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Tack during his motorcade through Dallas That may be the only fact generally agreed upon in the vast literature spawned by the assassination National polls reveal that an overwhelming majority of Americans 75% believe that there was a high level conspiracy behind Lee Harvey Oswald Many even believe that Oswald was entirely innocent In this continuously absorbing powerful ground breaking book Vincent Bugliosi shows how we have come to believe such lies about an event that changed the course of history The brilliant prosecutor of Charles Manson and the man who forged an iron clad case of circumstantial guilt around O J Simpson in his best selling Outrage Bugliosi is perhaps the only man in America capable of writing the definitive book on the Kennedy assassination This is an achievement that has for years seemed beyond reach No one imagined that such a book would ever be written a single volume that once and for all resolves beyond any rea. An Ass of You and of Meor Buyer Beware Initial impressions but not really a review of Reclaiming HistoryOne must assume that Vincent Bugliosi is honest and that his book on the JFK assassination is likewise honest Reclaiming History is Bugliosi's long awaited entry into the war of words over what really happened to John F Kennedy on November 22 1963This is a massive book so massive that the publisher WW Norton elected to put all of its end notes and other source notes onto an accompanying CD ROM At than 1600 pages Reclaiming History gives the appearance of a comprehensive and minutely detailed study of the crime that shook the world four decades ago Bugliosi says he devoted twenty years to his book I'm devoting about twenty minutes to this essayVincent Bugliosi of course is the former Deputy District Attorney from Los Angeles best known for prosecuting Charles Manson and members of his murderous family some thirty five years ago Bugliosi's resulting book Helter Skelter written with Curt Gentry became a best seller and according to the press materials accompanying Reclaiming History is the best selling true crime book of all time Bugliosi has since written several other true crime books that have also been best sellersWhy did the former prosecutor decide to tackle the Kennedy assassination Over 95 percent of the books on the case happen to be pro conspiracy and anti Warren Commission he says So certainly there is a need for far books on the other side to give a much better balance to the debateWell maybe But what was the purpose of the Warren Report Sylvia Meagher once observed that if the Report cannot stand on its own—if it reuires additional books to prop it up—that in itself is a total default to its critics In Bugliosi's case it may be a double fault For sheer bulk Reclaiming History is nearly twice as long as the 888 page Warren Report it defendsTaking Bugliosi's numbers at face value there are still plenty of books attempting to legitimize the Warren Report and they are typically welcomed with great praise by the mainstream media To name just a few Gerald Posner's Case Closed which appeared at the time of the assassination's thirtieth anniversary was featured prominently in US News and World Report and Posner was all over the boob tube for months Commission member Gerald Ford published a book on the case Commission attorney David Belin published two and Arlen Specter devoted many pages to defending the Report in his 2000 memoir William Manchester was contracted by the Kennedy family to write a book on the assassination before the Warren Report was even published Jim Bishop wrote a book that did not uestion the official story Richard Warren Lewis and Lawrence Schiller proved two heads aren't always better than one in a book attacking the critics And Jim Moore published a pro Commission book in 1989 Commission attorney Wesley Liebeler announced he was writing but never completed a book on the case And former Yale University professor Jacob Cohen also announced but never published a book defending the Warren ReportAnd then there are the television networks The electronic media convicted Oswald the weekend of the assassination and has never let up in the forty something years since CBS has produced multiple documentaries supporting the official story as have NBC and ABC Don't even get me started on Time Life Methinks Vince Bugliosi's protestations are without meritSpoiler alert I'm going to give away the ending to Reclaiming History Like the butler in a hackneyed murder mystery Oswald did it Oswald Bugliosi writes was an emotionally unhinged political malcontent who hated America and was as guilty as sinAnd that really is about all you need to know of Vincent Bugliosi's book But I'll add that one of his objectives is to deconstruct and debunk every theory offering an explanation to the assassination—every one that is but the lone nut theory If Bugliosi's comment on Lee Oswald intrigues you or if you like to read everything on this case then by all means spend the fifty dollars that is the book's suggested retail price Otherwise hang on to your moneyIn spite of Bugliosi's explanation for why he wrote Reclaiming History—what he sees as a dearth of books supporting the official account of the assassination again why wasn't the Warren Report adeuate—I can only understand his undertaking of a project such as this in the context of an ideological war Oswald after all hated America Bugliosi says In a section of his book describing the earliest Commission critics he emphasizes their politics which were mostly but not exclusively left leaning The first published book on the assassination Bugliosi writes was by an expatriate American Communist living in Paris Another early author was a German Communist party member The next two books were written by leftists sympathetic to Marxist ideology This is fifties style red baiting and if such criticisms are valid then it is eually valid to argue that Vincent Bugliosi as a former big city prosecutor is a thoroughly entrenched Establishment figure who is parroting the party line and summoning his considerable rhetorical skills in an effort to bully skeptical readers and reassure othersAs noted at the outset this commentary is not really a review of Reclaiming History; I have not read the book in its entirety and do not intend to Its point of view is plain as day and taking the time to dissect and expose its fallacies is for me an errand of too few returns I leave that necessary chore to othersBut in the interest of full disclosure I must note that I am the author of a 2007 book related to these matters Praise from a Future Generation is the story of the early first generation Warren Commission critics Documents released by the Assassination Records Review Board show that the activities of virtually every one of these critics were monitored to some degree I will briefly describe just one example and leave it to the reader to decide whether Bugliosi's characterization is fair and impartialThe German Communist party member Bugliosi refers to is Joachim Joesten the author of Oswald Assassin or Fall Guy Bugliosi happily acknowledges on p 990 that his sources on Joesten include via the Congressional Record Gestapo documents seized by British authorities at the end of World War Two Copies of these Gestapo records were provided to the Warren Commission by then CIA Deputy Director for Plans Richard Helms One of these Gestapo documents translated by the CIA was a memorandum from 1937 stating that while living in Copenhagen Joesten published an article in a French newspaper warning of Germany's military threat to Denmark So Joesten's life work includes opposing Hitler and in Reclaiming History Vincent Bugliosi relies on documents prepared by Hitler's Nazi regime to pass judgment on his political reliability This I think is just a little bit uestionableBut one must assume that Vince Bugliosi is honest and Reclaiming History represents his true feelings on the Kennedy assassination His motives surely are pure as the driven snow

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Reclaiming History The Assassination of President John F KennedySonable doubt every lingering uestion as to what happened in Dallas and who was responsible There have been hundreds of books about the assassination but there has never been a book that covers the entire case including addressing each and every conspiracy theory and the facts or alleged facts on which they are based In this monumental work the author has raised scholarship on the assassination to a new and final level one that far surpasses all other books on the subject It adds resonance depth and closure to the admirable work of the Warren Commission Reclaiming History is a narrative compendium of fact forensic evidence reexamination of key witnesses and common sense Every detail and nuance is accounted for every conspiracy theory revealed as a fraud on the American public Bugliosi's irresistible logic command of the evidence and ability to draw startling inferences shed fresh light on this American nightmare At last it all makes sens. With 1518 pages of text this was easily the longest book I have ever read It was also literally the heaviest The volume weighs five pounds and during the nine weeks I spent reading it I sometimes joked about having to register it as a deadly weapon since throwing it at someone could cause death or serious injury I probably will not read it a second time but may purchase it as a reference volume as it is on sale now at a nearby Borders for 999 The copy I read was checked out of the libraryWriting this book about the JFK assassination was by his own admission the author's obsession for some 20 years which is very easy to believe I have never subscribed to any of the conspiracy theories about the assassination some of which I find downright ludicrous; thus I am included in the relative minority of Americans who have always believed Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone So also in my view did Jack Ruby Bugliosi a former prosecutor makes his case in mind numbing detail; and while the book has its virtues Gerald Posner makes the same argument in Case Closed a very readable volume which has the additional virtue of being much shorter than Mr Bugliosi's opus But for reasons unclear to me Bugliosi actually devotes a bit of space in his own book to lambasting Posner'sWhile it is unlikely that many people will bother to read the entire book two noteworthy segments of it are definitely well worth reading and could be published as separate works by themselves One is the first section some 300 pages in length titled Four Days in November The other is the chapter devoted to the life of Lee Harvey Oswald which is compelling in part because it is difficult to believe that such a pathetic loser could change the course of history as he did and do so single handedly In my favorite review of this book written by Bryan Burrough and published in The New York Times Book Review Mr Bugliosi's enormous volume is characterized as the literary euivalent of World War I a kind of trench warfare for the mind I have to agree with that but while I would not necessarily recommend reading the entire volume I do believe it is worth at least a serious and thoughtful perusal

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FREE DOWNLOAD ↠ Reclaiming History The Assassination of President John F Kennedy Ø This extraordinary and historic book reuired twenty years to research and write The oft challenged findings of the Warren Commission Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone shot and killed President John F Kennedy are here conThis extraordinary and historic book reuired twenty years to research and write The oft challenged findings of the Warren Commission Lee Harvey Oswald acting alone shot and killed President John F Kennedy are here confirmed beyond all doubt But Reclaiming History does much than that In addition to providing a powerful and unprecedented narrative of events and a biography of the assassin it confronts and destroys every one of the conspiracy theories that have grown up since the assassination exposing their selective use of evidence flawed logic and outright deceptions So thoroughly documented so compellingly lucid in its conclusions Reclaiming History is in a sense the investigation that completes the work of the Warren Commission In it Vincent Bugliosi the nation's foremost prosecutor takes on the most important murder in American history At 100 pm on November 22 1963 President John F Kennedy was pronounced dead the victim of a sniper at. Say my glory was I finished this book Reclaiming History Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi's mammoth work on the assassination of John F Kennedy is the biggest longest single volume book I have ever read It is 1510 pages long which does not include a lengthy introduction that is paginated with Roman numerals or the thousands and thousands of annotated endnotes that are available only on CD because if you put those endnotes in the book it would be the size of a child rather than merely a daschund It's not just the number of pages but the size of the print tiny and the mass of the book it's a half inch to an inch taller than normal hardcovers The thing weighs about five pounds so that I couldn't read it like a normal book When I sat on a chair my arms tired from lifting it; and when I put it on my lap my thighs broke out in heat rashes Eventually there were two places where I could comfortably read this tome the kitchen table or propped on the exercise bike I bought Reclaiming History in December 2007 I let it sit on the shelf for awhile When I finally tried to start I was uickly disheartened by the long dense introduction So I gave up Earlier this year however I read a fascinating Vanity Fair article about the Kennedy's suppression of William Manchester's Death of a President I wanted to read it badly But then guilt set in How could I go out and read a book on the Kennedy assassination when I had one already sitting on the floor it was too heavy for the table waiting to be perused So I decided to get through this cinder block of a book the dirty way 50 pages at a time on the exercise bike every day In the end I learned a lot of Kennedy factoids and I increased my cardiovascular healthAfter 1510 pages thousands of endnotes and hundreds of miles logged on the stationary bike I finished this thing with a glass of wine in my hand With a book this size you might expect the conclusion to be complex twisty and earth shattering Some combination of Freemasons in league with Templars taking orders from aliens based out of Reykjavic Nope Bugliosi is certain that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone And he wants you to be certain as well Truth be told I didn't need my mind changed on this I've always thought Oswald was the lone gunman This is a function of my personality Those who know me would say I'm a realistic person They might even add some adjectives to that brutally realistic or coldly realistic or a jerk A realistic person looks at the situation and sees right off that a conspiracy is impossible It would involve than just the killers but reuire the cooperation of hundreds of disparate witnesses doctors pathologists FBI agents lawyers investigators police officers the Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court Gerald Ford Jack Ruby etc etc In April 1865 John Wilkes Booth killed Abraham Lincoln at Ford's Theater Within a matter of hours and days Booth's conspiracy unravelled He was killed by Boston Corbett in a Virginia barn; his co conspirators were hanged or imprisoned And all this took place before fingerprints DNA analysis ballistics and David Caruso I am doubtful of conspiracies but as Booth showed they do exist However they don't stay secret especially not at the higher echelons of government Nixon couldn't hide Watergate Ollie North couldn't hide Iran Contra The most powerful man on Earth couldn't conceal extra marital fellatio with an intern As the Gospel of Luke so aptly states there is nothing that is hidden that won't be revealed nor any secret that will not come to light Reclaiming History is separated into two halves what happened and what didn't happen The first half is by far the better It is informative impeccably sourced and delivered in a clear straightforward manner Bugliosi is not a great writer; there is no elouence no evocation no great human insight you'll have to go to Manchester for that He has the annoying habit of going off on long digressions and irrelevant tangents which becomes less enjoyable after page 900 I also noticed that in the first half he kept changing tenses However despite some occasionally tortured syntax and uncomfortable sentence structure he delivers his story like a prosecutor's brief that is he writes in a clear active voice in a bullet point manner that connects all the dots at times he literally resorts to bullet points and there are certain summary chapters in this book that you can print off to bring to parties if you like me enjoy going to parties and getting into arguments like this Two huge chapters in this first half deserve their own books Indeed the chapter Four Days in November is already available for sale by itself This chapter starts on November 22 1963 the day JFK is murdered It gives you a minute by minute reconstruction of what happened As I said above this story is not thrillingly told but rather is delivered methodically carefully except for odd interjections of onomatopeia This is not a living book but something painstakingly constructed Third Shot 084 seconds BANG A final shot rings outMrs Kennedy is six inches from her husband's face when the bullet strikes driving pieces of skull into the air His limp body bounces off the back of the seat and topples onto her shoulder in one horrifying violent motionIn the front seat Special Agent Roy Kellerman feels a sickening shower of brain matter blow into the air above his head and hears Mrs Kennedy shout What are they doing to youBugliosi's reconstruction places everyone where they were that day He's not only following the Kennedys and Oswald but the important witnesses as well chief among them Abraham Zapruder who made the most famous snuff film in history This is important scene setting for Bugliosi's later crusade against conspiracy theorists The other chapter of note which was worth the price of the book is the chapter entitled simply Lee Harvey Oswald This is a tremendously detailed account of Oswald's life from birth to Jack Ruby Despite Bugliosi's terse just the facts approach this chapter managed to evoke a complex emotional response You will find yourself conflicted as whether to feel sympathy or scorn for this man Oswald comes off as deluded paranoid self aggrandizing isolating pathetic short tempered and frustrated By the time you've walked Oswald's path you can see where that path is going to end The first half also features a hodgepodge of discussions Some are interesting some are not I enjoyed the chapter on the various investigations which should be reuired reading for those who have a kneejerk reaction to the Warren Commission as Gerald Ford aptly noted there was no conspiracy within the Commission because he and Earl Warren the Great Liberal would never have agreed upon such a thing There is also a very good recounting of all the evidence against Oswald And there is a lot Eyewitnesses saw him on the 6th Floor His gun was at the crime scene His fingerprints were on the gun The bullets found in Kennedy and Connolly were of the type fired by Oswald's gun a Mannlicher Carcano Oswald was a Marine who'd ualified as a sharpshooter He was seen by a number of witnesses killing a police officer Before the JFK assassination he attempted to kill right wing nutter General Edwin Walker bet you didn't know about that The evidence is overwhelming and than enough to have convicted Oswald beyond a reasonable doubt Other chapters though were less necessary such as a conversation with Dr Wecht a conspiracy advocate or the chapter in which Bugliosi details what the zanies think happened this was really redundant since the balance of the book is devoted to this subject The second half of Reclaiming History is devoted to describing each and every major conspiracy and then demolishing it with facts and sneers The Kennedy assassination has spawned a thousand theories Even before Nixon destroyed a Nation's trust people were crawling out of the woodwork to disagree with the Warren Report Perhaps this is because Oswald didn't have a great unifiying motive behind his act It was a combination of his personality his beliefs and his circumstances Indeed the evidence shows that the attack was rather spur of the moment and Kennedy a target of opportunity For whatever reason Americans heck much of the world needed a better explanation than the one Oswald presented though Czolgosz and Guiteau were just as petty This half of the book dragged on forever Bugliosi is a man on a mission His mission is to prove irrefutably that Oswald acted alone As he notes himself he really doesn't need the second half of the book It is a principle of criminal law that the prosecution doesn't have to disprove all theories; it only has to prove one Bugliosi convincingly shows that Oswald killed Kennedy alone Thus ipso facto no one else killed Kennedy Hence no conspiracy I can break it down syllogistically for those with a philosphical bent1 Oswald killed Kennedy2 Oswald acted alone3 Therefore there was no conspiracy conspiracy reuiring by definition than one person That's not enough for Bugliosi though Because he is reclaiming history For him it's not enough to prove Oswald did it; he has to prove that no one else did This reuires him to destroy dozens of crackpot theories many times using the same facts that have already been laid out The repetition is annoying and gets annoying the further in you get Moreoever Bugliosi's digressions never stop There are hundreds of footnotes that he stuffs with totally irrelevant facts For instance in the mob section Bugliosi devotes half a dozen pages to the history of the American mob before he even starts talking about conspiracy theories involving the mob Then just as if you weren't frustrated enough because you haven't been able to read another book for weeks he gives you a huge footnote on the life of Lucky Luciano There's a saying in sports that you should never play down to your opponent In the second half though Bugliosi can't seem to help it His snarkiness and sneering reach a fever pitch His temperament seems to rise and fall with the value he places on each theory Near the start of the book for example he has a very lucid very well constructed argument as to why proponents of the magic bullet are liars and snake oil salesmen the infamous magic bullet sketch which shows the alleged path of Oswald's bullet making a ninety degree right turn in midair is based on incorrect placement of Kennedy and Connolly in the limousine; in reality Connolly was not directly in front of Kennedy but lower and to the side on a jump seat When Bugliosi gets to other theories though such as KGB involvement or an Oswald double he starts in with the snide comments Actually I wouldn't have minded the snide comments they are deserved but they weren't funny They just added to an already inflated word count Bugliosi saves the bulk of his anti conspiracy ire for Oliver Stone's JFK I was looking forward to this chapter and was uite disappointed It is oddly structured disjointed and confusing Bugliosi doesn't do a good job explaining the part of the movie he is discussing so unless you watched the film five minutes ago you're going to be lost He also refers to everyone by their real names and only seldom connects the real person to the actor which definitely would've helped my recall of events I also feel Bugliosi gives JFK way too much credit Yes 75% of Americans don't believe the Warren Report but JFK didn't do that all by itself It was an R rated Oliver Stone movie that grossed 70405498 domestically still only 109000000 when adjusted for inflation Furthe Bugliosi is no film critic The movie may be stew of lies fabrications and distortions but it is also a grand work of art Aesthetically it is a marvel great acting great script superb editing It's worth st historically but then again so was John Wayne's The Green Berets making the extended diatribe against the liberal director is a bit much The conclusion drawn by Bugliosi is airtight and proved a number of ways His main arguments are sourced corroborated and sound Every once in awhile however he is forced into supposition just like the people he criticizes This occurs in places where there just isn't a lot of evidence He also discusses the bullet striation and bullet lead analysis without ever mentioning the recent controversy over the unreliabiilty of this evidence in fact the 60 Minutes news report on the many flaws of this techniue state that the Kennedy assassination was the first case where this techniue was used I also didn't like how often Bugliosi referred back to a docu trial put on by British television in which Bugliosi prosecuted Lee Harvey Oswald while Gerry Spence presented the defense While it's an interesting concept and certainly undertaken with great seriousness it is not an actual court of law and I think Bugliosi relies on it too heavily and gives himself too many pats on the back for doing it Bugliosi knows he can't prove everything And he also knows the mind of the conspiracy theorist Even if he shows evidence saying something the theorist will say that the evidence comes from a bad source or from a lying witness To combat this eventuality Bugliosi lays out the epic scope that a conspiracy would have to encompass There is a thousand pieces of evidence eyewitness forensic pathological that point to Oswald Thus in order for a conspiracy to have existed every single bit of that evidence had to be fabricated by someone Someone who could keep their mouth shut forever The cops who found the gun had to lie; the FBI agent who did the ballistics had to lie; the doctors at Parkland had to lie; the pathologists at Bethesda had to lie; the investigators of the Warren Commission had to lie; Commission members Earl Warren who ended segregation and Richard B Russell who devoted his life to keeping segregation had to both agree to lie; every reporter who followed the story had to lie The list of lies keeps growing and expanding just like the universe after the Big Bang And after all that you have to wonder about those witnesses on the street who heard three shots coming from the Book Depository Were they lying too And if so why To set up Oswald Instead of doing that why not just do the job professionally Why hire unstable nobodies like Oswald and Ruby who if they really were hit men would've suealed to high heaven under pressure Bugliosi wrote this book as a service I read it in kind As a duty of sorts It's very easy to be skeptical It's very easy to ask uestion It's very easy to doubt In any event be it a crime or a battle or a car accident there are going to be things that just can't be explained Most of us accept that chalking it up to human limitation The conspiracy theorist doesn't The conspiracy theorist is a post modernist who was raised in an environment in which heshe was taught that his opinions and beliefs had eual value as anyone else's The conspiracy theorist believes that history is an opinion rather than a factual occurrence The Kennedy assassination was only the beginning of the conspiracy movement Today along with those who believe the CIA killed JFK we have the Truthers who think 911 was a government operation and the Birthers who think our president was born in Kenya They all follow the same script The computer savvy kids who made Loose Change were liars and charlatans and frauds but they created an effective documentary by aping Oliver Stone They knew that it only takes a few things to sow doubts in the minds of Americans 1 Exploit any gaps in the official story2 Ask rhetorical uestions these will suggest the answer while helping to avoid the eventual slanderlibel suit after you accuse someone of murder3 Use vague narration coupled with precise images eg Who benefited from the murder while showing a picture of LBJ4 uick edits5 Kick ass music With these five steps anyone can distort history into something that is meaningless because it can never be shown to have any truth Bugliosi realized this He saw that History itself was under attack Its enemies are sly intelligent and know how to use editing software and YouTube They have it easy they force the legitimate historian to prove beyond all shadow of a doubt every single moment of an event If the historian can't do this the conspiracy theorist fills that gap like water in a rock See eg the original Loose Change which argued that a missile not a plane hit the Pentagon Of course they had to whistle a different tune when the Pentagon released security camera footage of you know the plane hitting the building But of course that footage must have been doctored Bugliosi wrote this book I believe to suash these frauds in the only way possible by filling every gap The result is a book that is long repetitive and exhausting It is also a landmark and reading it helped me lose ten pounds