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In this timeless tale of two mortal princesses one beautiful and one unattractive CS Lewis reworks the classical myth of Cupid and Psyche into an enduring piece of contemporary fiction This is the story of Orual Psyche's embit. Ironically though Lewis considered this to be his best work it is not very well known Even among those who label themselves as Lewis fans the work is not often read Few people even know that it exists Among the few I would guess that there are a significant number feigning ignorance so as not to delve into the pages Perhaps it is because the book is so often seen as a philosophicaltheological work something scholarly and dense and difficult to read The somewhat colorless covers that the tale is often subjected to do not help matters However the majority of those who actually give this book a chance are than pleased by the outcomeFirst of all let me remind readers that Lewis wanted his stories to be first and foremost stories Whatever you may think of his personal beliefs should not affect the reading of the tale as it was written to BE a tale Lewis did not set about to write a story based off of a principle Rather he set out to write a story and the principles of the author cannot be separated from the work as the work is a part of the author’s mind That is why ideas are dubbed “brain children”Lewis’s story itself is a masterpiece of imagination scholarly knowledge plot and great insight into the human character It is the tale of Psyche and Cupid However rather than star the beautiful heroine of the myth the main character is Psyche’s older sister Orual a strong woman cursed with a hideous face The story covers her love of Psyche as well as her overall desire for love and her anger with the gods This tale is set in a world of myth so well realized that it never once feels artificial Many myth inspired works feel unreal as if the myth was painted on and the author only knew a little of his own world Such is not the case in Till We Have Faces It is believable from start to finish This is strengthened by the tangibility of the characters themselves No one is painted black or white All are real human beings with feelings hopes and reasons for their actions Some criticism has been placed on this book concerning its depth True this is not light reading This is not Eragon after all The story does have philosophical elements as well as theological ones The tale is one of contrasts –between classical and cultic paganism; between beauty and ugliness; between trust and jealousy Also the emotional current of the story is certainly passionate and the tone is dark However I do not see why any of these traits should prevent a reading I read this book for the first time when I was twelve The language may not be incredibly easy but neither is it too dense nor too difficult to understand

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Till We Have FacesTered and ugly older sister who posessively and harmfully loves Psyche Much to Orual's frustration Psyche is loved by Cupid the god of love himself setting the troubled Orual on a path of moral developmentSet against the backd. Stupendous World class Top drawerFinished an audio version of it in August of 2016 I have read this a total of three times Once when I was young and I didn't like it The second time was in 2003 and I thought it was great This time and greater still


FREE DOWNLOAD Till We Have Faces î PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Û In this timeless tale of two mortal princesses one beautiful and one unattractive CS Lewis reworks the classical myth of Cupid and Psyche into an enduring piece of contemporary fiction This is the story of Orual Psyche's embittered and ugly older sister who pRop of Glome a barbaric pre Christian world the struggles between sacred and profane love are illuminated as Orual learns that we cannot understand the intent of the gods till we have faces and sincerity in our souls and selve. Psychologists have long known that every person has two great longings and inward needs The first is to be loved and the second is to love But when pressures and heartaches come into our lives many give up any hope of ever finding loveFor me the above statements summarize the message that C S Lewis wanted to impart in his most mature and his favorite among all of his works novel Till We Have Faces Ugly Orual loves her beautiful youngest sister Psyche that she acts as her mother and a protector Famine comes into their kingdom and the priest says that to appease the goddess Ungit Aphrodite Psyche should be sacrificed to the goddess’ son Brute Cupid However the son falls in love with Psyche Orual goes to the mountain to bury Psyche’s bone but she finds that Psyche is alive and Psyche shows Orual her invisible to Orual’s eyes house Orual believes that Psyche has married a serpent so she asks Psyche to see the face of the Brute while he is sleeping This despises the Brute so he sends Psyche to exile Missing her sister Orual transforms into a warrior and becomes of a man than a woman and she eventually becomes the ueen of Glome their kingdom This is a story of contrasts beauty and ugly loyalty and deception loving and hating This is a story of transformation realization and redemption On the surface this is a story of jealousy among two siblings However when the ugly Orual is about to expire in the end she realizes that the true reason behind her deception and that she indeed still loves her sister – the beautiful Psyche Orual did not feel that she was loved by her father because of her ugliness but she was able to love Psyche from the time she was born Orual acted as Psyche's protector because she loved her sister until Psyche was sent to the mountain to appease Aphrodite’s wrath Orual transformed to become a warrior and eventually a ueen whose face was covered to hide her true feelings She gave up on love Some say that unlike the other popular works of C S Lewis this book does not have any Christian theme but for me the veil covering Orual’s face signifies sin jealousy pride and deception The Bible says that until we first recognize ourselves as sinners we will not be able to accept Jesus as our personal savior The realization that Orual experienced in the end was not too late for her to know that she did what she did because of her love for Psyche Before she died she got love back My friend is right The better part of this book is at the last few pages The dream like seuence of Orual being with the dead is like standing before God at the day of one’s death It is full of philosophical thoughts and beautiful Christian metaphors that have been the trademarks of C S Lewis's works I had earlier read 4 of his other books first three books of Narnia and A Grief Observed and for me this is the best I am not a big fan of fantasy books and for most of the middle parts this book bored me However when I came to the last part my mind was just blown away and it left me teary eyed this morning One of the best books I have read this year It gave me a strong feeling that this might really be the best work of C S Lewis Tina thanks for recommending this book to me Your taste on books is really impeccableAtty Moniue thanks for lending me this book You who have the most generous heart