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Mr Briggs' Hat A Sensational Account of Britain's First Railway MurderThe public on both sides of the Atlantic The investigation and subseuent trial became a fixture in New York newspapers and a freuent distraction from the Civil War that ravaged the nation In Murder in the First Class Carriage acclaimed writer Kate Coluhoun tells the gripping tale of a crime that shocked an e. A book that started promisingly but then became so mired in petty detail and endless repetition that I lost interest Well written and researched but I didn't feel the case was interesting enough to reuire such an in depth study

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Over the floor and windows But there was no sign of Thomas Briggs All that remained was his ivory knobbed walking stick his empty leather bag and a bloodstained hat that strangely did not belong to Mr Briggs The race to identify the killer and catch him as he fled on a boat to America was eagerly followed by. On 9 July 1864 two bank clerks enter a first class train compartment only to discover that it is covered in blood with no sign of an injured person or body although they do find a walking stick an empty leather bag and a hatShortly afterwards Thomas Briggs a senior bank clerk is found fatally injured a short way back along the railway line When Briggs dies without regaining consciousness shortly a murder investigation commencesThe investigation is headed by Richard Tanner of the still relatively new Scotland Yard Detective Division of the Metropolitan PoliceFaced with a murder without witnesses and few clues Tanner is conducting a very difficult investigation that only appears to break when a tip seems to point at a good suspect Soon Tanner finds himself chasing Franz Muller the young German tailor who appears to be at the centre of the horrific attack across the Atlantic in an effort to bring him to justice in a case that will be decided by the ownership of two hatsThis was a fascinating read The murder and its setting a closed off train compartment are truly mysterious The only evidence available being very circumstantial leads to the answers suggested being highly ambiguous It is hard to read this book without being both horrified at and fascinated by the standards of crime investigation at the time and the way the justice system worked in those daysBut it is not just the crime that makes this book so interesting The author paints a great picture of England at the height of the industrial revolution the ambivalent feelings this rapid progress awakened in people and the ins and outs of daily life in LondonI enjoyed comparing investigative methods court proceedings and journalistic standards of the time with those we are used to today and can only be glad of the progress we have made in the 150 years since this case hit the headlinesI feel that this well written and thoroughly researched book would be a great read for anyone with an interest in true crime history andor social studies

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review Mr Briggs' Hat: A Sensational Account of Britain's First Railway Murder ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ç In July 1864 Thomas Briggs was traveling home after visiting his niece and her husband for dinner He boarded a first class carriage on the 945 pm Hackney service of thIn July 1864 Thomas Briggs was traveling home after visiting his niece and her husband for dinner He boarded a first class carriage on the 945 pm Hackney service of the North London railway A short time later two bank clerks entered the compartment and noticed blood pooled in the seat cushions and smeared all. It's insomnia time again so I'm managing to get uite a bit of reading done while I'm miserable If I must rate this book it's about a 32 More at my reading journal here The crime under study here is in England 1864 and begins with a train stop at the midway point on the line between Fenchurch Street and Chalk Farm As a train guard is fretting over being behind schedule while the train is stopped at Hackney Station he hears a commotion at the front of the train Two bank employees had just stepped into a first class carriage only to discover that it was filled with blood still wet spattered everywhere Then he heard complaints from some women who had just exited the compartment next door whose dresses and capes had been stained by drops that had come through their open carriage window while the train was still en route Blood is everywhere but where is the victim All that remains in the compartment is a black hat suashed nearly flat with the maker's name inside along with a thick cane topped with a heavy ivory knob also containing a few red spots and a black bag No one in the adjoining compartment had heard anything The guard instructs the stationmaster to wire the railway superintendent at the end of the line; he then locks the compartment door and the train starts its journey When the train reaches its final destination it is met by the station superintendent who checks out the compartment and calls for the police; the hunt begins for whoever may have done this horrific thingOverall it's a good book and of particular interest to anyone interested in the Victorian period There's a lot of cultural detail here around the crime that is uite interesting On the other hand it gets a bit boggy in the reading with a lot of unnecessary repetition and to me some uninteresting bits about how this crime was a diversion from the American civil war since the Inspector's pursuit of the suspect brought him to our shores I am happy to have read it though since I'm a huge fan of historical true crime I'd recommend it to others who are interested as well