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Evidence that she may have been brutally murdered is found in an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness Four years later in the midst of his Great Sadness Mack receives a suspicious note apparently from God inviting him back to that shack for a weekend Against his better judgment he arrives at the shack on a wintry afternoon and walks back into his darkest nightmar My updated comments on the book and movie are here; was given this book as a gift many years ago and read the first few chapters I was annoyed by the profanity I don't think it is ever okay for a Christian author to use profanity in any circumstances Why not use alternative words especially in a fictional book It's like the children who swear to try and shock people or to fit in with the crowd Christians are called to do neither of these thingslose the profanityit won't cost you any salesWhen members of the Trinity begin appearing in person to the main character as black women I threw the book awayI'm not going to say any I just find it shocking that so many Christians have read and recommend this bookwhere is the discernment or the adherence to Biblical principlesI don't recommend this book

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The Shack Where Tragedy Confronts EternityE What he find there will change his life forever In an age where religion seems to grow increasingly irrelevant The Shack wrestles with the timeless uestion Where is God in a world so filled with unspeakable pain Discover the answers that astounded and transformed Mack in this special leather edition and find out why The Shack has stolen the hearts of millions for ten yea Note After several friends challenged me to read the book again I assume they wanted me to upgrade The Shack to five stars I indeed read it a second time As a result I downgraded it another star There are things I noticed the second time I didn't the firstAdded to my review below are several specific drawbacks of the book Unfortunately every one of these would have been pointed out by first or second year writing students which simply reiterates my main point below Shame on you Wayne Jacobsen for ruining a good book by not bothering enough to edit this properly Simply because you wanted another anti organized church book on the market and probably saw this as a vehicle not a good one for that purpose either is not an excuse for allowing the following1 Sloppy synonyms No one outside of bodice rippers uses the word visage for face I lost count how many times this word is used It is an example of the author reaching for the thesaurus when he got bored Elementary writing classes teach In dialogue use the words he said instead of he opined or other such synonyms I would gladly pay for Young to take a writing course in lieu of Jacobsen editing another of his books2 Inconsistencies of plot In one scene the narrator who is supposedly writing down what the main character told him tells us what is playing on the television while the main character is passed out How can he possibly know this Second why does it matter The plot is full of these little annoying inconsistencies The biggest and most annoying is this vague reference to a possible murder of his father Couldn't the boy just run away from home Did he really have to spike the dad's beer with rat poison Did the dad die If he does why haven't the police come after him If he doesn't what is he apologizing for in the great forgiveness seuence As I said these inconsistencies are glaring3 I re read one paragraph where the author uses nine similes Two of them concern tears and are in the same sentence Someone please sit this author down and explain that similes and metaphors are to open windows We don't need an entire glass factory delivered to us every page 4 I listened to an interview with the author He explained that this book started out as a transcription of conversations between him and God and that the story was a convenient way of bringing those conversations to light That makes sense It also explains why the conversations go on and on and on and on The plot stops every time there is an elongated conversation Mr Young please read the Chronicles of Narnia and see how to write a half page dialogue that says by saying less Unfortunately this is only the start of what is beginning to annoy me about a book that I wanted to like Read below for my full reviewSo many of my friends have recommended this book that I knew I would read it and feel strongly about it That's an understatement There are no Spoilers in this reviewBefore I began reading I wanted so much to like this book Partly because I respected the friends who recommended it and partly because this is the author's first book As some of you know I personally believe that most authors have one great book in them and it is often their first see Tracy Chevalier and J K Rowling That is why I was somewhat disappointed with my reading of the first few chapters The writer could have used a ghost writer to clean up his prose He overwrites like a young author Specifically he uses too many deliberate similes and altogether too many adjectives In fact on the same page he uses three different similes to describe the wind Can it really be a food group and a sigh at the same time I digressHe also gets cutsie with his description of the main character Mack The author needs to choose a voice to speak from The third person omnipotent is not working for him If you're not familiar with that POV it is the tendency to describe what every character is thinking Usually writers choose third person specific meaning they know the thoughts of only one person But later the author figures this out and sticks with the main character and lets him discover the story as it happens So I guess my only real criticism is that the author is not a tremendously skilled writer Therefore a uarter of the way through the book I was ready to be done with it Then I was delightfully surprised by what happened next It seems he did an about face as soon as he came to the kernel of the story After the tragedy that forms the spine of the tale he tightens up the writing and I never noticed the shortcomings after that It is like the author himself really just wanted to get to this point in the story and realized the book wouldn't make sense and would be too short without the introductory part So be it From this point on I was enthralled His meeting with God and the subseuent discoveries of God's character and the meaning of the events he has recently lived are some of the best theology ever implanted in a story At one point near the end I actually was in tears It may be 20 years back to the last time a book brought me to tears I ended the book totally satisfiedIf I may take one or two liberties in criticizing a book I really enjoyed As much as I enjoyed the folksy presentation of God in this story there are parts that don't ring true Holy Spirit still feels ethereal and standoffish Wisdom's speeches are canned and the meals get repetitive Major editing could have made this one of the great books of Christianity Also I doubt anyone outside Christianity will read past the first few chapters That's a pity but it is true It is not written well enough and there are still too many obviously contrived parts to the plot to make it seem real to someone who is bent on criticizing Christian writersSome of my friends who love this book will really be annoyed that I am being over analytical But that is what a proper book review is about These things need to be said in order to balance the attitude which says we must lift up anything with a good message This is a phenomenal message hiding in a depressingly poor package

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The Shack Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity doc  Paperback Î The Shack the cherished novel that sold over 23 million copies worldwide spent 147 weeks on the bestseller list and went on to become a major motion picture is now available in a beautiful keepsake edition to celebrate its tenth anniversary of touching lives alThe Shack the cherished novel that sold over 23 million copies worldwide spent 147 weeks on the bestseller list and went on to become a major motion picture is now available in a beautiful keepsake edition to celebrate its tenth anniversary of touching lives all over the world Mackenzie Allen Phillips's youngest daughter Missy has been abducted during a family vacation and Pure drivel This book read like a Betty Crocker recipe gone bad take one all American Jesus lovin’fearing family add one unexplainable tragedy mix with eual parts anger guilt and sadness bake for three weeks and get a bitter man who has turned his back on God Alias no need to give up because God writes our hero a personalized note and tells him to meet him in “the shack” the place of his daughter’s murder funny thing is god is a black woman cooking pancakes in the kitchen who says “you can me god Yahweh or just plain ol’ Jessie I answer to all three” Yes I said pancakesI could go on but it’s just too easy The lesson of power of forgiveness was demonstrated well but no better than the Hallmark card I bought my boss when I spilled a whole bottle of red wine on his new suit