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Sir Francis Drake review ô 3 ¸ How well do you know the life of one of Britain’s great maritime heroes Discover the truth behind a man who remains a legendary figure of history than four hundred years after his deathSir Francis Drake’s career is one of the most colourful on record The most daring of the corsairs who raided the West Indies and SpaniCorsairs who raided the West Indies and Spanish Main he led the English into the Pacific and cirumnavigated the world to bring home the Golden Hind laden with Spanish treasure His attacks on Spanish cities and ships transformed his private war into a struggle for surivival betw. I started to read this book after I finished all the Uncharted video games In those games you play a descendant of Sir Francis DrakeThis biography proved to be a passionating read for anyone seeking adventure and inspiration from the life of DrakeOn top of the life of Drake this book depicts the inner of the English navy of the 16th century and the complexities of the relationship between Europeans rulers I wouldn't ualify this biography as a page turner since sometimes lots of details clutter the narration I can't blame the author for all those details since it is first of all a biography and not a fiction For people in search of similar books I would recommend Arabia Felix The Danish Expedition of 1761 1767 which on top of providing an exhaustive and accurate historical content is a real page turner

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Een Protestant England and Catholic Spain in which he became Elizabeth I's most prominent admiral and marked the emergence of England as major maritime nation‘ExcellentIt deserves to become the standard Drake life His scholarship is impeccable’ Frank McLynn Sunday Telegraph. I loved the part in this book where Sugden talks about the legends and myths that Drake inspired with later generations because that is exactly what drew me to this book and in conseuence my eventual history major When my 8th grade history teacher taught about Drake the man’s exploits seemed so daring so outrageous so exciting I was in awe that such a person might have existed Well he didn’t At least not in the way my history teacher described it I don’t know if my history teacher was deliberately making stuff up or he had a sketchy memory but Drake didn’t stop the Armada by putting a chain up across the English Channel laughable now that my adult mind considers even attempting such a feat though something similar was semi successfully done against Drake on a much smaller scale than the English Channel Nor did he do any number of the other silly things that my teacher proposed But my teacher did piue my interest And as an 8th grader I decided that I needed to learn about this amazing man So I went to the library found this book and was sucked in by stories that may not have held the extravagance of the tall tales my teacher told but at least did boast the gritty inspiring impressiveness of reality I found that I enjoyed the whole picture of the real Drake even better than the made up portions of the fictional one Then I kept on reading other stuff because wow history can be super cool My history major can pretty much find its beginnings with my 8th grade history teacher’s lies Fast forward a couple of dozen years I was invited to give a talk tied into seeking treasure to a group of youth and I thought the stories of Drake might be a perfect foundation I had bought this book long before when this one website appeared on the internet that offered pretty much any book for sale that you could want Skeptical I typed in this title and author and found it I ordered it immediately I guess there might be something to this new “” website I thought to myself at the time Anyway since I was doing this talk I felt I should revisit a specific instance in Drake’s career and to avoid embellishing the facts á la 8th Grade History Teacher I picked up this long ago purchased book and cracked it open Little did I know the draw of Drake’s fantastic feats I read what I needed to and then immediately started from the beginning and barely slowed down until the end I feel that I have a new perspective on Sugden’s book now having read plenty of historical biographies academic reviews scholarly articles and primary documents ad nauseum since that time But the general takeaway still holds true Drake is magnetic and his boldness ingenuity and passion are points of inspiration to this day I was struck by his piousness and civility easy things to overlook when you’re dealing with someone who was essentially though not in character a pirate for many of his adventures I was amazed by his cleverness not just in attacks though those are the most obvious manifestations but in dealing with issues with crew and politics of the court I love his audacity in basically declaring war against the most powerful empire in the world a simple sailor from Devon and landing some solid punches while helping to tip the scales in England’s favor for centuries

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Sir Francis DrakeHow well do you know the life of one of Britain’s great maritime heroes Discover the truth behind a man who remains a legendary figure of history than four hundred years after his deathSir Francis Drake’s career is one of the most colourful on record The most daring of the. An engaging an informative biography of the famous Elizabethan navigator and freebooter The book is not without its flaws; for example the author sometimes resorts to ending sentences with exclamation points which detracts from its gravitas The author also insists on blowing his own horn by telling the reader when something has not previously appeared in print On the whole though the book is a worthwhile and interesting read