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A Rockstar Romance of a different kindWhile Crystal Atkinson Triple Threat’s bassist is still in love with Giovanni her trysts with Chad only leave her confused The new vocalist they hire sees the sexual attraction between her and Giovanni He assumes they are a couple That gives. i think this book was the best one out of the two the only reason why i say this is because i felt like i got to know the real crystalcrystal is still in shock due to her attack that happen to her at her house she decided to pack up everything and move in with giovanni they are now officially a couple crystal is still struggling with her feeling for chad but is fighting all the temptation because she wants this relationship to work crystal is now taking a bunch of medicine to help cope with what happened to her crystal was happy when a bunch of females came to her gig and brought white flowers they told her that they were also attacked by the same man and glad he was finally arrestedthe band is working on their record deal and even recorded some new songs they are still working with their idols gasoline crystal is fighting off tommy tommy couldn't get enough of crystal the last time they slept together but crystal was able to keep her ground about not cheating on giovanni the band decided to go out drinking one night to celebrate all the hard work that they had done crystal gets drunk and with her medicine doesn't remember where she isshe wakes up in her bed and thinks she is sleeping with giovanni but long and behold it was chad crystal didn't tell giovanni because she was afraid of what was going to happen giovanni kept being romantic and finally crystal couldn't take it and she confessed giovanni started to beat up chad and chad refused to fight back because he knew he deserved itcrystal still stayed with giovanni while they were working out there issues they continued to record for the band but chad and giovanni couldn't stop fight fighting this is because crystal and giovanni kept having rough sex that left horrible bruises crystal ran in between the two to get them to stop fighting and giovanni ended up punching her in the face now she is hurt and ends up breaking up with giovanninow you are probably thinking that she is back with chad nope you are wrong she is living with tommy he is taking care of her till she is better and till the band can work out there issues and continue to record there cd now crystal is going through a bunch of emotions because she doesn't want to be around chad or giovanni so tommy is uick to jump in and take care of her needs lol crystal finds her self sleeping with and band members because she just can't resist them and now that she is single she doesn't carewill crystal get back with giovanni and live happy ever after or will she go back to chad and finally have what he was waiting for will the band get there big break or will crystal continue to stay with tommy and live a unhealthy life style well read and find outi got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review i enjoyed very much reading this series and will be waiting for the last book

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Rubbed RawIrection Crystal and Giovanni have decisions to make What’s best for all Can Chad let her go or will he step in the middle and stop things before they go too far What do they do if she can’t chooseWarning For those 18 May not suitable for all readers Prepare for a dose of reali. Wow what an emotional book I couldn't put this one down It had it all sex fighting and finally three people trying to make it as friends family The story line was great To follow the band through all the trials that they had And to read two people who are truly best friend have to adjust the way they were with each other towards the end Chad and Crystal's way of saying good bye to their relationship was so intense Having to give up on a love that only one person shared with the other is just so hard to do And finally the way that Giovanni accepted their friendship and you could just read that some of the jealous had finally went away Bella is truly a great writer and i am looking forward to of her books

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Read & Download Rubbed Raw à PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ß A Rockstar Romance of a different kindWhile Crystal Atkinson Triple Threat’s bassist is still in love with Giovanni her trysts with Chad only leave her confused The new vocalist they hire sees the sexual attraction between her and Giovanni He assumes they are a couple That gHer hope and renews her drive to make Giovanni hersGiovanni Saracino drummer of Triple Threat sees the looks between Chad and Crystal He takes a step back to let them be happy It works until he can’t resist any longer Then all hell breaks looseWith the band heading in the right d. I really hoped Rubbed Raw would be better than Triple Treat but really it was about the same I still couldn’t connect will with the main character Crystal The only thing that seemed to be truly important to her was sex And I really didn’t like Giovanni in this one either He was so controlling and at times down right abusiveSome of his anger was understandable towards the beginning but I felt none of it should have been directed at Crystal Yes she slept with Chad during a time she was actually being faithful to Giovanni But she was on medication from her attack and it was mistakenly mixed with alcohol thanks to Chad So when she was having sex with Chad she thought she was with Giovanni It was dark she heard moaning and forgot Chad was there Of course she assumed it was Giovanni Chad took complete advantage of the moment just so he could be with her againOf course things escalate and Crystal and Giovanni temporarily break up While they're broken up though Crystal pretty much has sex with whoever is available She has sex with Tommy multiple times Jon Phil and Chad of course She does eventually goes back to Giovanni but I felt she was someone who is not really ready for a committed relationshipNow the sex scenes were still amazing but I did have an issue with a couple of them There were a couple of times when Crystal actually said “No” but they still had sex anyways and it didn’t seem to truly bother her Now after being almost raped in the first book that should have had some affect on her And also the fact that she allowed all these guys have sex with while she was asleep was even disturbing I mean wouldn’t this have also brought memories of her attack if she had woken up and found some guy having sex with her And for as much as Crystal and these guys enjoyed sex wouldn't they have enjoyed it if she was actually awake to participateMaybe if Crystal had grown as a character or if Giovanni had been like the nice he seemed in Triple Threat I would have enjoyed this book It also would have been nice to see Chad try and move on a little bit sooner A review copy was provided from the author in exchange for honest review