Lords of the Bow Conueror #2 review ë 3

review Lords of the Bow Conueror #2

Lords of the Bow Conueror #2 review ë 3 Ó Genghis unites Mongol tribes to cross the Gobi Desert and fight the Chin gleaming cities soaring walls and canals Laying siege to one fortress after another Genghis cunningly crushes each enemy differently overcoming moats barriers deceptions and superior firepower—until his army calls the Emperor Canals Laying siege to one fortress after another Genghis cunningly crushes each enemy differently overco. Leader Genghis Khan continues to sweep all before him showing a vision for an empire that will stand long after he has gone The strategy of the Mongol army is fascinating when and how to outsmart their enemy is as much the achievement as the battle itself The discipline of military planning and execution the weapons and machines for battle and the network of scouts and the infrastructure around the armies is absolutely amazing for its time What a wonderful insight brought to life in an exceptional novelThe Mongols meet the age old enemy the Chin and the battles are fierce and bloody and often on a knife edge as to their outcomes With the victory everyone starts to realise that to fight Genghis’ armies they will face an intelligent brutal and merciless foe Fight and you will be slaughtered surrender and you will be integrated into the Mongol empire The choice for many becomes obviousThe pace of the narrative is relentless and rich with detail and a fascinating perspective on the power plays and motivations of those that surround Genghis It is jaw dropping to appreciate all the elements the Mongol armies brought to bear in conuering cities and regions that were so much advanced and innovative than anything that came beforeWhile the detail is fictional Conn Iggulden writes with such authority that I want it to be fact I want to feel this book taught me who the real person was I would highly recommend this book

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Genghis unites Mongol tribes to cross the Gobi Desert and fight the Chin gleaming cities soaring walls and. Oh really Well if the above adage is an accurate sentiment than I think it's euitable to concede that Genghis Khan ruler of the mightily manly Mongols vanuisher and subjugator of a uarter of the known world wasto state it bluntlytheMAN Your enemies don't come dripping with macho awesomeness than that This second installment of Iggulden’s Conueror trilogy begins several years following the events of Genghis Birth of an Empire In the first book we followed Genghis from his formative early years through the moment when he begins uniting the various Mongol tribes under his rule of manliness As I stated previously in my review of that first installment Iggulden does a superior job of making this complex enigmatic figure come to life This second installment maintains the high standards of the first Inspire of that I didn't uite enjoy this as much as  Genghis Birth of an Empire but I think that was a result of my fussy unreasonable expectations than any patent failure of uality in the text itself I shall explain As I mentioned above the first book ended with Genghis having begun to unite the various warring tribes into a unified nation Based on how the first novel ended I was all revved up and geared in excitement for this book to commence the description of the giant out to the woodshed ass kicking that Genghis unleashed on the world I was all expecting the firm smack down of some  enemy ass followed by a segue into Genghis pillaging some enemy villages after kicking some enemy ass From there the narrative was to transition into Genghis stomping some cities into the ground immediately following another stellar game of stomp the enemy’s naughty bits After that we would move into Genghis pummeling enemies into submissionfollowed by brief pauses after plundering a few wealthy towns to get really really really really drunk and debauched at an impromptu “Genghis is Awesome celebration  then it would be right back to killing and maiming the enemy expanding the Mongol empire after capping some enemies and finally after all the asses have been kicked to climax with a brief segment of taking names the traditional post ass kicking activity Unfortunately Iggulden decided to take a measured and less nut stomping pace to the narrative which caused me some initial moments of melancholy However Iggulden's breezy style and well crafted plot uickly drew me in and I found myself hooked again by the unveiling of this incredible historical figure's momentous life Before starting this series I knew next to nothing about Genghis which shocks and appalls me given his impact on the world I have found him prior to be a fascinating figure and one that on many levels I admire greatly Now hold up John and Jenny Jump the Gun don’t go getting me wrong and thinking I condone all of Genghis's actions He  was certainly ruthless to his enemies and at times conducted wholesale slaughter of those he conuered It's also true that he was clearly the aggressor and that his campaign was offensive rather than defensive  HOWEVER in analyzing his actions from the perspective of his own beliefs and motivations I came to at least understand even if I did not fully condone Genghis Khan’s actions From Genghis’s perspective the neighboring empires including the Kingdom of the Xi Xia and the Chin or Chinese Empire had been responsible for keeping the various Mongol tribes fighting and killing each other for centuries The Chin had also conducted numerous raids and similar acts of belligerence  against the Mongols Thus when Genghis united the tribes part of his motivation was to be able to create a force strong enough to destroy these two ene

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Lords of the Bow Conueror #2Ming moats barriers deceptions and superior firepower until his army calls the Emperor in Yenking to kneel. This was a gripping page turner The author paints a credible picture of Genghis Khan's temperament and psychological tendencies in his decision making processes and in his dealings with his family his tribesmen and his enemiesThe story is about how Genghis Khan having united all the various Mongol tribes led his army to invade the Xi Xia Kingdom of Tanguts and then the Chin Jin Empire of Jurchens It tells how he developed and improved his assault tacticsHistorical information about the various battles is generally accurate and the battle scenes are vividly drawn An entertaining read overall except that there are some glaring historical inaccuracies