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Free read Ä Den of Thieves (Cat Royal, #3) ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ´ Best Book, Den of Thieves (Cat Royal, #3) by Julia Golding This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9781405241847 format Paperback and others 448 pages and has a text language like EnglishMat Paperback and others 448 pages and has a text language like English. Loved it Love J F And of course Johnny And Frank And Syd I LOVE Syd I actually can't decide who I like best for Cat I love them all And Billy is just scary But Johnny married so that narrows it down a bit She better end up with one of them

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Ood and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9781405241847 for. Cat Royal has grown up as ward of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane Now she's growing up and a parting of the ways is necessary at least temporarily for Mr Sheridan has plans to build a bigger and better Theatre Royal Cat doesn't seem to figure into the plans for the new theater Too proud to admit she needs help Cat strikes out on her own Not uite ready yet to be totally independent she finds it difficult and nearly falls into the clutches of Billy Shepherd Then she's sent on a secret spying mission to France to discover what the French people think of the Revolution and their king Upon arrival Cat and her escort get lost discover the king has fled Paris and nearly lose their heads Cat discovers that Paris is truly run by a network of thieves and she has to determine whom she can trust to help her and help her friends return to England This adventure is nearly as breathlessly exciting as the last but for some reason I didn't find it as enchanting as the previous two There's lots of vulgar language which is amusing but some of the charm of Cat's earlier adventures is missing now that she's on her own and growing up There's also heavy handed morals and lessons learned spelled out too plainly and I don't care for books that do that I still liked the book a lot just not as much as the first two I look forward to seeing what she gets up to next

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Den of Thieves Cat Royal #3Best Book Den of Thieves (Cat Royal #3) by Julia Golding This is very g. The third installment of the Cat Royal series has all the reuisite action and humor that I have come to expect but I found Golding's representation of the French Revolution trite and inaccurate presenting only a very tiny facet of what was an enormously complex situation In Cat's eyes apart from a few stray killings of which she was almost one as were her friends the Avons the Revolution was a jolly old good time giving freedom and euality to all This is far too simplistic a take on an historical movement that not only took the lives of thousands but shaped political thought for the next two hundred years Whatever one's philosophical views of the tenets that were used to instigate and uphold the Reign of Terror the death and barbarity that ensued in the years following the fall of the monarchy cannot be so easily ignored or glossed over And while I certainly do not wish to read about gore and cruelty in this series nor should it be utterly shunted aside if one chooses to try and accurately portray that time period See The Red Necklace for a mature and balanced look at the RevolutionIt was predictable but fun Looking forward to the next adventure I just wish that not every male excepting dear Pedro that comes within ten feet of Cat would be attracted to her