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Ión ue podrá llevar un cómodo envase es un tour de force de amenaza paranoica y comedia absurda en la cual los muertos ofrecen consejos comerciales compran su siguiente reencarnación y corren el riesgo continuo de volver a morir. “He felt all at once like an ineffectual moth fluttering at the windowpane of reality dimly seeing it from outside” Ubik is a fun fascinating and often surprisingly philosophical look at the nature of reality and the role of our perception thereof PKD also delves masterfully cleverly and even uite exuberantly into some of his other favorite food for thought which in this case includes entropy alienation and the uestion of insanity to name but a few All the while the story playfully and persistently messes with your mind in a most enjoyable way You stray down strange twisted corridors and arrive in ever stranger locales Or is it merely that your own perception has changed grown subtly yet indelibly distorted somehow become increasingly warped and askew One is never completely certain and therein lies much of the fun And even though the book contains a great deal of darkness and doubt there is also uite a bit of offbeat absurdist humor to complement and at times even enhance its freuently eerie uncanny tone I won’t discuss any plot details here I went into it knowing absolutely nothing about the storyline and found it highly satisfying to figure it out for myself as I wandered slowly yet ever curiously through this elaborately constructed labyrinthine house of mirrors I wouldn’t want to deny anyone that experience for themselves and sometimes that carefully hidden spoiler is just begging to be clicked isn’t it So instead I’ll leave you with this rather apt PKD uote I stumbled across on the Internet It touches on one of the uestions explored so buoyantly yet deftly in this wonderfully bizarre little book “Maybe each human being lives in a uniue world a private world different from those inhabited and experienced by all other humans If reality differs from person to person can we speak of reality singular or shouldn't we really be talking about plural realities And if there are plural realities are some true real than others What about the world of a schizophrenic Maybe it's as real as our world Maybe we cannot say that we are in touch with reality and he is not but should instead say His reality is so different from ours that he can't explain his to us and we can't explain ours to him The problem then is that if subjective worlds are experienced too differently there occurs a breakdown in communication and there is the real illness” If you ever experience the sneaking suspicion that there are multiple realities in play if you’re unable to shake that pesky feeling of existential dread and anxiety or aren’t totally certain whether or not reality is all in your head and where exactly is your head come to think of it you simply must give Ubik a try Read this book for on how that handy spray can save the day

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Ubik By Philip K. DiGlen Runciter está muerto ¿O lo están todos los demás Lo ue es seguro es ue alguien ha muerto en una explosión organizada por los competidores de Runciter De hecho sus empleados asisten a un funeral Pero durante el duelo comien. Phillip K Dick's Ubik flirts with perfection I inhaled this novel over three days when one of my kids was sick and Christmas break was ending I started the book on the couch during a Mythbusters marathon By page fifty I wanted to shut the door and leave my kids to forage in the refrigerator for Gatorade and string cheese And on Sunday night when I closed the book I felt satisfied and excited with a novel in a way that doesn't happen much Ubik is fun smart and exhilarating Ok let me take a shot at the plot summary Joe Chip works for a team that shields organizations and the general public from illegal super psychological activity like for example the unethical use of precognition I think Anyway Mr Chip is down and out almost too broke to pay the nickel necessary to operate his apartment door He is charged by his employer and his employer's wife currently in “half life” a finite state in which the dead and living can interact with leading a team to Luna in search of the criminals of whom they lost track From there Ubik takes off into territory defying summarization I'd need a chart to track all the turns and potentialities The novel addresses Chip's attempt to separate multiple realities and discern exactly who he is where he is and when he is Somewhere in there Dick batters around the I Ching and Plato's form philosophy Ubik's genius emerges in Dick's obsessive attention to detail He's a remarkably disciplined writer for a guy who sounds completely messed up on his biography in a second The novel never goes dry; Dick balances the esoteric theoretical analysis with an urgent storyline Joe Chip's inner monologue his attempts to piece together the myriad of clues pointing to the establishment and resolution of his uestions is paranoid desperate and brilliant Ubik and PKD's work in general is a significant element of the genre's template This is the third PKD novel I've read and although I don't want to snap them up in a rush I'll hit this yearOh I should mention that I read the Library of America edition of this novel The LOA edition you know those heavy black books with the nifty attached bookmark includes three other novels notes from Jonathan Lethem and a detailed author timelinebiography Holy hell PDK lived a fucked up life between social anxiety industrial strength drug use and multiple stints in psychiatric care That said I love the fact this novel was published in 1969 Put Ubik in your summer of love pipe and smoke it hippies I don't want to become a star whore Over the last year I've assigned four books five stars Maybe I'm getting soft The little note over the fifth star however reads “It was amazing” and those three words fit Ubik so I'm sticking with the fifth star This novel is the poster child for the difference between workmanlike genre fiction nothing wrong with that and the kind that makes you want to jump and down with your hands in the air like you're a twelve year old at his first rock concert I want to hang its poster over my bed and blow kisses to Ubik before I fall asleep

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Summary Ubik By Philip K. Dick ↠ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ô Glen Runciter está muerto ¿O lo están todos los demás Lo ue es seguro es ue alguien ha muerto en una explosión organizada por los competidores de Runciter De hecho sus empleados asisten a un funeral Pero durante el duelo comienzan a recibir mensajes descorcentZan a recibir mensajes descorcentantes e incluso morbosos de su jefe Y el mundo a su alrededor comienza a desmoronarse de un modo ue sugiere ue a ellos tampoco les ueda mucho tiempo Esta mordaz comedia metafísica de muerte y salvac. A clever original and often very funny sci fi story It is about psychic power battles the nature of death alternative reality and changing the past Or notFUN FUN FUN the clothesIt was published in 1969 and starts off in a sufficiently plausible but amusingly implausible 1992 In particular the clothes take the flamboyance of the late '60s to extraordinary heights for no obvious reason other than fun On the second page we meet a man wearing a tabby fur blazer and pointed yellow shoes which is fair enough but only three pages later an elderly man wears a varicolored suit knit cummerbund and dip dyed cheesecloth cravat After that you're on the lookout for them so here are view spoiler gay pin stripe clown style pajamas a sporty maroon wrapper twinkle toes turned up shoes and a felt cap with a tassel electric yellow cummerbund petal skirt knee hugging hose and military styled visored cap plus gauntlets And that's a man a cowboy hat black lace mantilla and Bermuda shorts wrapped in a superior and cynical cloud of pride floral mumu and spandex bloomers natty birk bark pantaloons hemp rope belt peek a boo see through top and train engineer's tall hat a man as most of these are hip hugging gold lamé trousers yet somehow created a stylish effect Perhaps the egg sized buttons of his kelp green mitty blouse helped he exuded a dignity a shift dress the color of a baboon's ass a man fuchsia pedal pushers pink yak fur slippers a snakeskin sleeveless blouse and a ribbon in his waist length dyed white hair the elastic band which fashionably compressed her breasts had elegant embossed fleur de lys tweed toga loafers crimson sash and purple airplane propeller hat green felt knickers gray golf socks badger hide open midriff blouse and imitation patent leather pumps A girl wearing jeans a canvas work shirt and muddy boots is told she's dressed oddly hide spoiler