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Free The Scarlet Sisters kindle ↠ eBook 9780446570237 ☆ randarenewables Ü A fresh look at the life and times of Victoria Woodhull and Tennie Claflin two sisters whose radical views on sex love politics and business threatened the white male power structure of the nineteenth century and shocked Nearly all of the era's great themes and famous figures Boston GlobeIn MacPherson's enchanting dual biographythe epilogue hammers home that even in 2014 men use women's bodies as political bargaining chips The Washington PostA lively account of the unlikely lives of the two most symbiotic and scandalous sisters in American History The New Yorker'MacPherson crusades' for 19th century feminists Vanity FairAre these sisters the most scandalous feminists of all time? MacPherson's new book is about two sisters in the late 1800's but couldn't be timely Metro MacPherson an award winning journalist takes a theatrical approach to these radical proceedings She provides a cast of characters and unfolds the sisters' story over the course of five irresistible 'acts' This is a grand tale presented on a grand scale BookpageMacPherson aims her wit and very sharp pen at a side of the suffrage movement rarely seen in history books epitomized by these two real sistersshe takes us on a raucous romp through secret trysts their self published weekly advocating free speech and free love sensational trials fortune telling Spiritualism and brushes with the most powerful capitalists and revolutionaries of the time Along the way the sisters set the suffrage movement on fire albeit briefly with their modern ideas fiery rhetoric and passion for women's rights Los Angeles Daily JournalSensationalMacPherson gives a detailed portrait of the roller coaster rags to riches lives of two backwoods country girls who seeking to better their own situation hoped to do the same for women everywhere BooklistDelightfulI am going to read it again It is that good Thanks to 'Vicky and Tennie' for making history changing so darn interesting BookReporterOrdinarily one would look to the fiction of Twain or Dickens to find a nineteenth century tale to match the real life saga of the sisters Claflin Woodhull Happily Myra MacPherson has rediscovered these proto feminists Their rebellion against Victorian sexual enslavement and the power of white males captivated and infuriated their contemporaries for good reason and left a mark that resonates today Carl Bernstein Pulitzer Prize winning journalist author of A Woman in Charge The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton and coauthor of All the President's Men with Bob WoodwardVictoria Woodhull is one of the great unsung characters of American history a beauty a radical activist a con artist and a true revolutionary who pushed every boundary and ev In the gilded agae sisters Victoria Woodhull and Tennessee Claflin were a cross between the Kardashians and Hillary Clinton They opened a brokerage firmconuered Wall Street and 100 years before women could vote Victoria became the first woman to run for president She chose former slave Frederick Douglass as her running mate The sisters were smart beautiful and free living This lost episode of history unfurls as a page turner

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Ery button that the century offered THE SCARLET SISTERS is a roller coaster ride though American history that will amaze and delight readers Debby Applegate Pulitzer Prize winner for The Most Famous Man in America The Biography of Henry Ward BeecherTHE SCARLET SISTERS has everything from history and intrigue to sex and money Myra MacPherson has written this book with the care and professionalism of the great reporter she is but also with the wit wisdom and flair of the great novelist she definitely could be A fabulous delight of a read Jim Lehrer former host of PBS NewsHour playwright and author of Top Down A Novel of the Kennedy AssassinationRead the epilogue first to understand immediately why THE SCARLET SISTERS resonates so richly in today's political world Myra MacPherson's rich understanding of the threads connecting these colorful pioneers to our contentious twenty first century issues is wonderfully instructive Lynn Sherr author of Failure Is Impossible Susan B Anthony in Her Own Words and the forthcoming Sally Ride America's First Woman in SpaceIf the Scarlet Sisters hadn't existed feminism would have had to invent them Myra MacPherson writes the story of these fearless and path breaking nineteenth century radicals with her trademark energy and wit This sisterhood is indeed powerful Ellen Goodman Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and coauthor of I Know Just What You Mean The Power of Friendship in Women's Lives with Patricia O'BrienMyra MacPherson's THE SCARLET SISTERS vividly and entertainingly brings to life a long lost chapter of American history that will surprise anyone who thinks that feminism is a twentieth century invention It's both a great tale and a great read Jane Mayer staff writer for the New Yorker and author of The Dark SideMyra MacPherson is a treasure among American historians In her riveting often uproarious chronicle the Sisters' crusades against benighted convention were but the onset of a righteous firestorm that continues to arc into our times Ron Powers Pulitzer Prize winning journalist novelist and author of Mark Twain A LifeWoodhull and Claflin deserve credit for crashing the glass front doors of Wall Street Washington and bedrooms across the country a century and a half ago These too long neglected amazing pioneers of the Gilded Age are brought to life in Myra MacPherson's energetic well researched and enthralling book Kenneth D Ackerman author of The Gold Ring Jim Fisk Jay Gould and Black Friday 186 Well behaved women seldom make historyWow this book is brilliant history writing I'd give it 6 out of five stars if possible Myra MacPherson truly brings the Gilded Age to lifeI've read other biographies on Victoria Woodhull but this one is a double biography about Woodhull and her sister Tennie but it's also a history of Gilded Age America wrapped around these two women who were brave and assertive and ahead of their timeWoodhull and Claflin were at odds with circumstances  which sounds like part of a Jane Austen uote They were slandered and historians ro this day accuse them of being prostitutes just because misogynistic contemporaries called them prostitutes merely for not being angels of the house MacPherson writes a lot of sociological observations about the time and place including how easily misogynists accused women of being prostitutesVictoria Woodhull and Tennie Claflin would not have been considered scandalous if they'd lived todayAlso this book convinced me that Henry Ward Beecher was a sociopath and possibly a previous incarnation of Donald Dump

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The Scarlet SistersA fresh look at the life and times of Victoria Woodhull and Tennie Claflin two sisters whose radical views on sex love politics and business threatened the white male power structure of the nineteenth century and shocked the world Here award winning author Myra MacPherson deconstructs and lays bare the manners and s of Victorian America remarkably illuminating the struggle for euality that women are still fighting todayVictoria Woodhull and Tennessee Tennie Claflin the most fascinating and scandalous sisters in American history were uneualed for their vastly avant garde crusade for women's fiscal political and sexual independence They escaped a tawdry childhood to become rich and famous achieving a stunning list of firsts In 1870 they became the first women to open a brokerage firm not to be repeated for nearly a century Amid high gossip that he was Tennie's lover the richest man in America fabled tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt bankrolled the sisters As beautiful as they were audacious the sisters drew a crowd of than two thousand Wall Street bankers on opening day A half century before women could vote Victoria used her Wall Street fame to become the first woman to run for president choosing former slave Frederick Douglass as her running mate She was also the first woman to address a United States congressional committee Tennie ran for Congress and shocked the world by becoming the honorary colonel of a black regimentThey were the first female publishers of a radical weekly and the first to print Karl Marx's Communist Manifesto in America As free lovers they railed against Victorian hypocrisy and exposed the alleged adultery of Henry Ward Beecher the most famous preacher in America igniting the Trial of the Century that rivaled the Civil War for media coverage Eventually banished from the women's movement while imprisoned for allegedly sending obscenity through the mail the sisters sashayed to London and married two of the richest men in England dining with royalty while pushing for women's rights well into the twentieth century Vividly telling their story Myra MacPherson brings these inspiring and outrageous sisters brilliantly to life If the subject of Gilded Age women brings to mind buccaneers in gently rustling hoop skirts rather than feminist firebrands Myra MacPherson's fascinating dual biographymay go a long way in changing that VoguecomIn this sweeping engaging new biography Myra MacPherson chronicles lives that intersected with It is hard to imagine these sisters and their incredible lives You follow them from a childhood that is painfully hard to read about how did they ever live through it? to their celebrity and later in life perhaps successful marriages They advocated causes that were far from the norms of the day They had what today we call “baggage” and lots of itIf you bemoan the recent Supreme Court decision on birth control you can take comfort that things were worse in the Gilded Age when despite the mortality rate for newborns and their mothers most people would have agreed with the court Men laughed at women having the right to vote and most women did not want it Suffragettes faced ridicule and abuse The undeterred Chaflin sisters took their standThe story is remarkable; and while the book is good it should have been remarkable too While the author recounts the events of these two long lives and records what they said and wrote in speeches interviews and letters there is almost nothing personal about them There is on their clothes than their personalities and character As close as it gets is how nervous they could be and that they were hurt by slander Were they so naive as to think there were no conseuences to speaking out for free love when they really mean the right to divorce? Was their motivation commitment to the cause or were they they narcissists who thrived on headlines and celebrity? Maybe they were just plain uarrelsome or rigid Among the cause oriented people were they patrons or pseudo intellectuals? There are no clues as their actual relationship since what survives is Victorian era prose Victoria did not answer Tennie's pleas for a visit when she was ill or perhaps abused by her wealthy husband How did they respond to their role in British society? Were they Beverly Hillbillies? Nouveau riche? Did they enjoy martyrdom?The sisters transcended a family that seems ever present ready willing and able the bite the hand feeding them The family situation is significant but unclear Do these parents and siblings merely love a good argument? Or do they mean harm? Are they too intoxicated to know what they are doing and saying? Were the sisters successful in presenting their father to British society as a noble father? In the Epilogue there is narrative about the state of women's issues today than about the sisters It reads as the right to vote the ability to divorce have access to education etc have made no impact There no conclusions about the legacy of the two sisters citing some who feel they advanced women's issues and others feel the rifts they created in the movement held the women's cause backIt sounds like I’m down on the book but I’m not It is at its best when it is describing the anti feminist or is the better term anti woman nature of the times While there are areas of too much attention ie the Beecher trial and gaps especially the various domestic situations such Victoria's living with past and present husbands and the later in life marriagessociety situations the author narrates and documents the sisters’ public lives There is some very good researchAs a pre teen I read a biography of the woman who ran for President My 7th grade history teacher assured me that it never happened