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Download Finale AUTHOR Becca Fitzpatrick ò PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Hush Hush serisinin bu nefes kesici Final'inde kader ağlarını örüyorNora ve Patch tüm sorunların geride kaldığını düşünmektedir ve genç kız kovulmuş meleğe karşı hissettiği sevgiden her zamankinden daha emindir Kovulmuş Hush Hush serisinin bu nefes kesici Final'inde kader ağlarını örüyorNora ve Patch tüm sorunların geride kaldığını düşünmektedir ve genç kız kovulmuş meleğe karşı hissettiği sevgiden her zamankinden daha emindir Kovulmuş melek olsun ya da olmasın hayatının aşkı odur Kökenleri ve kaderleri birbirlerine düşman olmalarını gerektirse de Nora Patch'e sırtını dönmeyecektir fakat ikisi de son bir tehlikeyle y. UPDATE #2Wow There has been alot of hate going on for the seriesbooks with all the hate review going on and I totally respect all or your opinions since there is something called freedom of speech and voicing your opinion I totally get that and I don't have anything against you guys but some people are not just voicing there opinions they're straight out bashing the books and the author There's also one thing i do not understand some people claim the books wasted their precious time and believe me time is very precious but yet they continue to waste there precious time to complain about the books writing a hateful review on it making a special list such as random example not even if my life was on the line and come on like seriously don't waste your time after you claim how precious it is like seriously just get over it and let it go If I have offended anyone in this I truly did not intend to do that I was just voicing MY own opinionYES There's a Fourth book can't believe it I'm so happy that there's a fourth book and sad at the same time I'm happy because the Hush Hush series won't end yet and I'm sad because I have to wait another WHOLE YEAR till the fourth book comes out but I'm still EXTREMELY HAPPY UPDATEOMG THAT COVER IS GORGEOUS I CAN'T WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON IT 3

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üzleşmek için güçlerini toplamalıdır Hank ölmüştür ve istemeden de olsa Nefilim ırkının lideri olan Nora onun başlattığı işi bitirmek zorundadır Bu da kovulmuş melekleri yani Patch'i yok etmesi gerekeceği anlamına gelmektedir Böyle bir şeyin olmasına asla izin vermeyeceğinden Patch'le birlikte bir plan yapar Amaçları savaşı daha başlamadan bitirmektirFakat bazen en iyi hesaplanan planlar bile ters gidebil. It Is OverI did itI read the entire Hush Hush seriesAnd I came out aliveJustWhen I started reading the very first book I had no idea what I was getting myself in forI believed I was in for a paranormal romance treatI didn't heed anyone's warningsSo allow me to attempt to warn you Please God let me helpI have read every book in this series and I have reviewed each oneBut I can sum up the entire series in onegifBuckle up kids I am posting my final review of this hunk of rectal sputum book series and you had better believe there are going to be some serious spoilers Silence the third book in the series left off with Nora Grey killing the Black Hand Hank Millar She has sworn a blood oath to become the new leader of the Nephilim army and lead the race in a war against the fallen angels It's not that she wants to lead the army she wants peace on earth and no bloodshed for either race But it's a case of if she doesn't lead the army she and her mum will die Behold the morality of your new leader Nephilim Nora Grey doesn't much care that fallen angels routinely possess your bodies It's not terribly important to her that you are an enslaved race She thinks slave and captor alike should just put down their weapons and love each other However she's chosen to lead you to save her mumTwatSo that's how we begin the final leg of this story Our bird brained heroine Nora Grey whose name perfectly illustrates her personality has been made a fucking war general And how does she deal with this She goes clubbingSo she and BFF Vee are all up in da club when we are introduced to brand new character Dante menacingly flirtatious Nephil Nora's self appointed PR manager and essentially wants to be seen as the Clegg to her Cameron if you don't immediately think he has an agenda signal your presence to the guard and get your ass back to preschoolAfter flirting with Nora for longer than is necessary Dante tells her it would be a good idea to boost her media presence show her under a positive light give her new Nephilim army a reason to like her Straight off the bat it should not be known that Nora is having secret facenoms with a fallen angel so maybe she should pretend to be in a relationship with a nice Nephil boy someone like Scott pointless secondary character who has literally contributed fuckall to the plot Oh no says Nora he's a friend It would be too weird and besides my BFF fancies the pants off the man Suggest someone else go on I dare youMe shrugs DanteOh em gee says Nora fanning herself with her hand I had no idea you were going to suggest yourself I immediately acceptExcuse me Nora while I go vomit over your simplicityWe don't have to wait long before Nora is abducted again This time it's by some very scary Nephilim who throw a bag over her head and drive her to an undisclosed location and gasp shout at her for five minutes Yes kids it's the final book now and the horrors of war are well and truly upon usIn an incredibly interesting turn of events Nora Grey does not panic She stays calm sasses her kidnappers and without hesitation attempts to beat the shit out of themI kid you not it actually happened Behold direct uote I met Cowboy Hat's eyes coldlythen bucked my foot up with all the force I had and planted it suarely in his chest He sailed backwards into the wall and crumpled on the floor Now I know this is entirely because Nora is full blown Nephil now and she has heightened senses and strength but hot damn it is still good to see her actually do something for a change Sure Patch shows up fairly uickly to rescue the poor broad but Nora has already fought her kidnappers and told 'em to jog on Patch has nothing left to do except drive her homeNever thought I'd say this but 1 to Nora GreySo the plot continues with Nora attempting to trick the world into thinking she and Patch have broken up and doing daily training with Dante To make Nora stronger Dante slips her a dose of devilcraft which is a deliberately vague ethereal blue liuid supposedly from hell the magical properties of which enable you to do whatever the hell you want without having to explain how it works because plot It also conveniently explains every single one of the convenient plot holes in this entire book and there are too many to even list UghAnd then miss Grey goes and gets herself in trouble yet againYet nothing goes as expectedAn archangel called Pepper holds a gun to Nora She remains calm and strong She challenges him Attempts to get information out of him She makes use of her rusty cobweb covered brainbox in order to think up a plan to get her out of this mess AND SHE DOESIt was at this point that I had to stop and figure out what the hell had just happenedFor three whole books Nora Grey has been a nothing than a puddle of existence She is an established fainter the kid of girl whose life revolves around her boyfriend the kind of girl who wipes her nose on Dante's shirt and actually snivels about not being as strong as a natural born Nephil The girl's stupidity is mind blowing she can't apply logic to even the most basic of scenarios She fell in love with Patch after he admitted to having tried to murder her for heaven's sake Nora Grey is a pathetic excuse for a heroine and it is completely out of character for her to be sassy strong and craftyIt all went from utter confuzzlement to sudden enlightening clarityOh Becca Fitzpatrickit all becomes clear I see what you have doneIn what was either a stunning display of her creative disability or just a massive dick move Becca Fitzpatrick decided to completely and utterly change Nora Grey's personalityNo personal growth no reflection of change no puzzlement over the recent turn of events Is it the fact that she's now Nephilim Could it be the devilcraft Do any other characters even acknowledge her complete shift of being BIG FAT NOPE Nora Grey is now the kind of girl who will stand up for herself without fear and not wait around for her man to rescue herjustbecauseOn top of it all Nora has had a complete change of heart RE the war Now that she is Nephilim Nora realizes that oh shit a fallen angel can actually possess me Well shit I don't want that to happen I completely see your point of view now Nephilim let us fight these sons of bitches and have ourselves some bloodshed You can't constantly protect me Patch I appreciate the thought but I'm Nephilim now I'm immortal and less in need of our protection I'm a target of fallen angels archangels and other Nephilim and there's nothing I can do about that Except learn to fight back 100% out of character Butpoints for doing the right thing I don't know Nora I'm trying Which is expecially difficult considering the next uote Violence wasn't always the way In fact most of the time it wasn't I knew that But I saw Dante's point of view too I had to fight back If I came across as weak it only hung a larger target on my back I had to show that I was tough and would retaliate For the forseeable future physical strength mattered than strength of character Nice philosophy Grey I could support your change of heart and wanting to fight for Nephilim freedom if only for your shit it could happen to me now so I had better do something attitude But participating in a war for the sake of appearing strong That earns you a place in hell my friend as you have the exact same belief system as this guyLet's attempt to move on shall weCheshvan the month where possession is possible is upon them now and the fallen are primed to possess them all pretty much any day now They're still not strategizing Nora Grey is the leader of the army and still she makes no attempt to suss out what the hell they're going to do She throws a bitching Halloween party though fallen angels attack them and everything She fights them off easily of course and still isn't inspired to do some war planning She just heads off with Dante to some strength training insteadWhere Dante informs herthe Nephil army has a secret facility where they keep captured fallen angels weakened by devilcraft so that Nephilim can learn to possess the fallen angelsJust what is Nora Grey's reaction to this shocking newsparaphrasingAwesome Show me howparaphrasingLet Me Get This StraightThe whole point of this warthe whole reason Nora now wants to be part of itis because possession is wrong On a scale of how badly you can violate a person possession is up there with rape And Nora Grey doesn't even hesitate to go ahead possess a fallen angel Leaving aside the glaring plot hole where it isn't even possible for Nephilim to possess fallen angels Fitzpatrick explains this by saying devilcraft because shut up Leaving aside the fact that the facility that Dante is referring to is essentially a goddamn concentration campLeaving aside all thatNora Grey do you even realize the hypocrisy the ignorance and the moral indecency of your actionsWhy the hell am I even asking It's Nora fucking GreyI am so angry at this book And this authorAt this point I could not believe what I was reading I actually had a word with my friend Jim about it At one point I actually begged him to convince me that it was a trick Surely this would be the whole point of the novel right This is how I wanted it to endNora gets in over her head and ends up getting her whole Nephilim army to learn the art of possession leading to a meaningless war of possession left right of centre thus perfectly illustrating the absurdity of war and how in reality there aren't always clear cut good guys and bad guys; conflict is not black and white folks It would be an interesting reflection on our culture and history which isn't often seen in the YA genre In the end Patch or someone would show Nora the error of her ways andpeaceful conclusion or somethingMy friend Jim politely reminded me exactly what book series I was reading and that it was in all likelihood not going to end wellBut I tried to convince myself I really did It was the only way to make it better It simply had to be put rightSo did it I'll give you three guessesAfter a scene where a beaten up nameless prisoner fallen angel is possessed my Norait's not mentioned againAt first it felt like Becca Fitzpatrick had just conveniently forgotten this whole plot line Just like in a scene where poor Patch laments the fact the has no sense of touch and can't feel Nora's kisses but on the next page touches her cheek and remarks that she feels cold fuck sakeBut no Nora actually going ahead and possessing a fallen angel is never mentioneduntil it serves as the crux of the entire series She possesses Dante bad guy all along who would have guessed in order to kill himand that somehow makes all the fallen angels except Patch die as well devilcraft because shut upAll is well Nora and Patch get married and have endless facenoms BFF Vee Sky is revealed to be Nephilim for absolutely no reason whatsoever and Scott dies Such a shame he was so ineffectual in this series I shall miss himThat's the seriesAnd the moral of the story Possession is inherently wrong so the good guys give the evil possessing guys a taste of their own medicine and possess them right back And live happily ever afterHuh I guess it does sum up how fucking terrible war is after allExcept what are we left with Thousands of readers who didn't get it Thousands of readers who truly believe that this series is actually a fantastic piece of literatureAfter four books four reviews countless rage and tears wept for the sake of humanity this is where it endsBecca Fitzpatrick either educate yourself or get the fuck out of the publishing industryFriends I hope my anger amuses youFans of the seriesuuuuuggghhhhhhI am completely vehemently DONEI have reviewed the whole seriesHush Hush #1 | Crescendo #2 | Silence #3 | Finale #4

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Finale AUTHOR Becca FitzpatriMektedir Nora yeni görevine alışmaya çalışırken hiç beklemediği bir şekilde bağımlılık yapıcı bir güce kapılmaktan kendini alıkoyamazSavaş hatları çizilirken Nora ve Patch hangi tarafta yer alacaktır Aralarındaki farklılıklarla yüzleşirken bunları ya görmezden gelecek ya da uğruna savaştıkları sevginin yok olmasına sebep olacaklardır Nihayetinde aşkın bile üstesinden gelemeyeceği engeller yok mudu. not gonna lie the finale of this series feels a little rushed to me but boy what a finale it is even though this story had its ups and downs along the way its definitely one of the uniue series i have read and one that has gotten me to open up to the paranormal sub genre i am really content with how everything played out i just wish it had better pacing and i am glad i will be putting this book back in its place on my shelf with positive feelings any recommendations for similar books that can fill the void of this series are than welcome D↠ 4 stars