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Reader ☆ May Day American Sulla #1 ↠ 703 pages Download é Randarenewables â When the unthinkable happens what happens nextA nuclear weapon destroys Lower Manhattan A million people die Millions flee from a gigantic deadly cloud of falloutThe crisis has only begunPresident William OrF ordinary Americans struggle merely to survive in a world where everything has changed From the corridors of power to the sualor of refugee camps from world capitols to the lawless frontiers of Pakistan from economic collapse to armed rebellion the impact of the May Day attack swiftly spreads to every aspect of socie Starts with a bang sic with considerable detail on the many conseuences of a 20 kiloton blast The author has done a lot of homework in presenting some plausible scenarios which I appreciated This is a good read to suggest how a single nuclear weapon could wreak havoc over a large area though nukemap suggests his estimates of fallout damage are overstated I also felt some of his main characters were unsympathetic low lifes whose presence seemed unnecessary A lot of characters too with a 16 page appendix listing them all But all in all a competent readable Indie effort

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When the unthinkable happens what happens nextA nuclear weapon destroys Lower Manhattan A million people die Millions flee from a gigantic deadly cloud of falloutThe crisis has only begunPresident William Orwell Steele and his cabinet labor to cope with the aftermath of an unprecedented terrorist attack while a host o I will start this review with the disclaimer I read it as part of a book club and it’s not my usual reading materialSo we start with a nuclear bomb detonating in NY The cut scenes are frantic and it all feels ever so confusing as is fitting given the eventHowever this manic scene changing continues throughout the book To be honest the initial stages certainly left me feeling I’d not identified with any of the characters yet and I wondered “do I care what happens” But I persevered regardless I did start to get to know the characters eventually but I never got any real emotion or affinity with them It could just be me but it felt a bit ‘statement of fact’ like a series of highly detailed events I personally would have liked less detail and emotionThe mid section of this book really dragged as again personally speaking I found the level of detail was too high and caused some unnecessary ‘scene changes’ The author starts by saying he’d verified the accuracy of this novel I have to say I thought some major points were highly improbable eg a VIP kidnap scenario just wouldn’t happen in the way it was described I don’t want to include spoilers so will leave that vague And your average Joe Bloggs reading this book probably won’t see these points and I won’t spoil things by detailing too much I guess it’s OK to gloss over them as a lot of reviewers have bought into the believability and a lot of the situations are not too far fetchedHowever putting what would probably ‘actually’ happen aside it is still a good book I realise this sounds like a contradiction given what I’ve just written But if you get through the initial stages of inertia there are some very good plot lines I would just have liked to have had a few threads concentrated on and developed It just felt like too much was trying to be covered which towards the end it does settle down to doing As part of a trilogy I would expect a shorter book It was very ambitious In the main it is well written Enjoyable would be the wrong word as some horrific things happen But ‘good reading’ probably covers it It certainly makes you wonder what would happen should such an attack occur Will I read book 2 Probably not but if this is your type of book I’m sure you will I just prefer at least some glimmer of happiness along with my tragedy

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May Day American Sulla #1Ty and every corner of the globeThoughtful intelligent and wildly entertaining May Day – Book One of American Sulla solidly establishes author Thom Stark as the master of disaster The most ambitious thriller in decades the first book in the American Sulla trilogy will leave you cheering the debut of a major new tale May Day Book One Of American Sulla by Thom Stark is a well written book that will make you think What ifStark raises uestions most never think After the September 11 terrorist attacks most people have an idea of the chaos which followed the event There are other attacks we think of but what about the events after the attacks or catastrophes What happens to those people who survive How does a government find resources to support millions of refuges What happens when the economy begins to erode under the strainMay Day is complex and raises these uestions Thom Stark writes in a way which keeps his political opinions from the story What makes this book different is the author's ability to go beyond the general expectations of a nuclear apocalypse He gives the reader the the ruthlessness of human nature people will look for the money to be made from a disaster We get a look into the wortst aspects of human nature as tragedy and lawlessness runs riot We meet a conspiracy theorist who can use the fears of people who are willing to act out their hatred We peek into the psyche of a man who is has the ability to leverage great power while feeling stress and personal griefMay Day is a complex read that kept me glued to my e reader It's a thought provoking well written book for readers over 18 May Day is a readable creation the type of book that should be made into a movie Read it and you will think What ifI borrowed this book via Kindle Unlimited