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Download Ä Ryder Resisting Love 100 é Ryder Crawford is going places His band ‘Morning Alliance’ has just gotten signed and are now touring with one of the most popular bands in the world When he meets Lexi Raine the timing couldn’t have been worse But like they say love finds you when you aren’t looking for it The stunning blonde manageS world upside down through the fierce connection they share When Ryder is given the choice between the past and present he is forced to choose between his career and a woman he has felt something for like no other Will he make the right choice Or spend the rest of his life living with regret Lexi is all alone in the wo. This is my fav of the series so farLa la loveeee RYDER He is awesomesauce Just wonderful His character is someone I'd like as my boyfriend I can't write much without giving anything away but Lexi is a great heroineYou're going to love them ;

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Ryder Crawford is going places His band ‘Morning Alliance’ has just gotten signed and are now touring with one of the most popular bands in the world When he meets Lexi Raine the timing couldn’t have been worse But like they say love finds you when you aren’t looking for it The stunning blonde manages to turn hi. ARCBETA provided by author in exchange for an honest review160613Oh my lord I have only just recovered from my ARC of Kade four days ago This women is a machineFirstly let me say I went into this with very very HIGH hopes but realistically wasn't expecting to love it as much as Chase and Kade as I never really felt a connection to Ryder he annoyed me check out my other reviews But hell wouldn't you know it Chantal got me againWe see the deeper side of Ryder throughout this novel He is far from the man whoring band leader that I though he was Yes I knew he cared deeply for his cousins but it annoyed me in the first two books especially with Chase It felt over the top however reading of his concerns through his eyes is a totally different experience obliviously 'The truth is I’m worried about Sasha Layla is taken care of and Tee can take care of herself but there is something about Sasha Something fragile Something about her that needs nurturing Like the other girls in my family her beauty is obvious but Sasha’s heart is still wounded There is something she’s not letting go Something or someone 'Although these two have an insta attraction they don't act on it straight away and I LOVE thatTheir first night alone was beautiful 'His voice is perfection; deep and soulful husky It gives me goose bumps We finish the song and Ryder looks over me with his brows drawn“You are fucking amazing on that thing” He exclaims“Thanks” I say blushing “And you are one of the most amazing singers I have ever heard”'swoon What I first date sigh Ryder has won me over already “That’s going to be a hard first date to beat” I mumble Ryder pulls back his eyes searching mine“If all goes well hopefully that will be your last first date” he says simply I gulp Ryder’s lip twitchesI love how effortlessly this book flows I know I've said that before in both Chase and Kade but I feel the need to say again how smooth the transition between POVs are I find a lot of authors struggle to keep the flow going and it often turns out choppy which in turn make it hard to read and I find myself often loosening my place in the book as I don't know where we're up too It is one of the MAJOR things I love about the writing style and ability of Chantal and Dawn As the relationship progresses we see how much deeper these characters are Lexi isn't just a pretty faceshe has a past that comes back with a vengeance Ryder isn't just in a band and a guy that hits anything with a vagina he's a fighter and a deep nurturing soul These two are as beautiful as they are damaged I was expecting the girls to continue living with Ryder and was extremely glad that didn't happen I feel that would have been over the top not to mention way way too soon When Lexis Ex is reviled man I felt like I'd been kicked in the gut Of all people The way these two ladies are able to write all these novels from different POVs and all through the same time frame is simply amazing Little pieces from previous books are explained for example the blond leaving when Ryder agrees to give Nikki a chance Once again the singing gets me I'll admit it isn't karaoke but still 'The special two' stunning And we will only need each other we'll bleed togetherOur hands will not be taught to hold another's'Cause we're the special two I was singing right along with hertears in my eyes I'm next I hear Ryder call out Cue tears Such a beautiful moment when she turns to find him there 3This song is for Lexi He starts playing ‘Suffocate’ by J HolidayInstantly I had tears falling faster you'll understand when you read the whole storyRyder Her voice leaves me breathless and I can’t help but feel proud that she is onstage because I know just how much she hates itI feel terrible for Derek but as he is getting his own book I'm guessing we will see his whole story soon I was EXTREMELY happy everyone works out their differences The epilogue was neat and tidy however I wished it was longer Everything was wrapped up nicely no loose ends and it is beautiful I think I was just sad it was over Looking forward to reading James I Was sad he didn't make an appearance at all durning this one I understand why we didn't see much of Kade but James sad face yes I'm a greedy little girl Thank you Chantal you have outdone yourself once againRevised reviewI am in LOVE with the new epilogue Made me teary I am happy a James scene has been added seriously I CANNOTWAITFORJAMES

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Ryder Resisting LoveRld besides her best friend and partner in crime Tee After traveling around the world drifting from place to place she tries to settle down in Perth the place she grew up in When she meets Ryder he seems almost too good to be true What happens when she finds out that when things seem too good to be true they usually are. HOLY F^%# SH Girls you are like the gift that keeps on givingI wanted of Ryder since I first read about him in Chase and Lord help me Jesus did I just blow off work and am half a cooking to finish this book and yes ladies and gentlemen this book was so worth the sh load of work I have to do tonight Man Ryder has always been very protective of his family and no matter what he is always there for them So when his cousin comes back from traveling and needs a place to stay he agrees and when he sees the beautiful bomb shell behind her who is her best friend he is all about it When Tee comes back into town and does not tell her family she is back she has no place to stay She knows Ryder has an extra room because they talk regularly and they are not only cousins but best friends Ryder is serious about taking care of his family and so when Tee shows up with Lexi he says yes they can stay at his place for a while while they look for an apartment but what Ryder never figured on was that he would fall for Lexi and hard As he and Lexi get to know one another he realizes they have a lot in common and he starts feeling things he never felt beforeBut with all good things there are secrets and hidden pasts and when sh hits the fan things will go from great to bad in a nano second and Ryder and Lexi will have to fight hard to keep what they have Will they fight for the love they deserve or will they walk away and move onRyder is the man with the master plan so read on to see what happens between Ryder and Lexi