Hope Restrained The Estate #2 review  5

review Hope Restrained The Estate #2

Hope Restrained The Estate #2 review  5 ☆ She was meant to be his assassinA forced player in a rivalry within The EstateYet her loyalty was to no person but herselfWhen Hope is taken captive by Xander BlackShe becomes the one thing that can ensure Aaron’s reignRaised within a rival crime network Hope Delacroix wanted nothing to do with A fierce warrior Hope is given no choice but to kill Aaron Carmichael Caught in her attempt Hope is captured by Aaron’s top guard in an effort to discover who sent herEver loyal and protective Xander Black’s sole objective is to defend Aaron and Maddy Willing to do whatever is necessary Xander gives in t. 35 StarsIt was nice to read a book where the heroine is bad ass than the hero Xander was by no means weak but Hope is an enforcer like Aaron and in top shape she could taken on Xander I liked the book but it was not as good as Madelaine Abducted I felt the story was underdeveloped especially the sadistmasochist relationship that was hintedHope was raised to be a female assassin and to save her twin she was forced to kill Aaron Carmichael by a rival organization of The Estate Xander is the loyal friend we read about in Madelaine Abducted His job is to break her down and find out who sent her to kill Aaron I liked the banter between them but the instant love was a turn off I would have liked a buildup to their relationship While I was reading this I could not help thinking if Aaron and Hope were the couple it would have been explosive and fun to read but ok I get that Maddy was meant for Aaron and Xander for Hope to balance them out All in all a good read

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She was meant to be his assassinA forced player in a rivalry within The EstateYet her loyalty was to no person but herselfWhen Hope is taken captive by Xander BlackShe becomes the one thing that can ensure Aaron’s reignRaised within a rival crime network Hope Delacroix wanted nothing to do with The Estate. 35 starsLet’s face the facts people With Joseph gone there goes our badass villain poopyfaceXander was pretty kickbutt in Madeleine Abducted so I was ecstatic to hear he’d be getting his own bookAfter readingWell I mean it was good and I did like it wait there were some problems I had and I wonder if it’s ok to say them I really wanted to 5 star the book because it’s the ESTATE for goodness sakeOKAYFirst I have to say that MS Willis has a uniue talent that 90% of other authors don’t have and that’s her writing Not the writing style mind you but the actual words Her prose is almost lyrical and scenes are so provocative and evocative I could pretty much envision the entire book as a movie My standards of good writing is when an author is so exceptionally skilled that they are able to transport readers to whatever time periodscenesetting their books are set in and to make us forget our surroundings MS Willis has consistently delivered that again and again with each book in the Estate series and Hope Restrained is no exceptionSo what did I not like1 Xander and Hope’s connection Or the lack of From the way they “meet” to Xander’s interrogation of her to his blossoming affection for her seemed stilted and forced I really didn’t think there was enough character development on this part to warrant Xander’s insta love for Hope 2 Xander Badass turned Pussy Later in the book around 85% I realized that just like Aaron needs Maddy to keep him grounded Hope needs Xander but I didn’t expect that so I was genuinely surprised at how soft Xander got He was like play dough in Hope’s hands Besides for a top notch assassin he certainly got slapped around by Hope a lot3 Aaron Executioner turned Shrew Now don’t get me wrong for the most part Aaron was his usual dark self but after a few scenes that originally convinced me he had common sense than Xander he then turned into a frillish housewifeview spoiler “What the fuck do I care about her injury I’m sure it won’t be a problem once she’s ash What does bother me however is that you allowed Maddy anywhere near her” “You were supposed to be getting information out of her not fucking her senseless” “How exactly is drugging her and fucking her going to make her talk She was unconscious when I saw her how exactly do you intend to pull information out of a limp body” “Was it absolutely necessary to knock her out after fucking her”huh I noticed that Aaron gripes a lot after each fucking scene hide spoiler

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Hope Restrained The Estate #2O darkness in order to force information out of HopeAs Xander enslaves Hope to break her down completely he learns that in the two years since Joseph Carmichael’s death dissension still exists within The Estate“I find it ironic that your name is Hopeespecially considering that you have none” Xander Bla. 45 YOU TASTE LIKE MY DESTRUCTION STARSOkay so I have to admit that I have been holding off reading this book since reading Madeleine Abducted a few months ago The reason I LOVED Madeleine Abducted and I was SO nervous that this book wouldn't do the first one justiceand let me tell youit TOTALLY did Hopetalk about a BAD ASS heroine Coming into The Estate she was the complete opposite of Madeleine Hope enters The Estate with the hopes of killing Aaron Her name is Hope Delacroix and when she entered the walls of The Estate stronghold she was not like most women going in as a slaveShe was going in as a warriorBad men were holding her sister Honor captive and the only way to get her back was to assassinate him Her plan backfired and she was captured by Aaron's best friend Xander Assigned with the job to get information out of Hope as to why she attempted to murder his best friend Xander finds himself drawn to this lethal beauty Both had an inner dark side that they are both struggling with to contain and OMG when they come together it is SO DAMN HOT Seriously the sex scenes between Aaron and Madeleine in the first book are NOTHING compared to these two SooooooIf you enjoyed reading Madeleine Abducted and often wondered about what lurks in the mind of Aaron's sexy and mysterious best friend then you must read this book Action packed like you wouldn't believe Sex scenes that were so hot and steamy that I literally had to take off my sweatshirt while reading A kick ass heroine and a sexy alpha What could you ask for