characters Three Little Words 107

characters Three Little Words

characters Three Little Words 107 Ë Can first love turn into the real deal in a sizzling new Fool's Gold story from New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery Isabel Beebe thinks she's cursed in the romance department Her teenage crush Ford Hendrix ignored all her letters Her husband left her for anotherman So Isabel has come home to dust off her passiUard trainer Ford like a sucker punch Back when heartbreak made him join the military her sweet letters kept him sane Now he can't take his eyes or his lips off her The man who gave up on love has a reason to stay in Fool's Gold forever if three little words can convince Isabel to do the same. Finally Ford's story I've been waiting and waiting AND Consuelo’s story too Awesome

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Ome home to dust off her passion for fashion and run the family bridal shop until her parents are ready to sell it Then she'll pursue her real dreams At least that's the plan until sexy charming Ford returns and leaves her feeling fourteen all over again Seeing Isabel all grown up hits bodyg. Three Little Words was just what I needed this week Something that would lift my spirits That was sweet and heartwarming That would make me smile and laugh a bit or really uite a lot and had some sexy going on And it definitely gave me all of that From a fun romantic set up to the crazy town it was a great escape that really made me want to be a part of this little community and group of friendsI'm gonna go all girly and suee but it's a case of fake mates that have known each other for nearly ever and I freaking LOVE that set up Isabel had a mad crush on Ford when she was 14 and for nearly a decade wrote letters to him while he was deployed Andnow they're both back in Fool's Gold and things have gotten a little complicated since Ford in a moment of sheer panic told his match making mama the two were dating Now to convince Isabel to go along with it Gotta love the jams men can get themselves into LOLI loved watching Ford and Isabel There's a fun sweet comfortable uality to their time together They tease each other mercilessly but you can tell even though they're pretending to be a couple they really care for the other and are uickly becoming real friends and much than they'd planned They're both dealing with personal struggles and I loved that they were there for and watched out for each other The steamy bits when things moved along were pretty good too Sexy and sweet It was a great combo It was just really fun watching them fall in love and seeing how their goals changed as they got to know each other betterThe small community was a great backdrop for the story This town loves to celebrate Everything They have festivals and parties and are involved in each others lives and I love that I did have a little trouble keeping some of Isabel's girlfriends straight since I hadn't read the previous books but I loved the friendship and teasing and would have loved to be part of their close and eclectic groupI really had a great time with Three Little Words The romance the friendships the writing It's fun it's sweet it got me a little teary eyed and it made me laugh and okay yes snort a time or two And I just loved it It's small town romance at it's best and one not to miss out onReviewed for herding cats burning soup

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Three Little WordsCan first love turn into the real deal in a sizzling new Fool's Gold story from New York Times bestselling author Susan Mallery Isabel Beebe thinks she's cursed in the romance department Her teenage crush Ford Hendrix ignored all her letters Her husband left her for anotherman So Isabel has c. Review also on my blog3 12 starsI always want to like Susan Mallery’s Fool’s Gold books than I actually do Don’t get me wrong—the setting is charming the small town feel is idyllic and the characters are fun and uirky They’re feel good books to be sure I have enjoyed much about these books—obviously because I keep coming back for Lately though their “cookie cutter” feel is beginning to overpower their overall charm for meThey start out with two characters—our hero and heroine—who aren’t indon’t want to be innever can be in a true relationship In Three Little Words it’s Ford Hendrix and Isabel Beebe Ford recently out of the military has never been in love and therefore assumes he never can be Isabel is fresh from a divorce and only in town temporarily—she’s getting the family bridal boutiue ready to be sold and then she’s back off to NYC where she’ll begin her own business with a designer friendNext our hero and heroine start some sort of relationship that for whatever reason isn’t a “real” one In this case Ford’s mother is anxious to marry off her last two single children—Ford and his divorced brother Kent—and Ford and Isabel agree to have a fake relationship to keep her off of Ford’s backThe hero and heroine of course always know the deal—they will notcannot fall in lovebut of course they do In Fool’s Gold it’s almost always the heroine who realizes it first but she knows that she can never ever tell the hero Because then the gig would be up It’s usually at this point that the heroine loses some of her appeal for me Her inner monologue tends to turn a bit maudlinBut he finds out andleaves The heroine is sad so all the women of the town okay not all of them but it feels pretty darn close converge on her house with frosty alcoholic beverages and yummy snacks They drink together and commiserate with the heroine’s plightSomeonesomethingthe entire town helps the hero see the error of his ways He rushes back to her declares his love and FINIS story overIn between each of these steps though we also see a huge amount of set up for future books We’re practically hit over the head with future love possibilities galore and it really begins to feel like they detract from the time spent on the current story Oh and there’s always an older town resident or two running in and out of scenes doing things that are vaguely disturbing octogenarians drooling over twenty and thirty something guys and pinching their butts mothers setting up a booth at a town festival to get applicants for their sons’ hands in marriage mayors who freely admit to knowing everything and blithely encouraging the rest of the townspeople to just accept itKind of scaryStill this installment had going for it than some—mainly Ford and Isabel and their backstory Once upon a time—fourteen years ago—Ford was engaged to Isabel’s older sister Maeve called off the wedding at the last minute and Isabel who had harbored a crush on Ford forever was devastated She wanted to make everything better for him When Ford left town to join the Navy days later she began writing him letters She wrote letters to him for ten years pouring out her heart to him in each and every oneI know I’m only fourteen but I love you I’ll love you forever and I’ll write you every day Or at least once a weekFord never responds and finally when Isabel believes her current boyfriend is going to propose she stops writingThe letters are a really sweet touch There’re excerpts of some of them scattered throughout the book and Ford uses the “I’ll love you forever” comment to tease Isabel than onceFord comes off as over the top confident of himself and his abilities and though some reviews I read found this to be annoying this was one of my favorite things about him I loved his snarky comments He totally didn’t take himself at all seriously and I found his cockiness endearing What can I say He reminded me of Han Solo one of my all time favorite movie heroes I’m a sucker for the confident ones with a touch of bad boyFor the most part the childhood crush all grown up troupe was nicely done here With a little less set up for future novels and a little originality in the overall plot arc this would definitely have gotten a higher rating It’s a sweet feel good story If you are a die hard Fool’s Gold fan you’ll like it If you like sweet contemporaries it’ll doOne thing that really bothered me though Isabel said several times that Nothing ever happens in Fool's Gold when Ford chastised her for leaving her door open Hello Wasn't a little girl kidnapped by a murdering psychopath two books ago And didn't Ford take the culprit down Why did no one else seem to recall thisIn a nutshell Though this is definitely the strongest of the current trilogy it still falls prey to the too predictable Fool’s Gold formula The charismatic hero and the adorable ness of Isabel’s letters bumped it up to a 3 ½ star ratingI received a copy in exchange for an honest review