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Performance AnomaliesEts of Brazil he acts as a freelance spy happy to use his strange talents in the service of dubious organizations and governments – until in Kazakhstan on a personal mission to rescue a former lover he is sucked into a deadly maelstrom of betrayal that forces him to uestion all notions of friendship. Performance Anomalies is presented as a spy novel but it is intelligent fiction that defies categorization On the one hand there is the swiftly moving story of Cono the freelance spy as he takes on a mission in Kazakhstan that soon spins wildly out of control and on the other hand we get a series of hints through flashbacks andor dream seuences of his bizarre but strangely realistic childhood starting with surfing as an impoverished child on the beaches of Brazil There are several other characters in the story at least two too many but they all leave a sharp impression And then there is the writing Xiao Li the tough and beautiful woman whom Cono must try to save was abandoned by her mother when she was thirteen And yet Xiao Li always spoke of her mother as if her image were mounted in a red and gold picture frame resting on a shrine in the corner of a tidy house to be venerated and pleased at all times like a deceased ancestor ever present and scrutinizing her progeny

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Victor Robert Lee’s provocative debut spy thriller PERFORMANCE ANOMALIES introduces a protagonist to rival the most memorable espionage heroes Cono is a startling young man of mixed and haunting heritage who has been gifted – or cursed – with an accelerated nervous system An orphan from the stre. Meet Cono a young man of mixed heritage born with a genetic anomaly that allows him to perceive time slower than normal A facial tic tells him someone is to be trusted a twitch telegraphs friendship or subterfugeBorn in Brazil he witnessed his father murder his mother a beloved woman who taught him to live free and dance He hasn't a country but believes that wherever his feet touch soil is where he is supposed to beHe has few friends but to those he has he is fiercely loyal His job is espionage and for a man without borders any country is game He is a mediator a messenger sometimes a doer and fixerA frantic phone call from Xiao Li a favored friend and paramour of Chinese descent starts Performance Anomalies in motion She has been abducted so Cono calls in favors to free his lover from the arms of radicals determined to destroy her for reasons unknownA race across nations brings Cono to Kazakhstan a country we learn is at the center of Chinese American and Western Europe's hunger for oil and uraniumSomeone has a store of the powerful metal and that someone wants to sell it to the jihadists Cono must stop the transfer discovering too late that sometimes the cost is than the priceI gave Performance Anomalies a five star review because for a first novel it was outstanding The nuance and wisdom culled from the pages are best read with little distractionFor an American like me Victor Robert Lee offers a uniue world view one we know little about The information contained within should be savored like a fine wine the hidden truths mulled and consideredWhile I would not call the novel fast paced it is certainly well done with lots of twists and turns The writing is elegant and the author is either an extremely talented young man or someone with a world of experienceI for one would like to know this mysterious Victor Robert Lee who is described asLiving on the road and writing under a pseudonymWell done

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Performance Anomalies Read & Download Ë PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Victor Robert Lee’s provocative debut spy thriller PERFORMANCE ANOMALIES introduces a protagonist to rival the most memorable espionage heroes Cono is a startling young man of mixed and haunting heritage who has been gifted – or cursed – with an aAnd allegiance Relevant to our times PERFORMANCE ANOMALIES explores the expansion of Beijing’s imperial reach into Central Asia and the takeover of Kazakhstan Cono’s main adversary is a brutal Beijing agent whose personality has been twisted by the Cultural Revolution’s devastation of his famil. DISCLOSURE I was given a copy of this novel by Victor Robert Lee in exchange for an honest review This book needs to be a movie That's all I could think while reading it from start to finish I'll tell you right now I don't usually read spy or thriller style novels but after reading this I think I might need to look into reading of them The characters in this book are a masterpieceCono breaks the mould of every sort of stereotypical spy hero He manages to be simultaneously a cut above the rest of us while still maintaining human flaws I feel Mr Lee managed a feat seldom achieved by even seasoned authors and this is his first novelThe story is interesting and fast paced for almost the entire book the only thing that really kept this from being a five star read for me is that there are some slight pacing issues before the first half I am confident in future work the author will get even better in this regard Overall it's a minor flaw in a really enjoyable readMy favourite part of this book though is simply how cinematic it all is The author is a master of non cluttered description particularly of action scenes and geography I can't wait to read about future travels of Cono I felt like I really learned about new places as I readI really really really want this book to be a film