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Summary ✓ Made for You 107 î The seuel to Belong to You Book two of a two part series Jack and Syd spent a week in paradise It was only supposed to be a fling But life can be funny sometimes and circumstances brought them back together again Together they seemed to have found their happy ever after But when Sydney is offered a chance at the career shEther again Together they seemed to have found their happy ever after But when Sydney is offered a chance at the career she has always wanted she must leave Jack behind to follow her dreams Can their l. Sensual as it's sensuousundeniably July 11 2013 Verified PurchaseThis review is from Made for You A Cole Novel Kindle EditionI can't think of any scene or any part of this book that didn't scream of perfection My gosh I seem to be lost for words except to say this story is freakintastic The only two books Belong To You book 1 and this one that I read again right after reading it it was that good It's not an ordinary love story it's an extraordinary love story filled with thrilling moment to moment encounter between Jack and Syd You'd be anticipating each tense spicy love scenes though there were so many of them it wasn't enough It was done with so much tenderness and a lot of heat my kindle was fogged up the entire time It's so unlike so many common story we read nowadays where there's too much angst it makes your face hurt Too many cheating dark past and dark secrets it's beginning to get wearisomeWhat begun as just a one night stand turned to be one sensational affair The passion between Sydney and Jack is smoldering the connection between them where Jack knows what Syd is thinking without even voicing them is amazingA true gentleman in every sense of the word Jack sees everything to Syd's comfort so protective he's always ensuring her safety Trust and true love is what held them together and got them through the hardest saddest time Watching the love blossom between the two is like a fairy tale I couldn't help day dreamMs Vi Keeland style of writing is great I've read all her three books all three are sweet sexy and hot as hell Each one is hard to put down I just wish there were I fell so in love with Jack I feel funny reading another book with another hottie hero it feels like I'm cheating on him lol ^

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The seuel to Belong to You Book two of a two part series Jack and Syd spent a week in paradise It was only supposed to be a fling But life can be funny sometimes and circumstances brought them back tog. This was like sitting down at a cafe having a uick lunch with a friend's friend Like the girl you know of because she hangs with the same group of people but you're not closeAnd then she takes a deep breath before she babbles on and on about the guy she's recently met what they do what he does for her his business adventures their sexcapades which are mediocre at best how good he is to her the ex trying to get in touch with her the porn star always following her in the ladies room the doubt following the porn star and guy who's always had a crush on her and makes a dick of himself followed by fast forwarding 5 years and yep you will see kidsAnd then there's me sitting opposite the friend's friend saying hmm mmm oh wow truly really ooh that's over sharing you're lucky that's not right poor you there's no need for self doubt poor him what an ass oh that's niceSomeone kill me nowCliche and boringThe tone reminded me of the In Flight series A dull narration of what could've been awesome

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Made for YouOve survive long distance Sydney’s touring with a man every woman wants but he only has eyes for Syd And an unexpected tragedy leaves Jack feeling remorseful Can the two find a way through to forever. If you are reading this review it is probable that you have already read 'Belong to You' and like me you are totally in love with Jack Cole It goes without saying that I love Jack than Syd because well Jack Cole is just a whole load of deliciousness Super charged sex god sincere protective sweet and understandingBut Sydney is not a whiney pretentious spoilt brat She is totally likeable honest sincere and believeable You actually want her to be with the super hot alpha that is JackI looked at Jack like he was crazy All of my clothes are in there I responded as if he didn't realise what might have been in my suitcase jack turned to face me and looked into my eyes You won't be needing anyAfter them meeting in Belong to you it is obvious that they are meant to be together but that doesn't stop life throwing obstacles in their wayTheir biggest obstacle being the tour that Sydney is going on with Sienna They are living their dream touring in Europe as a support act for Justin and Kyle make up the bandDouble Strife They are old friends of Syd and Sienna and being Hot male rock stars and there every day they don't make it easy for Jack to rest easy knowing that they are with Sydney every day and he isn't just about breaks his heartJack does not intend to stand in her way even though he doesn't want to apart from her But he truly loves her so he does everything in his power to make sure she knows he supports her and also pulls his strings to make her tour as comfortable as possible I loved him any way Any way that I could have him any way that he wanted me just any way this doesn't stop the insecurities of a new relationship and there are many situations that test their boundaries their trust in each otherJacks 'friendship' with Jenna is purely platonic on his part but Jenna obviously thinks differently I have the feeling that she thought she would get the guy eventually and then Sydney came along and put a stop to that just by being herself and not using her body to get where she wants to beSydney handled her feelings toward Jenna very well i wouldn't have been uite so forgiving and would have punched her very early on She is definitely the bitch of the bookI love how they talked things through like adults Jack was definitely grown up when it came to sharing his feelings and dealt with the situations like an adult even if he was desperate to break some ones legsSydney did hold some things back but i can honestly say if I were in her situation i would have held some of them back too due to worrying about Jack's reactionThere is plenty of Angst Drama swoon worthy moments and the hottest of hot scenes including a webcam scene that left me a little short of breathYou're mine Syd And I don't want to share Not a picture not a smile not a touch All of it is mine Only Mine You were made for meI did feel that the ending was a little rushed I'm not sure if that was due to my enjoyment of the book and not wanting it to be over But I just felt like I wanted a little to wrap up their storyMade for you is Book 2 of 2 That means no cliff hangers and a Happy Ever AfterA totally Alpha 4 stars