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Where Darkness LiesAnger and pain brought them together but their passion might just set them freeDimitri wants only one thing revenge His stepfather Hendrix has caused him nothing but pain and heartache At last Dimitri can take something someone important to Hendrix. 45 STARSWowI really enjoyed this series so farThe story and generally the pirates are so refreshingThis was even better than the first book Dimitri is so different from HendrixI didn't like him in the beginning but once he started showing Jess his kind side I started to fall in love with himThe book begins where the previous leave us with a cliffhangerBut lucky for me I had an ARC so I start it immediatelyDimitri is Hendrix's stepsonHe steals Jess and now she is capture of him Dmitri blames Hendrix for his mothers death and lives only for revengeHe wants to use Jess to get back at HendrixBut he doesn't expect Jess to find a way and touch his heartI loved the relationship development between Jess and DimitriThere are intense and romantic moments between them Dimitri sees something in JessShe is the same as him eually damagedand this bringing them together They learn to rely on each other and to heel the parts of each otherI really loved themJess is amazingShe is strongfunny and sweetAnd Dimitrimmmm he is so hotBut what I loved is that despite the fact that he was roughAround Jess he changed and he is gentle This series keep going better and betterI'm sure you will love itAnd if you didn't like the first bookplease give it a tryI'm sure Dimitri and Jess will captivate youI can't wait until Drake's book comes outARC kindly provided by Montlake Romance via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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Little to cling to besides their haunting pasts both could have been doomed to lives spent raging against the darkness that holds them prisoner Instead it seems that as their pain draws them closer together it is their desire that will set them free. don't read this review if you didn't read Enslaved by the Ocean recommended to read it firstARC provided by NetGalley for an honest review uotes may differ upon publicationLink to my review of Enslaved by the Ocean4 FUCKED UP NESS STARSI got my seuel and now I need the SEUEL AGAIN Life is such a struggle JESSICA DIMITRI I've met a lot of women in my time but never one so determined as she She's not willing to break not willing to show a piece of herself that's anything other than hard She's just like me in a sense That never makes for a good combination Where Darkness Lies starts a few days after Enslaved by the Ocean Jess was taken by Dimitri as his plan to get revenge on his stepfather Hendrix Left as a teen his hatred and bitterness fueled his will to live through all these years To Dimitri killing Hendrix seems to be the only way to free himself from his past but that's about to change Out of all the crew members Dimitri takes Jess and Jess is about to unthaw his icy heartJess has gone through hell and back; never again will she fall into Hell again otherwise she might not come back When Dimitri has taken her it doesn't affect her like it would to normal people spending years on a pirate ship can do wonders to a person She's not afraid and as long as the demons from her past don't appear she can overcome anything I've lived through worse I've run with the ultimate criminals and I've seen things most wouldn't see in their lifetime What most people shouldn't see in their lifetime I'm prepared for whatever's thrown at me I'll keep my cool I won't show fear and I won't let him see any kind of weakness in me I won't break It's just not who I am The woman who's supposed to be a prisoner seems less of a prisoner the longer Dimitri holds Jess captive Instead she talks back and doesn't seem to learn her lesson about escaping And the bad thing is he seems to find himself enjoying her company She's something he craves and she's an opportunity to a better life Women like you they're different You're not the same as a thousand others you're one of your own So while you might not be the stereotype you can be so much beautiful Jess will do everything she possibly can to protect Hendrix He is her hero her savior and she will not let a man blinded by his past to destroy her family Getting to know Dimitri is a mere bonus in trying to protect Hendrix and when she sees Dimitri she sees a part of herself They're so alike yet they ended up in different paths both rescued by the same man A slight touch can initiate a flow of painful memories and even they can't save themselves I can see beyond what everyone else sees I can see the side to you that you've pushed down I can see a part of me in you I feel a connection when I'm with you and understanding but than anything I feel you Dimitri With everything I am Despite Jess trying her hardest to the point of revealing the scars of her past will Dimitri end up putting Hendrix before the woman he might be falling in love with She's killing me in the best way possible HEA view spoilerYES OHMYGOD I WOULD HAVE GONE THROUGH A VERY VERY BAD DEPRESSION IF IT DIDN'T hide spoiler

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Where Darkness Lies Free download Š4 РAnger and pain brought them together but their passion might just set them freeDimitri wants only one thing revenge His stepfather Hendrix has caused him nothing but pain and heartache At last Dimitri can take something—someone—important to Hendrix and make him pay JessJess is feisty and strong headeAnd make him pay JessJess is feisty and strong headed Her past haunts her and connects her to the dangerously dark Dimitri in an unexpected way Dimitri keeps his secrets locked deep inside and Jess is drawn to this broken man like no one beforeWith. 45 YayHow can there be no books in this series HOWI can't believe this is the last time I'll ever see these guys I was so looking forward to other storiesAnyway let's get back to the review part not that I can actually be too happy right now after finding out it's the last book in this seriesI admit I liked the previous book a wee bit but that doesn't mean this one wasn't great I rarely give books a 45 star rating but Dimitri's story was well worth every little star I gaveAgain a great story and an amazing chemistry and it's pretty rare to find both of these in a romance book I not only fell in love with Dimitri but with Dimitri and Jess as a couple She was a badass and I love a badass chick It's a series that I'll really really miss