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And Kingsley will their use their influence to bring her back Eleanor alone penniless and scared takes refuge at the one place the men in her life cannot follow the abbey where her mother has taken orders Behind the cloistered gates of the convent Eleanor hides from the man she loves and hates in eual measureShe cannot however hide from her true nature When Eleanor befriends a young v. 45 STARS ★★★★☆ It was a dark and stormy nightAnd I was leaving you Forever Even after putting out 7 full length novels Tiffany Reisz still leaves me in this stupor of awe after putting down her read Every Single Time Not to mention my mind is now going wild with imagery of all my favorite men in kilts I repeat Kinglsey AND Søren in kilts In the words of Eleanor THIS IS NOT A DRILL Okay those lovely imagery aside The Virgin is no doubt yet another brilliant addition to The White Year series You'd think by now after 7 books of these same characters you are ready for what's to come but in true TR fashion always expect the unexpected With each read you'll always learn something new about your favorite sinners and there's just so much depth she brings to these multilayered characters How is it possible that I've feel like I known these characters forever but yet be left surprised after each new read It's amazing how well TR captures the complexity of human nature and nails the character dynamics perfectly each time that nothing will ever come close to her portrayal of taboo relationships I don't want to spoil much about The Virgin but here's what you can expect going into this read1 There will be a wedding in the present day2 The backstory of the year that NoraEleanor ran away from Søren3 The backstory of the year that Kingsley met Juliette 4 Again them men in kilts The book starts off very similarly to the previous ones being in the present day and this time we have our lovely threesome gathering around and reminiscing the time where both King and Nora left Søren That's right it was that dark year we've all been wondering about too since the early series and let me say learning about this pivotal moment didn't disappoint me at all The beauty of TR's work is that every scene has its purpose it keeps giving an additional layer to the characters and just continues to enhance this already amazeballs series There are five possible scenarios that would force you to run I want you to be ready After the lack of Nora in The King it was nice to have her back and reading about her time at her mum's convent where she ran away to I thought it was refreshing that we got to see another side of Nora the one without Søren With the arrival of a young novice nun named Kyrie who seemed to have an affection for Nora it does add the FF flavour to this series which previously haven't been explored in depth There were some amazing witty dialogues thrown in there between them but most of all I truly felt the genuine love and care they had for each other But if it's anyone who stole my heart in this read hands down it will be Kingsley I honestly didn't think I could learn about this Frenchman since the last book but color me wrong After reading about his pursuit of Juliette and his time in Haiti my heart truly ached and swelled for this beautiful man Their love story was achingly beautiful to read and after this one I’m glad King found someone who is worthy of his love In my eyes Tiffany Reisz is a world class storyteller and with every read she puts out I can only expect greatness and never once has she failed on me yet With her books I find myself lost and immersed in this sinful world she has built and not to mention her alluring and sexy as hell writing is one that had me devouring each word up Her books can be a million pages long and it will still never be enough for me My only mini issue on this one is that I wished we got on Soren and his perspective of the night that Nora ran away from him Or just generally Soren I'll take him any way I can getAs I type this out I can't believe we're only one book away from the end of this entire series I can already anticipate the motha of breakdowns I will go through when I finally read The ueen There better be a support group I can sign up on post Sinners series because y'all can expect a terrible case of withdrawal that involves me going through a denial and grief stage by then I'll never be ready for the end The Virgin is the third in The White Year series and should be read in order It is also recommended to only read this series after finishing The Original Sinners series ARC kindly provided by Harleuin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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The Virgin The Original Sinners #7Irginal nun she faces a startling sexual awakening But Eleanor can't stay forever and the lure of her real life beckons beyond the locked gates But to follow her fate means to leave Kyrie behind a sacrifice Eleanor refuses to makeThe lure of the forbidden The temptation to sin The price of passion has never been higher and Eleanor will have to pay it if she ever wants to go home again. 5 crazy without you stars Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth; for his love is better than wine’' The Virgin has to be the book I dreaded to read the most as it isn't of a time anyone wishes to speak about or even mention But enough time has passed and their position and meanings in each others lives is secure enough to relive the past and finally close the door to the uestions that they may have been wondering I read an interview where the author stated this was the hardest book for her to write because this was the first time that they were in a story of their own And I totally knew what she meant because as a reader I felt it too the loss of one or the other throughout the story Regardless of how lovingly amazing Kingsley and Juliette's story was or how touching and imperative Nora's and Kyrie's story was it is not a Sinner's story without the three of them together There really is no world where one does not exist without the otherespecially himAt 26 Nora did the last thing she swore to never do leave her home and heart behind and go to a place they wouldn't dare drag her back from Living in a bubble has worked for her up to this point now she is left with decisions of what next Her prayers are answered in the form of an Angel one even she has a hard time resisting especially since Kyrie awakens a particular need she never thought to feed “Welcome to the company of we who must lie about our bruises Your Little One was one of our founding members” Kingsley took off the day Nora left and didn't look back traveling the world loosing himself in the countless beds and bottles he found along the way But one lonesome day in Haiti had him second guessing everything he held dear and God help him he didn't care Nothing mattered but Juliette his Jewel She was perfect in every way; beautiful brave and built to take the pleasures only he can give It didn't matter that she belonged to another man he'd take anything she could give him “My Jewel I can’t give you my whole heart But the part of it I can give you is the part that isn’t scarred and isn’t broken I’ll give you the best of me and protect you from the worst for the rest of my life” I have to admit there was a bit of a freak out moment I totally thought this story was going to go one way but it went an entirely different direction in the end Was I sad not really because let's face it even the romantic in me would have to agree that it wouldn't be them if it did For me Kingsley and Juliette stole the show in this I loved everything about them and their past While Soren may not have been as present as much as I wanted him to be he was never forgotten Solidifying the fact that this series is unlike anything else and will continue to be one epic ride “I love you Little One Now and always And nothing you can do will take my love away from you I will never leave you You’re mine now and always”

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REVIEW The Virgin The Original Sinners #7 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¸ The controversial story before the story continues in the critically acclaimed and award winning series The Original SinnersFor years Kingsley Edge warned Eleanor the day would come when she the mistress of a well respected Catholic priest wThe controversial story before the story continues in the critically acclaimed and award winning series The Original SinnersFor years Kingsley Edge warned Eleanor the day would come when she the mistress of a well respected Catholic priest would have to run and hide She always imagined if that day came she'd be running away with Søren But instead she's running from himKnowing Søren. 5 stars Tiffany Reisz’s The Original Series is probably my favorite series of all time I love the first 4 books in this series but there is something about these booksWhite Years that go back in the past that get to me I guess it’s because I know these characters I love these characters and seeing the experiences that made them the people they are the things that shaped them it’s just special The Virgin focuses on a particular year yes that year The year Eleanor left And that happens to be the same year King found his Juliette In tradition this story still reads like a bedtime story It is the eve of someone’s wedding and Nora King and Søren are reminiscing That leads to story telling Which leads to that year Eleanor has left Kingsley has left He finds himself in Haiti In Haiti he meets the beautiful Juliette Juliette is special Not only is she the most stunning woman he’s ever laid his eyes upon she is interesting “At this point I think I’d rather know you than fuck you And for me to say that well consider it my highest compliment” 
Kingsley wants her He’s not used to wanting something he can’t have He knows Juliette is someone he can’t really have But it won’t stop him from trying She was his Right now this moment she was his His property his body his lover his treasure 
Now back to Eleanor If you’ve ever wondered what really happened that year she spent away from Søren in the convent well the story is a little interesting than one would guess You wouldn’t think that one could get in much trouble in a convent but this is Eleanor we’re talking about Elle meets someone special there Someone who inspires her and sparks her creative desires It is there Eleanor gets the desire to do what she was meant to do To write In the end one of my favorite things about this story is Nora’s relationship with Søren I love getting their past I wish Søren would have been in this story but I think it was important to see that year What happened that year made a huge difference in the lives of all four of these people “Are you mine” he asked her “I am yours Forever”
And she was hers But she was his too and she always would be I can’t tell you how saddened I am that there is only one book left in this series It’s one of those series that with each passing book it never loses steam and I’m not ready for it to end I’m not ready to let go of these characters I hold so dear to my heart I’m so excited for this next book but I know I will feel a loss when I’m done with it Tiffany Reisz’s writing is in a league all in it’s own She has this way of telling a story It’s magic Just like Nora you can tell it’s something she was meant to do The Virgin was a wonderful addition to the White Years part of the series I’m very much looking forward to the final installment “Amor vincit omnia Love conuers all”