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Finding Zasha Read ☆ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ñ Randi Barrow is back with another gripping heroic World War II story about a boy and his best friend a German shepherdIn 1941 the Germans began the long bloody siege on Leningrad During the chaos twelve year old Ivan is sent to live with relatives when his mother's job is moved to theHment to Zasha and Thor and soon finds himself being hunted by a ruthless soldier who will stop at nothing to get his dogs back As World War II rages around them Ivan must find a way to hide from Axel protect Zasha and Thor avoid the constant barrage of deadly bombings and survive in the devastating conditions of a city cut off from the worl. This book is a touching story about World War II A boy fights for him life and for lives of others to save a dog's life and risking his own life for it This book is one of my most favorite books Although it is historical fiction it still was very touching The beginning of the book grabs your attention by Spoiler showing 3 boys playing around but that is only mentioned after but the way it's written it seems real It is very action filled and shows the story of World War II in a fictional story It goes through the thoughts of the main character and his family and friends and how he tries to survive The story has parts that have you on the edge of your seat anxious to see what happened next I think what I love most about this story is its action and how it makes you anxious to see what happens next

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Randi Barrow is back with another gripping heroic World War II story about a boy and his best friend a German shepherdIn 1941 the Germans began the long bloody siege on Leningrad During the chaos twelve year old Ivan is sent to live with relatives when his mother's job is moved to the mountains But it is a long and dangerous journey to get o. Spoilers are in the uestions at the bottomBarrow Randi 2013 Finding Zasha New York Scholastic Inc Historical Fiction Interest Level 5 7 Reading Level 6In this four part preuel to Saving Zasha 12 year old Ivan’s world changed the day Leningrad his home was seized by the Germans during WWII in 1941 During these horrible times Ivan was sent to live with his relative Uncle Boris when his mom had to work in a factory outside of the city After the dangerous journey he had to take across a frozen lake Ivan decided to stay with his grandmother like neighbor Auntie Vera who had escaped Leningrad with him Ivan is soon involved with the partisan movement citizens of Russia secretly fighting the Germans in the town where Auntie is staying Shortly after the Germans were there too That’s when Ivan met two precious German Shepherd puppies Zasha and Thor Through a series of events Ivan will try everything he can to make sure the puppies escape the horrible and abusive life of a war dogMy thoughtsAt first I wasn’t sure how happy I would be with reading Finding Zasha because even as a child I didn’t like stories written about animals I looked on many sites and saw that the ratings for the book were actually really good so I decided to go ahead and dive in Surprisingly I really enjoyed this book dogs and all I really haven’t read much on the role that Russia played in the war nor how the war was so devastating to them I found that Finding Zasha was sort of uniue in this way I was trying to find books related to this one because many of the childrenyoung adult books written in the setting of WWII usually deal with the holocaust This book was uniue because other than the first book Saving Zasha there were really no other children’s books about Russia and WWII I think Finding Zasha would be great to have the students read beforeduring a social studies unit on WWIISpoiler AlertJust for some of the teacher's out there who are fruitlessly searching for something even slightly resembling a teacher's guide this is for youPre reading1 Study the cover of Finding Zasha closely What do you notice about it Ex There is a man in uniform There are two puppies The buildings are on fire in the background Based on the image and the title what are your theories on the plot of this story2 Imagine that you suddenly had to leave your home to go live with a relative Who would you make time to say goodbye to If you had to pack light what are the few belongings you take with you Why is it important that you take these What purpose do they serve3 Turn to page 337 in the back of the book Read “Russia and World War II” Pay close attention to the information as you may see a lot of these events mentioned or actually take place during the storyAdditional uestions for students who have read Saving Zasha1 Who is Zasha2 What happened in Saving ZashaPost reading1 Finding Zasha was split into four parts Leningrad Zasha and Thor Escape and Revenge How does each title reflect what happens in that part of the story Give examples from the text Leningrad talks about how the siege affected the people and why Ivan had to leave2 Ivan becomes a partisan in the town Vilnov What is a partisan Who are some of the other partisans mentioned in the book Do you believe the partisans played a big role in ending the war at least for Russia Why or why not Support your answer with the text3 At the end of the book Axel Retch is taken away as a POW prisoner of war Do you think there is a chance he could escape Why or why not Support answer by referencing the text Yes because he spoke perfect Russian he might be able to trick someone into thinking he actually is Russian not German4If they have not read Saving Zasha At the end of the book Petr and Zasha are missing After his best efforts for finding them proves fruitless Ivan decides to move on and accepts the fact that his friend and his dog may be dead If Petr and Zasha are still alive what do you think happened to them Why might Petr refrain from contacting Ivan to tell him they are alive and well Support answer with text5 Many of the characters in Finding Zasha contributed to Russia by helping fight its enemies or rebuild its cities and towns Becoming a partisan working in a factory that made tanks growing food etc Now imagine that it was your town and country that was at war What contribution do you think you would be able to make to help your country win the war or after the war ended how would help your town rebuild I hope this helps since this is a relatively new book and there aren't many resources for it yet

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Finding ZashaUt of Leningrad After settling into a new town it falls under Nazi occupation and Ivan is picked by Axel Recht an especially heinous soldier to come work for the Nazis One of Ivan's pleasant tasks is to train Alex's dogs Yet Ivan is determined to use his position to undermine the Nazis and rescue the dogs But Ivan underestimates Axel's attac. It's hard to tell if you should read this one first or not It's a preuel to Saving Zasha although Zasha also gets saved in this one Troublesome dog but worth itThe story takes place during WWII in Russia It is a uniue perspective of the war as the cities were essentially frozen by the war and the weather cities left to fend for themselves for the creature comforts of warmth and food as nothing can get past the front lines and nobody is allowed to leave Ivanthe main character and his friend are forced to leave Leningrad when his mother is sent to work in a factory The trip is arduous and dangerous and they arrive to find their new village home is being taken over by NazisThe German officer in charge inspects the town with his two German shepherd puppies killers in training to hunt down the enemy Ivan decides how he can fight the Nazis in his own small way I loved this aspect of the story one person making a difference in the world Ivan wants to train the puppies to NOT kill but to be just regular dogsPersonally I think the hero of the book was the little old lady neighbor She hides money and food in hollowed out places in her apartment and furniture shares her last bit of food with her neighbors and risks her life to take Ivan across the country on an ice road to her sister in law's house That's chutzpahMostly I found the story to be kind of slow and boring and parts of it a bit cliche