angrily The girl turned him like she couldn't tell whether he was another jerk or what Jesus Fuck Park said softly nodding to the space next to him just sit down Definitely NOT a typical YA romance Thank goodness This romance was grounded it was crass in the right sort of way and sweet but not saccharine I loved how love wasn't the end all be all of life Eleanor and Park's romance is the kind that has you clutching the book kicking your feet and suealing in relief at their happiness “No matter what happens Park said I love you” Audiobook CommentsRead by Rebecca Lowman and Sunil Malhotra they did an absolutely fabulous job with the narrationYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads