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Free download Encounter è PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ï Two extraterrestrials transform the consciousness of a depressed male human and accidentally set up earth and humanity for total annihilationJust how far would you go to escape your cubicleWould you risk your life and break Intergalactic Federation laws to do soN andThe patent on human DNA Similar to the way that humans experiment on animals Zycorp experiments on humans and has done so for a very long timeThere is an ongoing dispute among many alien races concerning such experimentation and the overall treatment of humans by their alien patent registered owners Whether humans have an evolved consciousness or not is hotly debated especially as Zycorp now has plans to era. I'd recommend this book to anyone with a sense of humour Although Sci Fi based you don't have to be a fan of the genre to enjoy it Some clever writing going on here as we discover not only that we're not alone but Earth is little than an experimental asset to planets with advanced technology Readers will delight in recognising their friends' and co workers' little personality flaws in the aliens responsible for monitoring dim Earthlings As with other books by this author the book has great readability and entertainment value although I didn't think the story really kicked off until N and N2 landed in Roswell From then on I found it a riot It maybe won't change your life but it will put a smile on your face

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Two extraterrestrials transform the consciousness of a depressed male human and accidentally set up earth and humanity for total annihilationJust how far would you go to escape your cubicleWould you risk your life and break Intergalactic Federation laws to do soN and his clone N2 work in cubicles on a space station run by the intergalactic corporation Zycorp Along with other planetary interests Zycorp holds. Encounter by Dermot Davis is an out of this world scifi extravaganza that had this reader hooked from page 1 The brilliance of the author is galactic in his capacity to mix wisdom religion addiction and every other ion that makes us human and reinvent them all with lashings of humour not seen since The Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyHank is a slob There that sums him up perfectly He falls asleep drunk in front of his busted telly every night inside his busted trailer Unknown to Hank he is being monitored by two idiot aliens by manipulating the TV as a viewing screen These aliens N and N2 are the stars of the story as they mess up everything they do in megaspades N N2 are supposed to find suitable human guinea pigs for their insidious experiments but OOPS They do the exact oppositeNow they have to travel to the worst dump in the universe Earth to correct their mistakeOnce on Earth Dermot goes into warp speed with the humour as N N2 experience humanity first hand I couldn't stop laughing as they fall foul of everything we fall foul of only multiply the effects exponentially to the Nth degreeI so enjoyed spotting movie moments too and without a doubt this FIVE STAR scifi with humour is so highly recommended I would bet everything this will become a movie success

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EncounterDicate humanity entirelyIn an attempt to stave off boredom our two bumbling cublicle workers interfere with a human subject using a stolen technology that they don't understand What they don't know is that their actions have major repercussions not just for Zycorp but for the entire galaxy and all life in the universe You do not have to be a sci fi fan to enjoy this romp through the known universe and beyon. This novel is an absurd funny satirical science fiction tale that takes a dim view of humanity’s place in the cosmos Its premise is that a congress of advanced aliens has been monitoring human behavior from afar concluded continued human existence is undesirable and decided to exterminate the lot The uestion then is Will humanity surviveThe tale unfolds from alien and human perspectives First the aliens We meet several who live and work aboard a gigantic spaceship for a bureaucratic company called Zycorp rife with office politics and run by idiots echoes Intech in the movie Office Space Key players are N and N2 N’s clone a pair of renegades who hate their boring lives as cubicle workers Paradoxically these guys jabber like hipster earthlings love Elvis Tesla Marilyn and blue denims and have many other odd attributes not usually associated with fictional aliens Imaginative reminiscent of Douglas Adams’ fictionWe also meet several human characters The main one is Hank a depressed former scientist who drinks too much survives on junk food lives in a trailer and works as a janitorNow the plot As the alien congress prepares to exterminate humanity N N2 use a Zycorp device to give Hank a uantum mind jump that transforms him from a slob to a sort of demigod They abandon the spaceship travel to earth transform themselves into the images of Elvis and Marilyn and try to track Hank down having several adventures along the way Zycorp operatives follow N N2 Alas by the time N N2 reach Hank’s trailer he has left to present himself at United Nations Headuarters in New York Hank eventually gets there and makes a splash Telling what happens next would be a spoiler so you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens to humanity Hank N N2 and everyone elseThe book is well written consists mostly of dialogue and moves at a good pace The dialogue is witty the descriptions colorful and evocative Beside the humor generated by the absurd characters and plot I was amused by some of the uniue problems the aliens encountered; for example the difficult relationship between N and his clone the unexpected effects shape changing can have on identity the complexity of providing bathroom facilities for multiple alien species on the same spaceship