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Coral Hare: Atomic Agent review í 3 ñ An intrepid teenage OSS agent goes behind enemy lines to stop the Japanese atomic bomb project during World War II Sweet yet sassy Mina was once your average 1940s teenager She watched Saturday afternoon serials slurped cherry Cokes and delighted in Frank Sinatra and big band swing Then she watched her fatheIian born schoolgirl becomes embroiled in a war she never thought she would be part of Her life becomes a whirlwind odyssey of redemption loss and vindication Code named Coral Hare this undercover doe eyed gun toting firebrand is Uncle's Sam's secret weapon against the Empire of Japan But the Empire of Japan has an ace up its sleeve the development of a devastating new weapon that will usher in a new era the atomic bomb Armed only with her wits and a handful of real life gadgets Mina must venture alone behind enemy lines to stop the Empire of the Rising Sun from extending its. Excellent WW II spy thriller I've been looking for a good read on this topic and it's really a treat to find one about the Japanese takeover and the history behind it It's intriguing from start to finish and the like the part on the Pacific Front Definitely worth a look

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An intrepid teenage OSS agent goes behind enemy lines to stop the Japanese atomic bomb project during World War II Sweet yet sassy Mina was once your average 1940s teenager She watched Saturday afternoon serials slurped cherry Cokes and delighted in Frank Sinatra and big band swing Then she watched her father die trying to save a US Navy sailor from the burning wreckage of Pearl Harbor as he is strafed by a Zero fighter plane And oh yeah Mina is Japanese American Fighting racial prejudice Mina joins the OSS the precursor to the modern day CIA to avenge her father and this Hawa. Disclaimer I received this book for free for review purposesLet me just say this up front I believe Clive Lee deserves high praise for his writing in Coral Hare for maintaining a balance of spy thriller tropes and historic realism So yeah Mina our main character is going to somewhat improbably meet up with certain nemesis at nearly every turn and somewhat improbably continue to fight after having endured grave bodily harm At the same time the novel maintains its historicity; Mina is brave but has moments of weakness; and the spy gadgets are grounded in realityWhen I was at Balti Comic Con 2014 I was attracted to a booth that had a man in a panama hat a woman in a sailor fuku and a woman dressed as a WWII nurse Just what was going on here Well I spoke to Clive Lee and he let me know about the premise of the book And after reading the book I now know that the women were both cosplaying different aspects of Mina while Clive appears to be cosplaying Lockwood I am a geek on many subjects computers language psychology politics and history I really love World War II and the Cold War era history as so much was going on there at the nexus of politics and technology It's such a fun era to read about with the hindsight that everything turns out OK At least from a Western Democratic point of viewMr Lee tackles so much in this book and does such a good job of it without I feel beating us over the head with any kind of message The book conveys the distrust of Mina for being of Japanese descent But it also shows the difference in how the OSS viewed it because they needed Japanese help vs the American public who needed to be whipped up into a war frenzy The firebombing of Tokyo scene and the aftermath with a high ranking Japanese soldier going through his destroyed city display Clive's masterful ability to make us feel sympathy for both sides of the cause World Wars I and II were the first time civilian targets became a large part of the war strategy because conscription made it necessary to attack everyone not just the military and to some degree they are victims Clive does a great job of depicting thisAs a story teller I really enjoyed that Clive takes Mina has her go through basic training and then jumps forward three years We end up knowing that Mina is battle hardened without Clive wasting time on story beats that don't have to do with the premise of the book the Japanese efforts at the atomic bombOne last thing Clive's style is incredibly cinematic When the book started I found it distracting the way he was describing things that normally don't get attention in a book you could almost literally see the camera angles in your mind's eye It's no wonder when I got to the author's bio he's a film maker However the I got used to the style the I really really enjoyed it In the end the book ended up proceeding like a movie in my head More than once I even found myself thinking Mr Lee needs to get this made as an anime or as an HBO show I think a movie would destroy the subtleties that make this book so great and would have to lose at least half of the missions to stay under 3 hours But a premium cable show could do so much justice to this book; A nice one season show Anime would allow the budget to remain smaller but look at Game of Thrones budget doesn't appear to be an issue for premium TVReally only two negatives I can think of1 I'm reading v1021 and the lines that separate the footnotes from the main text sometimes cover up main text annoying formatting error2 The epilogue really killed it for me I think Clive p

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Coral Hare Atomic AgentRays across the face of the globe With details woven together from actual historical events surrounding Japan's World War II atomic weapons projects the journey follows this pint sized Hawaiian princess from the streets of Tokyo to the rustic outback of Korea to the malaria infested jungles of the Pacific in her mission to prevent atomic annihilation Seamlessly blending poignant moments of heartache with blast from the past high octane derring do Coral Hare is an elegantly woven tale of perseverance and courage that everyone from our Greatest Generation to Millennials can savo. Looking for a bit of 007 style historical fiction set in WWII with a young woman as the hero Then you may want to consider this story but I cannot recommend it uneuivocally On the good side the action here is pretty awesome It sometimes gets a little easy on the main character but like with Bond stories and other spy action stuff you probably won't care If you're along for the ride you're already on board with a girl on roller skates snapping every neck and avoiding allll the gunfire An when it gets going the momentum can really carry you along The author did a LOT of research and it shows in the level of detail used in this bookBut this book really could have stood a good edit from a professional There's a bunch of repetitive descriptions get used to ebon hair and many a sable colored thing in the early going a lack of characterization awkward phrasing and some pacing problems I would probably be reccing this a lot harder if it were a tighter flowing read Really I think the biggest of these flaws for me is the characterization thing I never really got a feel for who our main character is I know she chose to become a special agent in the war after the death of her father during Pearl Harbor and she seems to have been fond of him though she never really talks or thinks about him afterward She has a mother Not really sure about the relationship there What exactly does Mina want I guess for the war to end What's her motivation To do good for her boss I know she doesn't like swimming and that definitely does pay off in the story so props thereDon't get me wrong a lot of the time you don't really care It's all action and that's solid as I said before So if you think the idea sounds good and the issues don't sound like deal breakers I can say there's definitely an enjoyable story here