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Facing Redemption Read & download ✓ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ´ What if you had done something so unimaginable it seemed you were beyond forgivenessJohn Mikale a man with a checkered reputation is haunted by cryptic dreams Unable to shake the pain he's inflicted or how it's affected so many in its wake John strives Nvelope is opened the emotional freedom she's tried so hard to find is reclaimed word by wordWill the two find common ground when a family emergency forces them together or will the wounds from their past unravel their future This is the second book in the Forgiveness Series which allows you to follow the rest of Chastity and Timothy's love story. Great BookThis was a great contemporary read with no sex in it It is a story about letting God into your life and I found myself crying at times and smiling at others I recommend you read the first one then this one I will keep these 2 books on my read again list

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What if you had done something so unimaginable it seemed you were beyond forgivenessJohn Mikale a man with a checkered reputation is haunted by cryptic dreams Unable to shake the pain he's inflicted or how it's affected so many in its wake John strives to bridge the gap by writing to his daughter Chastity But how can he expect forgiveness when he. Some people do not want Christian fiction to have any real characters of the world in them But I've got news for you we live in the world but we don't have to be of it However we don't live in a world with perfect people we all sin I get some flack from time to time as my character said ONE curse word in this book So I'd thought I'd leave some info for you here in advance as I don't write about modern day Pharisees people who are by the letter of the law who look down on everyone who isn't like them I write about real people who may say one cuss word or two but nothing worse than the word 'Hell' If hell offends you don't read this book as it is said once I may write about a couple who struggles to stay pure and yes there are couples out there who are sexually attracted to one another heaven forbid that God created us as sexual beings However I'm the anti 50 shades of grey I write about people who try to make the right choice according to their values or faith So spoiler alert no deed is done all the way and nothing is too graphic To give you my thoughts behind the book The main character is a man who has a checkered past who does not start as a Christian So why would he not be of the world as he did not know Christ There is one or two short pages that give you insight to his world which shows how a lot of guys are but the rest of the 300 and something pages show where God is leading him to There is also a conversation that takes place between a young girl and her friend about premarital sex She's struggling with it but her friend advises her the dangers of it and teaches that the Bible advises against it These too are real struggles in this world The over all message is that this couple makes the right choice to wait until marriage That is not a bad message That is the right message Our culture is full of people who are addicted to porn and raunchy books with sexual fantasies If anything my books are the anti 50 shades of grey although with some characters I acknowledge we all have desire I also give them the out they need through faith to make the call to wait Why is this bad Why shouldn't we be telling young couples yes we know you struggle with this as our world says it's okay but God says wait We are all sinners and I would never pretend that I was perfect as only one perfect perfect person walked this earth and I'm not Him In Facing Redemption to write about a rough around the edges military man who made the wrong choices as a 'perfect Christian person' would be wrong I took him where he was as a sinner and unbeliever and brought him to where God wanted him to be looking to be a changed man and seeking redemption Isn't that what we all sinners hopefully do The premise of this book is that God takes even the worst of us and with a changed heart gives us redemption This book isn't for everyone but know I've received email after email thanking me for allowing God to use this to talk to them as they thought they were too far from God to think about church or reading the Bible IF a character who has obvious flaws with sex and a bad word and if a young girl who is struggling with premarital sex and makes a choice to wait offers them hope that God will take them where they are and love them If these characters have inspired people to attend Church and buy their child a Bible both instances have been relayed to my via email as the story gave them motivation to do both then this book is serving a purpose You may not agree with it but don't judge it

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Facing RedemptionCan't begin to forgive himself for what he did to the mother of his first childChastity Wayne finally free from her mother's past is ready to move on with life On the verge of a great relationship and a burgeoning art career she's sucked into her family saga as she breaks her promise never to read her father's letters From the moment the first e. Really enjoyed this story after reading Finding Kylie This is BOOK 2 and you will not have a clue of what is going on if you haven't read book one in my opinion At times it takes a minute to figure out the characters because there are many stories going on but I think it was worth the effort