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EBOOK ↠ EPUB Lone Wolf Rising ä ☆ JAMI BRUMFIELD ☆ Rebecca Winter's life was about to be turned upside down and there was very little she could do about it She thought she could juggle the responsibilities to her family school and her werewolf pack She really did That was before she became the new pack a death ten years ago Rebecca has struggled with depression and anger She never really got over their untimely demise Savannah was always able to pull her out of her funk but things were different this time Instead of pulling Rebecca out Savannah was being pulled into the dark underbelly of the paranormal world and when this ends things would never be the same Rebecca and her friends will have to figure things out while she learns to navigate the dark supernatural world that exists hidden beneath the reality humans created Around every corner is danger suspense romance and intrigue Rules don't apply to this alpha and very little about the supernatural political landscape will remain the same when she is through with I love paranormal thrillers and Lone Wolf Rising is one of my favorites It kept me hooked from the very beginning I couldn't put it down I immediately fell in love with the main characters and absolutely can't wait for book 2 Jami Brumfield is creative and imaginative To future readersyou won't be able to put it down

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Rebecca Winter's life was about to be turned upside down and there was very little she could do about it She thought she could juggle the responsibilities to her family school and her werewolf pack She really did That was before she became the new pack alpha; before her entire pack was massacred only days before her first transformation Now her list of responsibilities has grown and the number of people out to get her romantically or otherwise has grown too Lucian LaMont has a set direction in his life He planned to work as a supernatural protector until he was 27 and then he would marry his fiancé Felicity retire and live the dream That was until Rebecca crossed his path The spunky new alpha stole his heart at firs This is the type of genre that holds my attention and it does not let go until I am at the last page I love fantasy sci fi and great adventure The author Jami Brumfield combines all that in this volume and I fell in love with it The main heroine Rebecca is a strong wonderful and a very likable character She is also a very complicated individual trying to handle the conflict between being a human and a wolf Her transformation and the radical effects will leave you breathless The author did an amazing job in intertwining the plot cleverly in a magical way that sends the reader through twists and turns that they are totally unexpected I love being intrigued by the relationship between Rebecca and two hothotsupernatural men Lucky and Gabriel that are her decision helpers Rebecca is bestowed the responsibility of being the leader and protector of the local wolf pack I kept changing my mind constantly about which one she should end up with and I just could not come up to a final decision I think the reason is that I love both men ☺ Lone Wolf Rising is an enthralling and exciting book that kept me eagerly turning the pages to find out the outcome of the conflicts between wolfs and vampires and Rebecca’s choice between Lucky and Gabriel I am an avid reader and I know that I will follow Jami Brumfield’s work She is a delightful author and I am hooked I already purchased her next book and I am eager to start If you love excitement paranormal and thrill this book will be perfect for you I will recommend the book to all my paranormal friends and followers

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Lone Wolf RisingT glance Now his desire has turned darker and his future does not look as golden as he once thought Gabriel Black has had a tough couple of years His father disowned him He became the leader of the rogue wolves that were banished And now he learned that his father was massacred along with the rest of his family and friends from the Arizona Pack Enough was enough He decided to take matters into his own hands That was until he met Rebecca and the sparks flew literally The odds were against him but he finally believed he found his mate There was just one problem; she had eyes for one of his best friends Savannah Winters had no idea what her twin sister Rebecca was up to but she intended to find out Since their parents My exposure to YA paranormal romance has been limited but I found this book better than the few mainstream publishing titles I have had occasion to pick up in this genre It starts rather abruptly with a letter to the reader explaining the premise in a manner that reads like a seuel than a first novel All that is missing are the words previously on Lone WerewolfOnce you get into the world however you find yourself genuinely liking and caring about the main character whose name I have to point out is Becca painfully close to Bella but the similarity ends there or well it ends with the fact that she is a high school student from Arizona well not uite it ends with the fact that she's living with an estranged relative whom she barely knew until her parents died and who is completely seemingly oblivious to the supernatural world in which Becca is embroiledI joke about the similarities but the differences are there and they make the book a whole heck of a lot better than the Twilight Series It is a better written and compelling story with characters and a plot structure that are vastly complex The writing is structured and practiced than Stephanie Meyer'sThe book also has stakes dealing with interesting and provocative concepts right from the get go For example no spoilers in the very first chapter a gay character is introduced something uite refreshing and a conflict is set up he is closeted and preparing to come out to his father Oh and there's a werewolf vampire war and the main character is a werewolf witch and her parents died when she was young after spellbinding her and her siblingsThese are just some examples of that the author gives us to play with in this book Giving her character the ability to talk with her creepy wolf alter ego is another interesting move that lends a psychological uirkiness to the story arcAt 450 pages you get your money's worth in length The book is thick but it doesn't drag Fans of Deborah Harkness might find this book stimulating I'm of a David Wellington Frostbite guy but this book has its humor and its bold characters to keep you reading all the way to the end