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Song Without Words Free download ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ¸ Spencer Moretti knows what she wants career wise—a spot on one of the big radio networks with her own interview show and she’s determined to get it She has a knack for getting musicians to relax and blurt out things that maNce they’re alone though things go sideways and Spencer leaves without her interview and with her illusions shattered about a man she’d always admired Even though they ended on a bad note Geoff can’t get Spencer out of his mind and returns to New Orleans to try to make things right But someone doesn’t want him anywhere near her and they’re going to great lengths to scare Geoff off When it becomes clear Spencer’s being stalked by a madman can Geoff protect her or will the killer silence her forever. ReadsandReviews Takes on Song Without WordsOnce again Juli Page Morgan rocks the world of rock and roll romance with her tale of young innocent Spencer and music legend Geoff Lane A rising star during the heyday of FM radio Spencer Moretti never imagined she'd meet her music idol Geoff Lane let alone end up in his bed When both happen sparks fly and the pages literally melt in the reader's hands from the fire that ignites when Spencer submits body and soul to the man she had once fantasized aboutSong Without Words is another gem from Morgan one that I plowed through in less than a day JPM uses all of her delightful experience in radio to bring to life the inner workings of an FM radio station the way it used to be before automation and the internet changed it This alone would have made for a compelling story but Morgan's characters take over the story pulling the reader in As I found with Sister Golden Hair JPM creates characters that are multi dimensional driven not just by love or lust but by what inspires them whether it be music or in Spencer's case bringing that music to the fans We're also treated to a cast of intriguing secondary characters which are even important in this romance with a suspense twist I do wish SWW had been a bit longer While we get to know Spencer thoroughly I would have loved to know about Geoff and his music We get enough to wet our appetites but there was just enough left unsaid to leave me wanting Though I'd welcome any opportunity to get to know 4 12 stars for Song Without Words another great rock and roll romance from Juli Page Morgan

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To let her interview him about it that isThe former lead guitarist for Axis certainly didn’t intend to reveal anything about his top secret project but the fact that he’s leaking his plans to a successful radio announcer flies right out of his head Maybe it’s because she’s so young and cute and feisty sitting there across from him That Cheshire Cat smile on her lips kinda makes him want to tell her anything she wants to hear Against the advice of his manager Geoff agrees to let Spencer interview himO. I loved just about everything about Song Without Words I love stories set in New Orleans and this one did a great job of showcasing the rock roll side of the city The author also did an amazing job of weaving her own experience in radio through the story capturing the truth of it without coming off like an infomercial for old school DJs The rock star hero Geoff Lane came off like a real human being which made me care about the ending And the heroine Spencer I could not love her any She was real she was fun and she was very much her own person though never once did the author tell us was a spunky fun independent character she was The author just let Spencer BE all of those things without being self conscious about it Spencer wanted Geoff but she didn't need him which made the stakes that much higherAll in all a great read and one I can highly recommend

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Song Without WordsSpencer Moretti knows what she wants career wise a spot on one of the big radio networks with her own interview show and she’s determined to get it She has a knack for getting musicians to relax and blurt out things that make their agents clutch their heads whenever she interviews bands on the top rated radio station in New Orleans When she’s thrown literally into close proximity to Geoff Lane she hears him utter a closely guarded secret that can shoot her right up to a network contract If she can get him. Song Without Words is about New Orleans radio disc jockey Spencer Moretti and British rock star guitarist Geoff Lane The two meet after a bodyguard mistakenly places Spencer in a limo with Lane because he thinks she is part of his entourage Geoff is immediately taken by Spencer's fire when she refuses to leave the limo in the middle of nowhere After accompanying Geoff to a rival radio station's after party Spencer goes back to Geoff's hotel room with the hopes of getting an exclusive interview from himWithout giving too much away because you really must read it for yourself time later finds Spencer surprised to see Geoff in her studio for his interview One she never thought he'd actually give after what had happened between themSpencer and Geoff give in to their attractions andWell just damn That man is just hawt And did I mention that he is British And a rock guitar god The things he can do Well Spencer is one very lucky lady The two look past personas and see each other and uickly fall for each otherTragic events take place that tear the two apart with Geoff saying things he thinks will protect her in the long run But of course things are never as they seem Secrets are exposed people are hurt and truths are brought to light that I didn't see coming And I loved thatMorgan tells a love story mixed with suspense that has a nice balance Her alpha male is all male but sweet at the same time And her female lead is strong and determined but innocent at the same time I really loved that fact Sometimes female characters are too helpless or too strong Spencer is a great blend of the twoThere are so many things that I could say about this book but I would spoil it for you You must read it to find out all of those delicious and intriguing little things that I couldn't tell you ; You won't be disappointedI look forward to reading of Morgan's books and have added them to my ever growing list And I will definitely be re reading this book again probably several times