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REVIEW ¿ The Ghost Files The Ghost Files #1 ¹ Soon to be a major motion pictureCherry blossom lipstick check Smokey eyes check Skinny jeans checkDead kid in the mirror check For sixteen year old Mattie Hathaway this is her normal everyday routine She’s been able to see ghosts since her mother tried to murder her when she was five yearsSoon to be a major motion pictureCherry blossom lipstick check Smokey eyes check Skinny jeans checkDead kid in the mirror check For sixteen year old Mattie Hathaway this is her normal everyday routine She’s been able to see ghosts since her mother tried to murder her when she was five years old No way does she want anyone to know she can talk. Goodreads you have betrayed me and stolen 5 hours of my life 459 average with over 170 reviews This was easily the most misleading rating for anything on Goodreads I've come across in the past year Such an inflated score that it seems fishy The premise sounded fairly interesting but the plot was largely uneventful and overly simplistic and not scary in the least It also was littered with annoying teenage girl neurosis covered in a pseudo confident shell There was way too much whining and fake toughness followed by crying followed by the main characters' constant references to cute boys and her 4 crushes Seriously make a decision and stick with itfor it to ever get off the ground and feel like anything with substance to be taken seriously or to be enjoyable I really have to stop reading books with teenage girls as the main character They seem overly focused on what they think of boys and what boys must think of them they have no self esteem and their minds seem to be a tornado of over analysis of the most uninteresting things to me Is this what it's really like living in the head of a teenage girl I feel like I wrote this same review for Divergent and that I should probably read another Jack Reacher book just to balance out all this estrogenBut back to the story itself there was no slow build of tension and no real twists or turns as other reviewer's have noted and no rewarding revelation or unraveling of a story or mystery as it went along Just basically no progress no progress no progressBAM you and the main character blindly stumble upon the killer by dumb luck thanks in no part to the work of the Police detective with the dreamy eyes and chocolate brown hair and the sensitive heart who as in all books like these likes the awkwardstrangeotherwordly girl just the way she is with all her flaws Telling the audience information on the perpetrator's history as the story is wrapped up is hardly a twist And the cliffhanger of a last line in the book came far too late and doesn't really make me care to read the second book just to find out what the 1st should have at least somewhat covered; why and how she sees ghosts and what happened to her family I just can't recommend this book at all despite it being a uick easy read

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To spooks Being a foster kid is hard enough without being labeled a freak too Normally she just ignores the ghosts and they go away That is until she see’s the ghost of her foster sister Sally Everyone thinks Sally’s just another runaway but Mattie knows the truth she’s dead Murdered Mattie feels like she has to help Sally but she can’t. Apryl Baker’s THE GHOST FILES is that “ghost” story that is as spellbinding as it is eerie and entertaining Take a justifiably suspicious and snarky teen with a “gift’ for seeing ghosts mysterious disappearances of her fellow foster kids as well as a ton of terrifying events and I have to say I was completely gone from this worldMattie is no ordinary teen not in her speech her tenacity or her need to help others and she stole the show for me Apryl Baker had me cringing away from some events they felt so real and then chuckling at some of Mattie’s verbal antics Living in her mind knowing what she is thinking and how painful her life has been she was one heck of a heroine With a young cop as a sidekick they make an unlikely dynamic duo that was completely entertaining to watch A lot of intrigue a ton of danger some truly heartbreaking moments and never once did I doubt that Mattie would save the dayAlthough a young adult read clearly this is great reading for those who are young at heart tooSeries The Ghost Files Book 1Publisher Limitless Publishing LLC August 13 2013Publication Date August 13 2013Genre YA Horror | Suspense | ParanormalPrint Length 284 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News follow


The Ghost Files The Ghost Files #1Do it alone Against her better judgment she teams up with a young policeman Officer Dan and together they set out to discover the real truth behind Sally’s disappearance Only to find out she’s dealing with a much bigger problem a serial killer and she may be the next victim Will Mattie be able to find out the truth before the killer finds he. Mattie Hathaway pretends she's a normal girlwell as normal as a foster kid ever really feels This is the closest she's ever been to a regular average girl next door Her current foster family is a little odd but they're nice enough Mattie has a boyfriend she's happy with So what's holding her back Seeing ghost on a daily basis Even still that's nothing new she deals with it by ignoring the ghosts Until her foster sister becomes one of them Now Mattie must start listening to the ghosts clamoring for her attention and do something else she's never done before trust someone with her secret Mattie's story is one readers will have a hard time putting down Not only is Mattie a great character all around the story is spooky and well planned and Officer Dan is a whole other draw But one at a time Mattie is a complex character that readers will connect with from page one Maybe not everyone knows what it's like to be a ward of the state and bounced around from home to home but Baker has an effortless way of bringing readers into Mattie's life and showing the reality of her experiences without making it overwhelming Mattie is strong but not so strong that nothing can hurt her uite the opposite in fact Mattie is vulnerable in many ways and overcoming her fear of being hurt or abandoned is where she truly shows her strength As Mattie struggles to identify the killer with the help of the ghosts she is forced to accept the hep of a young police officer I love Officer Dan He's adorable and sweet and everything Mattie needs in this situation He's a very likable character and very realistic What I really enjoyed was how Baker kept the status of their relationship balanced on the tipping point between caring for each other like siblings and romantic feelings Their interactions are as big of a draw as the storyline the characters are that good Now for the story itself I can honestly say Baker had me guessing right up to the end She wove a complex plot that kept me interested and eager to turn the page I loved the interactions between Mattie and the ghosts and especially learning about who some of the ghosts were Some of the interactions were downright scary and a few might surprise you by how emotional they are My only word of caution with this is that it may be too scary for young readers I'd definitely recommend this to older teens and adults looking for great characters and a fabulous scary story