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That uickly She was no match for him; she would learn that as well“I bet she fcks as hard as she fights” Dean thought to himself before grinningWatching her cum woul. 35 StarsI really enjoyed the first half of this story but then at 60% or so I got tired of the mistrust Lux and her family own part of a loungemusic store called The Music Room or Hall I forgot already Dean Blake own the second half of the beginning Team wants to buy the second half of the building from Lux and demolish it but Lux refuses Dean threatens Lux but she is not willing to give in Dean even provisions herif she has sex with him he will sign his half of the building to her but she even refuses that As Lux and Dean banter it is harder for Lux to deny her attraction to Dean and vice versa I loved the banter It was a great hate turns to love story I enjoyed everything until the story got a little ridiculous with the mistrust It lasted too long There is no drama Dean is very straight forward guy I do like ex gf drama which I would have preferred over the pages and pages of the mistrustI really do not care for the cover with the cannon ball and the girl in the red dress If I would have seen that cover instead of the simple black cover with THE STAND OFF on it I would never have picked up this book The sisters and friends were an okay addition At first they annoyed me but later I saw how much they loved LuxI loved the email and text conversations I wish there were of those This story has mild BDSM I also am not sure with Dean's history of sleeping with several women why the mention of protection was not mentioned Overall it was a nice read I will read by this author

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The Stand OffD be amusing; watching her break when she changed her mind would be fun and watching her sign over the very building that she’d fought so hard to keepwould be exuisite. Now that's what I call an alpha male brilliant book

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DOWNLOAD The Stand Off 107 ☆ And what a delicious little obstacle she is He would enjoy breaking through her stony exterior He’d get that property one way or another he always won Lux would learn that uickly She was no match for him; she would learn that as well“I bet she fcks as hard as she fights” Dean thought to himself before grinningWatching her cum woAnd what a delicious little obstacle she is He would enjoy breaking through her stony exterior He’d get that property one way or another he always won Lux would learn. 4 12 stars So I will admit that I held off on reading this book because it was 554 pages Now long books don't scare me I read all the time in fact if given the choice I would read before most other activities for myself but long boring books scare me so I held off I don't know why I was scared maybe because I had read some boring books lately that I just wanted to finish so the thought of a almost 600 page book being borring and long was daunting to me I in fact have heard great things about this book so finally deciding to trust the people who recommended this book I started The Stand Off I have to say I can't believe this book is almost 600 pages I flew through this book and I mean flew I wasn't bored yes this book is very descriptive but I liked it it wasn't to much or worth an eye roll it just served to bring me into the book and become invested into the world Z Stefani created and to care about the characters The hero Dean was possessive and I don't mean possessive I mean POSSESSIVE if you are looking for a hero who is over the topin a good way Dean is your man And I loved that there is no cheating and that the author actually marked her book as no cheatingwhich is why I didn't mark this as spoiler I wish other authors would do this Yes there are some other sknks but they are the past once Dean lays eyes on Lux and whats not to love about that In fact I liked Dean so much the remembrance of past sknks and not even in an affectionate way made me frownAnna was a great multi dimensional heroine with to much pressure put on her shoulders She is strong and feisty She holds her head high and is determined to protect what she loves I also loved that although she is very attracted to Dean she does turn into a pile of goo when he looks her way thank you Z Stefani Not saying that I want my heroines tuff and buff but I get tired of the heroines back bone disappearing especially about important things just because the hero turns her on I also have to give props to the author for writing in so many characters well When I started reading and saw all of Lux's friendssisters I got worried that the story would be bogged down or that it would take away from the main characters and it didn't in anyway I'm assuming that the sistersfriends will be getting books and I hope I am assuming correctThe only good thing that came from Lux's fathers death was that the family was finally able to buy the building they had rented for years not only housing their home but a music lounge music store and most importantly a music hall that teaches children how to play So when Dean one of the most powerful men around threatens to bulldoze the portion of the building he ownssomething no one was aware of Lux is determined to do whatever it takes to stop him Even when nothing else works Lux continues to fight and starts to play dirtyDean always gets what he wants so when Lux walks into the meeting he is shocked at her beauty but so that she tells him no The they argue and the heated to situation gets the Dean finds himself wanting Lux When Lux shows some of her secret cards to stop him Dean is shocked at her determination and interested in Lux than any woman ever Soon Dean starts to want Lux than the building and for a man who never stands down that's unthinkableLux can't deny she is attracted to Dean and wishes they had met under other circumstances so when he comes up with an offer he thinks will serve them both Lux is shocked But the time they spend together the Dean see's Lux as the woman he wants to get to know and keep and Lux soon can't deny that its not only attraction she feels for Dean But a rich man like Dean is bound to have enemy's especially with the life he has lead and those enemies are than happy to tear away the only thing Dean has ever cared aboutThis wasn't only a hot book but it was also funny I loved the bickering between Lux and Dean and I found myself laughing though out this book This is the first book by this author that I have read but after reading The Stand Off it won't be the last I can't recommend this book enough if you like a crazy possessive hero a great spicy story with funny thrown in for good measure