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Kobra AUTHOR Deon Meyer Download à 108 ó Celebrated as the “King of South African crime” Deon Meyer is a world class writer whose page turning thrillers probe the social and racial complexities of his native country In Cobra a famous English mathematician is kidnapped and his two bodyguards are killed at a guest house in the beautiful winCelebrated as the “King of South African crime” Deon Meyer is a world class writer whose page turning thrillers probe the social and racial complexities of his native country In Cobra a famous English mathematician is kidnapped and his two bodyguards are killed at a guest house in the beautiful wine country outside Cape Town It’s clearly a professional hit and the sp. The most notable thing with this book was the uality of the writing so so good And since it is a translation points must go to both the author and the translator I love the way certain Afrikaans phrases are left in the English text They give it atmosphere and constantly remind the reader that you are in a country with very specific cultural issuesMeyer's books vary as to the balance of police procedural versus action thriller This one leans heavily towards procedure and it is a delight to watch the varied cast of characters working as a team to come up with results Of course there is action and a pretty high body count as wellBenny is a fantastic character and after four books I am coming to know him well He has a grip on his alcoholism now although it is a perpetual concern for him and by the end of this book he seems to have his private life sorted Best of all was watching him in charge of the whole team and managing their way to success A really good book from a talented author and I have the next one all ready on my shelf

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Ent shell cases offer a chilling clue Each is engraved with the head of a spitting cobraMeanwhile in the city a skilled thief is using his talents to put his sister through college But he picks the wrong pocket grabbing the wallet of a young American woman delivering something very valuable and dangerous to South Africa The thief not only becomes the target of the deadly h. Tyrone Kleinbooi is a petty thief riding the train network in the Cape Town area working the tourist spots to fund his sister’s studies at Stellenbosch University He dreams of hitting it rich and one day travelling to Barcelona the Holy Grail of pickpocketing At the Victoria and Albert Waterfront his scheme comes undone when he steals the purse from a young woman’s bag the wrong mark and is apprehended by security guards and taken to the control centre Within minutes the door bursts open and the guards are killed Tyrone loses his backpack while fleeing for his LifeAs Benny Griessel and Vaughn Cupido investigate the shootings the spent cartridges are found to be marked with the drawing of a cobra the same ammunition used earlier to kill two bodyguards from “Body Armour” hired to protect an Englishman at an exclusive retreat at a vineyard and who is now missing The British Consulate in Cape Town is anxious to hose things down and Captain Vaughn Cupido is unconvinced ’No Benna Here we have an academic who suddenly has a false passport How I don’t buy it Here’s this innocent professor who has a whole other Morris identity and makes his Gmail cleaner than a virgin’s conscience I mean come on’Before the investigation can proceed the detectives are told to stand down and hand over all evidence to the South African secret service working with MI6 Risking their careers the flamboyant Cupido himself a Cape coloured the recovering alcoholic Griessel and the short stout Zulu Mbali pistol in her handbag and highly intelligent press on to find the professor and the killers pulling together as never before A vetgat windgat and a dronkgat The fat the vain and the drunk On the run from the heavies pickpocket Tyrone heads to Bellville unaware of its contents of the purse he has stolen until the killer uses the thief’s mobile found in his rucksack to trap the sister and now Tyrone needs all the help he can get on the suare at Krustal Avenue and among the informal trader’s stalls in the alleyways and malls you found characters and shysters per suare metre than any other place in the CapeAgain Deon Meyer has produced a gritty masterpiece that has the pages turning the storyline switching between the “Hawks” investigation and the street savvy thief Like his earlier books Meyer produces a map in the front gets an extra star from me and a glossary of Afrikaans words and explanations of terms such as “MK” Mkhonto we Sizwe or Umkhonto we Sizwe Spear of the Nation – the military wing of the ANC But it’s his description of minor characters that adds extra flavour He was chunky and hairy – short beard and moustache hair growing out of his ears hair out of his nose hair that pushed out from under the collar of his grey pullover like plants reaching for lightWhat’s not to like

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Kobra AUTHOR Deon MeyIt man known as the Cobra but unwittingly holds the key to stopping a deadly international threat It’s up to Captain Benny Griessel and his elite investigation team to find the pickpocket and track down the Cobra as the novel hurtles toward a brilliant heart stopping finale on the suburban commuter trains Cobra is a first rate thriller from a writer at the top of his gam. Weer eens 'n uitstekende Meyer spanningsverhaal Die naelbyt aksie die aktuele kwessies en die boeiende karakters maak dit 'n eensitboek oor en oor die moeite werd Ek reken steeds dat Infanta koning kraai in Meyer land met Onsigbaar so 'n kortkop agter maar Kobra is 'n waardige toevoeging tot Meyer se al hoe indrukwekkender oeuvre Kobra is an excellent new suspence novel by Deon Meyer While those of us who can read Afrikaans rave a little gloatingly his other fans need to wait for the translations to stream forth I'm sure the translators are already slaving away with great joy I realise how Yrsa Sigurdardóttir's Icelandic fans must feel while I gnash my teeth and watch with a hawk's eye