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Rylie Sullivan hasn’t had an easy life She is broken so broken she doesn’t think she will ever be fixed When she meets Derek he barges into her life and tries to break down the walls she has so carefully construed to keep what’s left of her safe When Rylie’s past mixes with her present will Derek stand by her and help her survive Or will he bail for the next p. BETA read 190813I have been a fan of the 'Resisting Love' series since the beginning I have fallen in love with each and everyone of them Although I didn't know Derek very well going into this I fell hard and fast for this now ex playboy with a heart of gold Rylie WOW What a strong woman she is After what she has been through I was able to connect and sympathise with her very very easily To overcome such abuse is an incredible feet I couldn't imagine living with so many triggers I don't know that I would be able to pick myself up and move forward with my life But this woman right here she did it and best of all she did it with fking styleDereks parents argh so cool I LOVE them Elizabeth and William Tremaine I will remember the two of you forever What William did when her 'Parents' showed up and what happened with A certain other man had me in tears Silly I know but to know that you are THAT loved by someone not related by blood AMAZING I thought Cecily was bad Hell she is a saint compared to her mother Monica You hear stories and think to yourself no that would never happen But apparently it dose Argh Conner When the truth about him is reviled I was floored Seriously how did I not see that coming I'm glad the way the story ended with him This story flowed beautifully without pause and I loved every second of it I am happy to recommendDawn I would love to have a 14 of the talent you possess The amount of books you pump out I would expect them to drop in uality no offence but somehow you manage to keep the level of your novels on par with so many other big authors that only do a book a year and I love that about you Im sure some authors could say 4 books in 2 months no worries But would they be able to say BEST SELLERS LIST every time with them all You are a machine I'm secretly hoping for some spin offs from this series Thank you for writing me into you book I'm seriously awesome in print lol Can't wait for your next project

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Derek Resisting Love #4Retty thingDerek Tremaine has had it easy Coming from a wealthy family and blessed with good looks Derek has breezed through life After years of one night stands and a few half ass attempts at relationships Derek has almost given up on ever finding the woman for him When he sees Rylie however he can’t help but be drawn to her Rylie is different so than any other per. 2 stars We've all read this story before although the names of the characters as well as the locations due to the different authors writing this same tired out story vary We have the tragic damaged girl with a horrific past and the bad boy man whore who falls in lust with her at first sight vows to make her 'his' and subseuently wants to change for her Then we either have all other female characters in the novel divided into two camps friends of Rylie's and the girlfriend's of Derek's buddies OR petty jealous and catty 'sluts whores' who shamelessly throw themselves at Derek at every turn and who look down their nose at Rylie for her 'alternative' looks Really Really In this day and age a few tattoos and dreadlocks can still be considered shocking and anti establishment Yes in some circles I'm sure body modification and hair that looks outside of what is considered the social norm is frowned upon but the level to which Rylie is ostracized by 'the upper classes' and the wealthy in this novel is just a tad bit extreme and unrealistic in this present day and time The prejudice against wealthy and upper class people is extreme The slut shamming and portrayal of women as such catty jealous objectified sexual beings is extreme That bothered me the most These women are given no self respect or dignity They are mean to Rylie because they are jealous of her being with 'such a god' like DerekREALLY BECAUSE REAL WOMEN DO NOT ACT LIKE THIS Why do New Adult authors many of whom are WOMEN continue to portray our gender in such a disgusting light WTF Women have self respect We have self control We do not throw ourselves at any 'hot' man in our vicinity nor do we treat the girl friendfemale companion of said 'hot man' like shit just because she's so 'lucky' to be with him and we're just oh so jealous and angry about it UGH I CAN'T EVENDespite this regurgitation of character outlines these particular main characters Rylie Derek are pretty likable It's the writing and plot that leave a lot to be desired Way too much telling and not enough showing So many things rushed and not fully fleshed out Not enough sades of gray Way too many stereotypes in use There's nothing complex or intricate about this story There's nothing special or outstanding about it either Not in the writing the characters the plot or the setting There are no plot twists Nothing We never really get to understand Rylie and truly get inside her head and heart There is no depth So much of what happens to Rylie is glossed over in a way The author never digs deeper or seeks to truly connect the reader to the horrors that Rylie has lived through Because the writing fails to do this there is a distance that we as the reader feel from Rylie and her struggles Sure we feel a lot of emotions but even those emotions are somewhat diluted Once again there is just no depth here Everything stays just beneath the surface and never manages to dive very deep Don't even get me started on the setting I read many chapters into the story before realizing that it takes place in Australia WTF There was not an inkling in the writing or speech of the characters or ANYTHING that I was in Australia The only thing that tipped me off was when Rylie moved to MelbourneI uickly realized that I was reading a story that takes place in another country different from my own That was so disappointing and frankly shoddy writing There was absolutely no atmosphere created by the writing I could have been in any metropolitan city In fact I believed until I read the name Melbourne that the story was just taking place in some random city in the USA Sigh What a wasted opportunity The author could have added so much spice and individuality to the story by truly engaging the reader in the setting The culture of the characters and their speech patterns slan

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FREE READ ã Derek (Resisting Love, #4) Ó Rylie Sullivan hasn’t had an easy life She is broken so broken she doesn’t think she will ever be fixed When she meets Derek he barges into her life and tries to break down the walls she has so carefully construed to keep what’s left of her safe When Rylie’s past mixes with her present will DerSon Derek has met Rylie’s beauty her tattoos piercings and beautiful blonde dreads drew him in but it’s her sweet kind nature that makes him want to stay around and protect her Winning Rylie’s heart will be his greatest challenge yet but Derek knows the reward will be than worth it Which is why Derek has no intentions of letting her goIntended for mature audienc. While I love this series this was by far my least favorite book of the bunch The highlight of this book was absolutely Derek and his parents along with the occasional pop up of a character from the past books The story was very choppy as there were gaps in it that should have been filled with information to make Rylie a likeable and believable character Her relationship with Caleb which played such a vital role in who she becomes was not addressed in a way that answered any of the uestions that it left us with nor outlined this pivotal point in her life that caused such a drastic change in who she was She played the POOR ME routine through most of the book yet we never uite understand why she even stayed with him Instead it was inconsistent in its plot which left Rylie very inconsistent in her behavior I could not get behind her at all but instead found myself hoping that Derek just moved on to someone else She did things that were completely contradictory to who she portrayed herself to be then uickly reversed it and pushed Derek away His patience understanding and gentle hand were than swoon worthy and he had some of his own individual moments that made you realize just how special he wasThe issue with Derek's friend who made Rylie uncomfortable was the beginning of the end for me where this girl was concerned The fact she never told Derek about her uneasinessbut asked him numerous times to stay with her then unloaded her past in front of him and his parents at a specific moment also led to behavior that made no sense While Rylie appeared to state that she behaved a certain way and changed for a specific reason none of that truly played out when the times were necessary but instead she reverted to a different person that did not comport with who she was being painted asOne particular storyline inconsistency was regarding Rylie's house and her master bedroom Time was taken to address her room being taken over by a king size bed but that she will never get a smaller one because she loves her bedthen later onher bed is a ueen when Derek takes her there Minorsure but bothersome yes because the inconsistency was a consistent flow for the story and the character of Rylie I had high hopes for this book because I truly loved the times Derek made an appearance in the other books and he did not disappoint in this book in terms of enjoying seeing the person he was and could continue to grow to be What fell short for me was Rylie's inconsistency and the large gaps in time and information that appeared to be necessary to make this story complete whole and flow in a cohesive manner Still love this series but this particular story was not a winner for me