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The Battle of the Labyrinth Read & Download ✓ 104 ¼ Percy Jackson isn't expecting freshman orientation to be any fun But when a mysterious mortal acuaintance appears at his potential new school followed by demon cheerleaders things uickly move from bad to worseIn this fourth installment of the blockbuster series time is runningPercy Jackson isn't expecting freshman orientation to be any fun But when a mysterious mortal acuaintance appears at his potential new school followed by demon cheerleaders things uickly move from bad to worseIn this. ”I am senior empousa” she growled “No hero has bested me in a thousand years”“Yeah” I said “Then you’re overdue”Well as you can see Percy still didn’t lose his touch Or snark for that matter ; P I’ve to admit that the way things are going it sounds like our heroes will have to use every ounce of will to keep their good humour intact though As I already suspected this didn’t only get way darker than its predecessors but also a little mature as well Yes our little baby heroes are growing up and for the first time monsters aren’t the only thing they have to deal with There are other kinds of problems they have to face and most of them seem to be of a – erm – romantic nature XD I’m sure sometimes troubles like that might be even worse than monsters What do you say Percy ”So you told her the truth”“She recognized me from Hoover Dam so –““You’ve met her before”“Um last winter But seriously I barely know her”“She’s kind of cute”“I – I never thought about it”Jeez Annabeth jealous much Could you be so kind and give Percy at least a little chance to get in a few words Or well maybe a proper sentence lol Just saying Would make it easier to understand him right XD All that gibberish isn’t going to get you two out of the labyrinth anytime soon Oh yeah the labyrinth I almost forgot to mention it Love troubles will do that to you ; P I definitely don’t envy Percy right now Amazingly enough and despite everything they still manage to keep their minds focused on the most important things Like for instance the task of finding Pan ”Percy I can’t go back to camp without finding Pan I just can’t You understand that don’t you I can’t face Juniper if I fail I can’t even face myself”Poor Grover he has a really tough time in this one but thankfully Tyson Percy and Annabeth always got his back And of course there are other new characters I sorely missed and that actually reappeared in “The Battle of the Labyrinth” For instance Rachel Elizabeth Dare and Nico di Angelo And before you even say anything Yes Rachel adds to Percy’s drama and Nico well I suppose in some way he does too No not the way you think lol He’s like Percy’s little baby brother and it’s kinda cute how much he worries about him Nico certainly isn’t defenceless though That kid I swear I love him to bits and pieces and can’t wait to see of him He’s not only adorable but also uite resourceful and assertive In short This kid rocks ; Minos laughed “You have no power over me I am the lord of spirits The ghost king”“No” Nico drew his sword “I am”He stabbed his black blade into the floor and it cleaved through the stone like butterFor all of you who keep wondering what our heroes are doing in the labyrinth Well it’s Annabeth’s uest and they need to find Daedalus before Luke does Yep our dear archenemy is still around and kicking and of course he’s up to no good But worry not before the grand finale takes place there happen uite a few things first For instance our heroes encounter and monsters they never knew about or heard of and also most certainly never wanted to know about as well Tyson has intriguing conversations with Hephaestus and Percy tries his hand at teaching ”Well a Cyclops Good good What are you doing travelling with this lot”“Uh” said Tyson staring in wonder at the god“Yes well said” Hephaestus agreed ”New lesson class” I announced “Most monsters will vaporize when sliced with a celestial bronze sword This change is perfectly normal and will happen to you right now if you don’t BACK OFF”Okay that one didn’t go all that well and I strongly doubt that this is a possible future career path At least not for Percy ; P I’ve to admit that he grew uite a lot in this book though Alone his encounter with a certain girl on a certain island shows how much his character developed and changed over the course of those last few books And yes some part of me ached with Percy The ending of this book made me really sad but unfortunately I’m than just certain that the worst is yet to come There’s one last and final book and I’m convinced that it’s waiting for me at my library I think I’ll just you know finish this review leave you here and go grab it ; P Happy reading and take careI can’t believe I’m already reading the fourth book As it seems Percy Jackson reads really fast lol Also I’m very curious how this series is going to continue As far as I know this is the penultimate book and since the last book took a turn to the dark side I can only assume that this will hold true for “The Battle of the Labyrinth” as wellI wonder if they’ll meet the Minotaur XDLet’s do this I’m ready ;

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Army prepares to invade its once impenetrable borders To stop the invasion Percy and his demigod friends must set out on a uest through the Labyrinth a sprawling underground world with stunning surprises at every tur. Why did I wait so long to read these I have no good explanation and if you ask me I'll just give you the shifty eyes and mumble something incoherent because I don't have a good reason What counts though is that I am reading them now right On the upside I don't have to agonize for the long wait for new books to come out but still if I had just knownSo as expected Percy's summer is going to be filled with another uest and yet another colossal problem that brings him closer to the prophecy This time around Annabeth is in charge of the uest and they will have to find Daedalus the creator of the Labyrinth to stop Kronos from attacking Camp Half Blood Of course the Labyrinth is no regular maze It shifts and deceives and there are a butt load of monsters on every corner In the mix we have Rachel Dare who we meet briefly in the last book and she will play a major role here We get to see what Nico is up to and I gotta say I really liked him in this one Can Percy Annabeth Grover and Tyson solve the maze in time to find Daedalus before Luke does There is this one scene where Percy is alone and contemplating a tough decision he has to make and I took a little sniff and thought Aww Percy is growing up Just like they all are Things are getting to be dangerous and we are getting nearer to the climax More pieces of the puzzle are being presented and Riordan is being crafty just like a good storyteller would be I actually can't fathom how he keeps up with all of it All these gods monsters and plot lines to follow; truly great stuff As you can tell I'm totally pumped to read the last book which I know will not disappoint The Last Olympian here I come

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The Battle of the LabyrinthFourth installment of the blockbuster series time is running out as war between the Olympians and the evil Titan lord Kronos draws near Even the safe haven of Camp Half Blood grows vulnerable by the minute as Kronos's. holy hades this is for sure the best book in the series so far there is a lot adventure much better pacing and incredibly improved character development and world building one of my main concerns about the previous books is that they have the same repetitive vibe and feeling this book totally changed things up and i couldnt be happier i love that percy is getting older his character is becoming complex and the storytelling definitely shows that the juvenile feel of the first couple books has disappeared and the story has become relatable to me reading this as an adult kind of a bittersweet feeling knowing theres only one book left but im ready↠ 4 stars