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epub µ Verses of Athine ï Shannon McRoberts Ories that are available It replaced The Daughter of Ares Trilogy The Narkurru The Blood Sisters and Worlds Collide Athine Verses The Beginning is also included in this edition but it remains perma free for those that would like to pick it up It also was updated with new material and editingClones for a full understanding of this also pick up The Secret of Genetic Corp At first I considered this something that I wouldn’t typically read however as someone that has studies the humanities I began reading it and was very hooked after finding that McRoberts used mythological stories from the Greeks and VikingsI greatly enjoyed reading the many stories within this chronicles I would have to say that my favorite character out of all of the many great ones within this work was Isri She was so valiant selfless and yet finds herself with a happy ending I found it to be an easy read aside from names that we are not used to today I found myself completely entranced in the world of these characters McRoberts writes from the character’s views allowing you to feel like you are right there along for the ride There is also plenty of action for all those actions loversI would recommend this to anyone that enjoys a great read those that enjoy fantasy and those that love the mythology stories of old I love the use of Olympus and the gods that reside as well as her use of Valhalla and the gods that reside there She was able to take names of the gods still known today but create stories that haven’t been told while following enough of the original to be believable

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Verses of Athine doc ´ Paperback read ↠ Take what you know about mythology and throw it out the windowDo you have any idea what Zeus Odin Pandora's Box Atlantis Machu Picchu Hera Nike Dragons Vlad Clones and Vampires have in common Athine doesThe Daughter of Ares Chronicles follows Athine as she uncovers the secrets of her destiny while int Take what you know about mythology and throw it out the windowDo you have any idea what Zeus Odin Pandora's Box Atlantis Machu Picchu Hera Nike Dragons Vlad Clones and Vampires have in common Athine doesThe Daughter of Ares Chronicles follows Athine as she uncovers the secrets of her destiny while interacting with key figures from many mythologies Athine is not your or The Verse of Athine by Shannon McRobertsFresh and exciting Let me start by saying this book is well worth the time it takes to read it Now having said that know that I don’t know JACK about mythology Any mythology I have perhaps had the slightest knowledge of comes from Hollywood or televisionWhether the events in this book are closely aligned with accepted mythology or not they tell a marvelous tale McRoberts brought the feminine side of the ancient tales in to the light and told this story from their point of view I found fresh perspective as new characters were introduced to take part in the tale The old tales that I have seen only showed the beefy men fighting between themselves with the goddesses as an afterthought Whether fiction or not it was most interesting to view the other side of the coin The struggles and accomplishments of the women in the book make for a great read I found myself rooting for the “good girls” even when it was only my perception of who was and who wasn’t In such a sweeping time frame the validity of good and evil is transitory and entertaining to follow The time frame is vast so read the verse headings well One piece of advice I will offer is to go directly to the last pages of the book to view the pronunciations of names places and other things as soon as your mind says “What does that mean how do you say that” I am a voracious reader and can ignore such things substituting my choice of pronunciations without skipping a beat However some people can’t and the guide in the back could be the difference between enjoying this book and putting it down I would hate to see you do that because this book is such a fresh view of an ancient subject In addition if you stop too soon you will miss the interesting tie in to modern and future beyond 2014 times Although it is a stand alone novel the end of the book has a HUGE hook in it I although not privy to the authors’ intent believe there is another book on the way which will cover a different genre I hope so; this one was a blastI give the book 5 stars even though there is a recurring grammatical error for which I would have detracted only 14 of a star if possible What is it Don’t worry the Grammar Police will find it and point it out but I won’t To detract from such a wonderful story here in the reviews would be an “Immortal Sin” I will recommend this book to people of any age capable of reading the vocabularyForget all preconceptions and have a good time

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Verses of AthineDinary immortal born goddess Learn of her mysterious origins learn why Zeus hates her so much find out where vampires come from and learn what really happened to the dragons Contains books 1 4 at one incredible price This allows you to catch up on all the action in preparation for the next book Cursed Bloods 2015ish This book is a totally overhauled version of all 4 st I enjoyed this fantasy book a lot although I had a hard time getting into it in the beginning a little too many characters were explained and felt like history lessons but I forced through it not being able to keep track of so many strange names and it picked up really well from thereThis book has lots of the greek mythology type stuff in it that I found very interestingThe story is mainly about Athine who we do not even see until after 20% as its telling of her parents to see how we get to herAthine is supposed to save them all I won’t go into detail of all the books that are in this one book now so not to spoil anythingHarmonia is the prophetess that brought her mother to Olympus as her visions said it was how to save them But not knowing it would not be her mother but her Athine instead so she had trained her whole life for it not knowing for what or even whenIt’s interesting and if you like books with the Greek mythology I think you would like this one and the rest of the series that is now in this one book Once your past the major lineage of characters you will enjoy if you like fantasy booksI give it 5 out of 5 stars I originally gave 4 out of 5 for just the first book only because I did have a hard time in the beginning like too much info and people to fast But once you get past all that and into the rest of the books it flows nicely and I really liked themI do recommend this book give it a tryI was provided this book for my honest review