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Les Fiancés de l'hiverIent le jouet d'un complot mortelUne héroïne inoubliable un univers riche et foisonnant une intrigue implacable Découvrez le premier livre d'une grande saga fantastiue et le talent d'un nouvel auteur à l'imaginaire saisissant. 425 StarsI really enjoyed this YA debut novel by French author Christelle Dabos It has won numerous awards in Europe so it was no surprise that it has recently finally been translated into English I don't read many translated books and was excited to give this one a go I have read some wonderful reviews about the French version I wanted to see what sort of atmosphere it had It did not disappointIn a uniue universe the world has been smashed up into different arks Ophelia is a young woman living on Anima She has the ability to travel short distances through mirrors and can also read objects histories by touch When against her wishes she is betrothed to a man on another Ark Ophelia has to leave her secure and loving home and travel to a cold and desolate ark to marry him Thorn is a powerful man and has many enemies who will stop at nothing to see his and his future wife's demiseI have read a few reviews commenting on the misogyny A Winter's Promise and its characters While I agree yes there is a lot of it I must say I took it differently than a lot of those reviewers I believe it is a story of a young woman finding her power in such a landscape and navigating her way through it I feel like the story line has a purpose And I feel it will take much than one book to get there The scene is set and yes it's depressing to be a woman in this book especially Ophelia But there are three books coming and I am really excited to see how strong she becomes and how she can change her world for the betterHonestly I didn't find it any misogynistic than 999% of the other YA books I have read The most popular YA franchises generally have the mistreatment of women as a theme  If a YA book can bring this to light I am all for it provided there is an adeuate resolution of the story line and at least permits young readers to recognise the issues and feel inspired to change their own worldIt reminded me a lot of The Selection and The Red ueen series in certain ways but I really disliked those series I don't really like books that deal with competing for a man's love I found The Mirror Visitor to be much encouraging She doesn't even want to be with the 'hero' of the book and has so many other strengths going for her than the love of a man and I think that is made perfectly clearThe author has created such a uniue and expansive world for her characters I absolutely loved reading about the scenery and what on earth she was going to get herself into next It had so many twists and turns I found getting through this book extremely easy completing it in just three sittingsI liked the characters even than I was expecting even Thorn I gradually warmed to slightly by the end even though he was a grump of a character I can't wait to find out about him in subseuent booksIt ends in a MAJOR cliffhanger but I really want to read what happens next Would I Recommend A Winter's PromiseIt was fun Pure YA entertainment Because it was translated from French it had a very uniue vibe to it which I can only imagine is due to the authors background and talent It was eerie and imaginative detailed and the universe was so expansive I thoroughly enjoyed it and imagine most fans of YA will feel the same way Many thanks to Text Publishing for a copy of A Winter's Promise to reviewFor reviews check out myBlogFacebookInstagramTwitter

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Clan des Dragons La jeune fille doit uitter sa famille et le suivre à la Citacielle capitale flottante du Pôle À uelle fin a t elle été choisie Pouruoi doit elle dissimuler sa véritable identité Sans le savoir Ophélie dev. I really enjoyed the book The world was so imaginative and creative I truly loved the setting It was also simple enough that made it even easier to grasp and enjoy Probably Ophelia was the best part of this book for me It was a powerful character development and a very likeable heroine She was very pragmatic in the way she approached the events There was lots of court politics and relationship management Dabos managed to create a strong intrigue I kept turning the pages to learn why on earth Ophelia was in Pole what was happening in Pole who are all these people what will happen in the end I found the writing very simple and enjoyable The World building was very clever In some fantasy books it becomes so complicated that you give up Or it’s just not creative enough a prince a princess and an expected romance However I found A Winter’s Promise very originalThe only criticism I have for the book is the dragging in the middle when Ophelia arrives to Pole and tries to get to know people The relationships the court dynamics took too long to settle in my opinion It’s a classic pit hole in fantasy books and unfortunately Dabos couldn’t escape this as wellOverall I really enjoyed the book If you’re looking for an original and creative world set up this is a very good option Heroine is definitely resourceful and very likeable Writing is fluid and imaginative

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Les Fiancés de l'hiver review Ü 104 ¶ Sous son écharpe élimée et ses lunettes de myope Ophélie cache des dons singuliers elle peut lire le passé des objets et traverser les miroirs Elle vit paisiblement sur l'Arche d'Anima uand on la fiance à Thorn du puissant clan des Dragons La jeune fille doit uitter sa famille et le suivre à la CitaSous son écharpe élimée et ses lunettes de myope Ophélie cache des dons singuliers elle peut lire le passé des objets et traverser les miroirs Elle vit paisiblement sur l'Arche d'Anima uand on la fiance à Thorn du puissant. EDIT a uick foreword because I'm t i r e d and look at me I'm writing in bold font what a monster shivers1 I've never attacked the author My review is solely focused on the book and the book only Goodreads offers me the opportunity as a reader to give my honest opinion I took it It's that simple 2 The use of profanity is a stylistic choice Sometimes I curse others I don't and surprise surprise I'm actually able to interact in a different way After finishing this novel though I made the choice that appeared the most suitable to ME to express MY opinion and yes it absolutely involved a savvy blend of English and French curse words Like it don't like it at this point I really don't care 3 As a French citizen I find stereotypes about French people rather annoying so maybe let's not I don't know jump at the chance to prove them right I mean congrats I have never gotten insulting comments and threatening private messages than on thisbecause of this review It's like you want people to think that French don't know how to deal with criticism honestly 4 You have a review space USE IT Oh and no you read it wrong does not in fact eual constructive criticism It doesn't prove anything except that for some reason you can't let it go It's been two years Give it a break maybe Now if you'd please stop acting like my review is harming a tremendously popular novel it'd be great Have a good day MY REVIEW ► Note This review will be divided into two parts the first one in English et la deuxième en françaisLet me start by saying that my two parts won't be sole translations first because translating bores me to death and secondly because given the fact that Les Fiancés de l'hiver is a French book I just don't see the point in rambling in English about it YetI still needed to express my opinion this way because I believe that this book demonstrated something that we find in a fair amount of YA novels a complete contradiction between what we're told and what we really get What we're told is that the society pictured is matriarchal and somehow empowering for women What we get is a misogynist piece of shit No really I am not exaggerating 1 The heroine's opinion is constantly overlooked even when she expresses clearly her disapproval which is rare enough already The members of her family repeatedly state how she must a obey her fiancé whatever it takes ; b change in order to please him ; c never ever go against his orders 2 Every woman apart from the heroine or her aunt is pictured like a manipulative bitch Every Fucking One Almost all the women we meet are vapid superficial and often straight on mean 3 To add insult to injury sex is portrayed as being fundamentally impure especially of course when women are involved All cheaters are women and the whole thing stinks of double standards The men's actions are overlooked when the women are called bitches I mean for fuck sake 4 There is this fucking piece of shit of character Archibald God that guy He manages to force the hand of the heroine when she wants to come back home by using force to get her to follow him crack a rape joke and explain her that no woman can resist him in the span of 3 pages Let me tell you that it took me less than two sentences to despise him5 The male lead is an indifferent grumpy asshole and my only satisfaction comes from the fact that Ophélie the MC doesn't love him GOOD I could have done without her crazy interpretation of his actions though even if it made for a good laugh this guy who put her in harm way and did NOTHING to prevent her from being the naive and stupid girl she stays during the whole book finally tells her that I uote well I translate lol he was starting to get used to her And then she thinks that he is falling in love with her WhatTheFuck I don't know about you but I get used to annoyances I do not get used to people I love REALLY GIRL All the characters are caricatural and this is a shame because the world had potential but the characters and the fact that NOTHING HAPPENS completely spoiled my read As ecstatic as I was to finally read a Fantasy YA novel written in French and despite the NUMEROUS praises it got in France I mean it's published by GALLIMARD I cannot for the life of me recommend Les Fiancés de l'hiver and I would never put it in a teenager's handsThey deserve better than poor characterization and sexist stereotypes Just nopeCela faisait si longtemps ue j'attendais de mettre les mains sur ce livre ue je ne peux m'empêcher d'être profondément déçue par ce ue je viens de lire Alors c'est ça le fameux livre de Fantasy ui a reçu tant d'éloges Sérieusement La littérature française mérite mieuxComme je l'ai expliué dans ma première partie j'ai été tout d'abord extrêmement chouée par les relents sexistes véhiculés par Les Fiancés de l'hiver Moi ui m'attendais à une société matriarcale je reste sans voix face à tous les stéréotypes genrés 1 Peu importe la manière dont on nous le présente la naïveté d'Ophélie si agaçante en soi pour la bonne marche de l'histoire se fait également l'alliée d'une représentation de la société complètement obsolète et pour moi dangereuse Passe encore u'elle doive subir un mariage forcé je suis prête à accepter u'il s'agisse d'une tradition dans le monde créé par Christelle Dabos Rien par contre ne justifie le fait u'Ophélie se montre si passive tout au long de l'histoire ni ue toutes les femmes u'elle côtoie mis à part sa tante soient présentées comme des garces je cite ou des frivoles sans aucun intérêt S'il y a uelue chose ue je déteste c'est uand on me force à apprécier une héroïne en essayant de me faire croire ue sa pureté éuivaut à ce u'une femme se doit d'être Non juste NON Ce slut shaming éhonté me donne envie de vomir Parlons de la vision ue ce livre véhicule du sexe ok Donc nous nous adressons à des adolescentes d'accord Il me semble dangereux de renforcer cette vision si courante du sexe comme uelue chose de sale mauvais et foncièrement réservé aux femmes de petite vertu Franchement en 2016 je suis abasourdie de trouver encore ce genre de conneries Attention je ne suis pas en train de dire ue les livres pour adolescents devraient être remplis de scènes de sexe non mais il y a un juste milieu entre un roman érotiue et cette manière presue religieuse de l'aborder Une représentation saine du sexe ne l'associe pas un pêché presue bibliue Une représentation saine du sexe montre des partenaires consentants et ne le diabolise pas ainsi Parce ue vraiment à part des scènes d'adultères où la femme est systématiuement montrée du doigt l'homme lui n'a rien à se reprocher je suppose ue présente t on à Ophélie Rien Parlons en tiens d'Ophélie J'ai trouvé très dérangeant ue cette adolescente de 17 ans je suppose soit caractérisée d'une manière si enfantine Je ne sais pas si cela vient de sa personnalité encore fût il u'elle en ait une ou du style d'écriture mais je n'ai jamais eu l'impression de suivre les aventures d'une jeune fille Son extrême naïveté sa propension à subir ce ui lui arrive m'a profondément agacée et ce même si elle se rebellait dans sa tête Ce n'est pas suffisant Alors d'accord elle a légèrement évolué en fin d'histoire mais franchement pas assez pour ue cela n'ait un impact vraiment positif 2 Tous les personnages sont caricaturaux et n'ont aucune dimension Alors vous avez la mère d'Ophélie plus excessive u'une héroïne de Vaudeville ; Thorn le rustre sans saveur ui tout héros u'il est doit pondre 15 phrases en 400 pages ; Archibald le connard ui trouve ça amusant de blaguer sur le fait u'il pourrait prendre sa virginité s'il le souhaitait parce ue uand même lui sait séduire vous savez ; Berenilde la manipulatrice amoureuse prête à tout pour garder l'élu de son cœur ; la famille de Thorn les méchants vraiment très méchants très méchants Pfffff J'en peux plus de ces gens Donnez moi des nuances faites moi croire en vos personnages Ces marionnettes en papier mâché ont cessé de m'amuser bien trop vite 3 Franchement il ne se passe rien C'est d'un ennuyeux Passé les premières pages engageantes et intrigantes l'action stagne et s'il se passe des choses l'histoire en soi n'avance pas vraiment pas assez en tout cas au bout de 400 pages 4 Le style d'écriture est maladroit alternant une syntaxe simple avec un vocabulaire parfois désuet le tout extrêmement juvénile Et ne me parlez pas des dialogues ui sonnent si faux ue je n'ai jamais réussi à m'immerger complètement dans les interactions des personnages 5 uant au monde décrit je dois reconnaitre ue je l'ai trouvé fascinant et c'est ce ui me rend si triste Les Fiancés de l'hiver avait tant tant de potentiel Les animistes le Pole tout était là pour nous entrainer dans une histoire fantastiue et le résultat me fait l'effet d'un pétard mouillé For of my reviews please visit